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Going kayaking despite fear of the water
Second Thoughts

Kathleen McNamara

You said it would be easy.
"C'mon, it will be fun!"
At that moment having second thoughts,
I wanted to turn and run.

I thought it would be just us girls
and had hoped for better weather.
But as it was always just my luck,
I should have known much better.

I was the rookie in the group,
my concern shown on my face.
I was sure everyone would laugh at me.
I was never known for my grace.

The lake was choppy in the winds.
I watched the kayak bob and sway.
My stomach lurched at the sight,
so much for an easy day.

Life vest on and oar in hand,
I got in as best I could.
To my surprise, I was still upright,
my thoughts, so far, so good.

We let the others go ahead.
I watched their gentle wakes.
"C'mon slow poke," you called to me.
"There's much to see around the lake."

The afternoon flew quickly by.
I had to question all my fears.
So much joy and beauty I would have missed.
I have been afraid of the water for years.

As we relaxed onshore much later,
you told me what you knew.
"The only way to conquer your fear
was to show you what you could do."

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