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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2192441
A very evil hand must be stopped. Only a boy and his new crew can stop it.
Chapter 1
The Journey Begins.

Deep in a heckish land called the Demon World, a long gone monster known as the Master Hand(yes, he's a literal giant hand.) Was resurrected by his loyal minions.
"Ha! I am back!" He yelled.
"It's been since May 22nd, 2019 since you last died." Said Mr. Lizard, one of five minions. The other minions were Kyu, the four-armed Kung Fu Cyclops, D.O.O.M., short for Dragon Of Overpowered Madness, Dave, the king of the Sea of Ink Tears, and Roomba, the cyborg demon. M.Hand was ready to invade the Skyworld.
Meanwhile, at Skywatchers Caravan Co., Bryan Skyhopper was playing his favorite game, Earthlanders.(Only Activision fans will get it.)
"Oh, Anarky, you are not scary with a giant floating head." He said to the screen.
Just then, the countertop bell rang. As soon as Bryan got to the counter, a grim looking ghost was there.
"He is rising..." The ghost whispered.
"Oh no, the pronoun game." Replied the young courier to be. Then, the ghost pointed at one of the many pictures shaming the Master Hand.
"Oh, that thing."
"Yes..." The ghost whispered.
"Why are you telling me that?" Asked Bryan.
The ghost's answer was,"The hand is real. I came to warn you of this really scary guy and his minions. Yes, they are really scary. Super scary. So scary, even the gods would fear him."
"If your wanting me to kick his butt, okay!" Approved the new hero.
"You have to hurry, since he gained all his power from the person that killed him on May 22nd, 2019..." Said the ghost.
Bryan started the packing routine. He grabbed his Y-box 270, his copy of Inliberty: Elders among us, and his private fridge. The rookie courier boat had a television and somewhere to plug it in.

Chapter 2
Surviving the Dinosaurs.

The next day, Skyhopper traveled the gap of air between Skywatch and a dino petting zoo named Dino Island. Every young boys' birthday party would most likely be here. But Brian was not here for fun and games, he was here to look for someone who knew how to survive in harsh conditions. A man named Brock Adam Saenz. They could survive the Demon World Camping Trips they would have in order to defeat the Master Hand and his army of demons. The Ghost, however, was in a jar, as a small black cloud.
When he docked at the zoo, he said to himself, "Time to get over my fears of Rexes." He avoided the T-Rex pen entirely. Then, he saw a T-Rex out of the pen. "Aw dang it."
Meanwhile, at the research center, Brock and Li, his triceratops, we're watching the boy getting eaten alive.
"Did we take Rawr?" Asked Brock.
Well, yes, but actually no." Answered his companion Leroy Boomhaur.
Brock and Li jumped into the Yeep and rush to get the bored kid.
Inside the dino, Bryan was calling the police, the ghost, the army, his family, and technical support. The police were dealing with the constant Caravan robberies, the ghost did not want to get eaten, the army was defending Magic City, his family will sue the dino zoo, and tech support did not deal with prehistoric lizards.
Brock's Yeep hit the dinosaur's leg. It went down.
"Sssss... Ahhhh..." The dino said for thirty seconds in a repeated fashion.
"I got a Yeep! What's your excuse?" Brock idtimidly shouted. The dino spit out the kid and ran back to its pen. Bryan thanked the teenage tamer for having a Yeep.
"I could really use someone like you for a little save the world trip." Said Bryan, drenched in dino slobber.
"So you don't have a driving license, you have a small boat, and need to save the world? HECK YEAH!" Replied the dino tamer.
"Brock, are you insane?!" Questioned Li.
"We may find treasure." Answered Brock.
Bryan had found his first two allies in the fight against the demons. He needed one more to start towards the Demon World.

Chapter 3
Defending the Academy

That night, Li looked for a midnight snack while her friends slept. She saw a stinkfruit on the table. She thought it was a redfruit and ate it. Her stomach gurgled. She thought it was from her lack of food. Then, it started bloating. She called for help. It wasn't until she literally raised the roof she got a response.
"Bwaaahh!" Screamed Brock.
Then, the ship bursted into flames. Li's giant body was to much for the engine. Ghost in a Jar was freaking out. It screamed so loud that the windows shattered.
"Cut out the noise, I'm trying to figure out why there are red spots on my body!" Li hollered.
They crashed in a cave that was under the famed school known as Magic Academy. Bryan, Brock, and Li were a bit injured, but they could walk.
"Well, ain't this great." Said Bryan.
"Bwaaahh!" Shouted Brock. This time, it was because of a bug dressed as a scary movie killer. Brock was always scared of those guys.
"Hello?" A sudden voice said. It belonged to a young wizard about Bryan's age. His accent was close to native Southern Skys, which was British. His name was Robin. His hair was spikey and blue. He was as much as a fan of Earthlanders as Bryan was. "I know a doctor."
"Okay, since my arm is broken, Li is fat, and Brock is crushed under her!" Said Bryan.
Robin and a very injured Brock took Li to the doctor's office, leaving Bryan to explore this not so strange place. By the time Li was at the doctor's office, she was vomiting non-stop. Robin had splashes on his face and robe, while Brock was covered in the smelly blue, purple, and white liquid. He would need to be in the shower for a while.
Meanwhile, Master Hand was hearing news of Bryan coming for him. He was going to send Mr. Lizard to stop the boy.
"I want to calm down and watch TV." He said. He looked for a show like Practical Pranksters. Instead, he found shows like High Schooler Adopted Ninja Cats, Griffin Cube Z, and Earthlanders School. Then, He came across the local news.
"And now, the winning lottery numbers! 5 - 2 - 20 - 328 - D." Said the newsletter.
"Oh my goodness, I WON!" Said one of the minion soldiers. He got beat up by his squad.
At the Academy, however, Bryan was looking for a souvenir for his friends at Skywatch. He found a Griffin feather, a potion, and a plant named Jeff. The feather would look nice in Leesburg's hat, the potion he would keep for emergencies, and the plant for Fred Jeffrey. Then, he saw a potion and drank it. A naked clone appeared.
"We. Are. Awesome." Said the clone.
We are awesome and you are naked." Responded Bryan.
Then, a cute dragon came into the room with a sign saying "Who's the real one!" and a handgun. Both Bryans looked at the dragon shocked. The naked clone got shot and turned to dust. The real Bryan ran out of the room and into the courtyard in the center of the academy.
With the Li crisis, tings were pretty bad. The vomiting continued, she was weighing more and more, making the ball she already is bigger, her head higher and higher from the ground.
"Can we call the hardware store and get a ladder?" Asked a vomiting covered Brock.
Robin used his magic to get the cure from the table to Li's mouth. She ate the curefruit and the spots and the vomiting were gone, and her weight went down.
"Yep, stinkfruit poisoning." Said Robin. He knew how to treat the illness. Then, Bryan came into the office. He was scared crazy.
"Who gave the dragon a gun?" He asked.
"Sorry. That was my little dragon." Said Robin.
"I thought you used magic, not firearms!" Yelled Bryan.
Li was finally at normal size. She could barely walk, due to five hours of imobility.
"Now that the killer dragon deal has been dealt with, I'll go fix our boat." Said Bryan.
Later, the ship was nearly fixed, and Brock stormed into the cave.
"Bryan, there's this lizard guy here to kill you, and he's from the Swamp Isle, so his tail is alive." Brock alerted Bryan.
"Okay, I'll stop with the fire issue and kick his butt and his tail's butt." Replied Bryan.
He grabbed his sword and went to defeat Mr. Lizard. He was easy to find, as his scales were a bright green and the walls were gray. Mr. Lizard pounced Bryan and knocked him off his feet. The lizard-man hybrid tried to keep him on the floor, butt Skyhopper threw Jeff at the cold-blooded person, and it hit him hard. Jeff was a fishflower, so Mr. Lizard's face was melting.
"You! You stupid boy! My master will get you for this!" He screeched angerly. Now, his skull showed. It was gross. Bryan nearly vomited.
After the short fight, Bryan and Robin agreed to play online mode for Earthlanders: Creationeers.(if no one is getting this, sorry.)
Now, Bryan had his crew and was ready to kick butt and chew gum.

Chapter 4
Zombies of Ink

After a long day and a longer shower, Brock was ready to fall into sleepland. Little did he know, his old friend from the Sea of Ink was expecting him. His name was Dave.
One of Dave's zombies traveled by mini-blimp to kidnap Brock in his sleep. The mission was successful.
After an uneventful night with no one bloating up, Bryan woke up to realize that Brock was missing. Li was finally able to walk again, and Robin used his magic to see if there were any clues to his disappearance. All he found was a paper with a drawing of the Sea of Ink with HERE written in red on it.
"Oh, a creep took Brock." Said Li.
The group quickly headed to the missing tamer's location. They wanted to save their friend for Li.
The docked at the entrance of the dark tunnel. Strange ink leaked out of the ceiling. It was black and shiny. So shiny, Li thought it was treasure. Robin had to conjure umbrellas for everyone because he thought it was poison. It was. Anyone who touches it will have a hour to get away from the Sea before becoming a ink zombie. As soon as the got down the stairs, the Sea of Ink was the only shiny thing in the dark enterance to Dave's Palace.
"That's definitely where Brock is." Bryan pointed out.
Inside the dungeon, which had so many guns, Brock was being battered to near death. The zombie guards were laughing like they're bored, even though they are really happy to have Brock as a prisoner of Ink. Then, Dave walked into the room and laughed too. The prisoner was confined to the wall. Dave laughed harder as the punishment got more unreal. Brock had been hit by a car, rammed into a wall, attended a boring meeting, kidnapped by aliens, and farted on. The king of darkness lost his head, but did not die. The only two ways to waste his kind were to cut off both arms or cut a leg off. The ghost from the ship then appeared as a human ninja. He quickly fought the zombies and rescued Brock. They traveled through the gunned out halls.
"I am here..." Said the ghost. He defeated every zombie thrown at him. Midget, wrestling, god-like, even badhoss. The zombies stood no chance. Then, Brock found his dart gun and joined the fight. He shot the newly devoloped zombie dinosaurs and made it easier for the ghost to take down the other zombies.
In the main hall, Bryan, Robin, and Li searched the rooms for whatever the noise was.
"Okay, these goths are seriously wanting us to leave. That ghostly gunfire is haunting the castle." Said Li.
Just then, the tamer-ghost duo barged into the Hall, all kinds of Ink Zombies behind them.
"Staple's!" Shouted Bryan. The hordes got bigger than ever, and the brought in helicopters and tanks into the Hall.
"Wow. They need whooping choppers to kick our butts!" Robin exclaimed. The choppers crashed into each other, and tanks were shooting frendlies.
After a dramatic escape, the five of them boarded the ship and zoomed into the sky.

Chapter 5
Confrontion Time

Hours passed since the escape from the Sea, and Brock got a news flash.
"Breaking News! Dave and Roomba are dead in a 52,000 tank accident! Strangely, those were the only casualties, since there were so many explosions!" Said the newsletter.
"Wow, tons survived. Wished more civilizations were like that." Said Brock.
The skies started turning red, and the sun was pitch black.
"The Demon World..." whispered the ghost. He has been here before.
Suddenly, Kyu got on the boat. He slammed Li around and threw her towards the crew. Brock and Robin didn't dodge it in time. This left Bryan to fight the Kung Fu Cyclops. He swung his sword at the Cyclops and made him swiftly dodge the blade, but hit his head on the railing around the deck. His horns created a dent in the rail.
"Okay, a little battle mark on the ship." Said Bryan. He grabbed the Cyclops by the tail and tugged him into the Oblivion below their own feet.
Later, they approached the Master Hand's Lair and entered it. The halls were long and narrow, the touches on the walls dimly lit up the halls. Li wanted to go, but she was needed to bust doors that are locked.
"The hand..." Said the ghost as they entered the throne room. Master Hand was watching AnnTES play Priest's Row IV.
"Oh!" He said.
"Bwaaahh!" Went Brock. The final battle for the Skyworld began. Master Hand fired a huge beam at the heroes. It missed everyone except Bryan. His arm was toasted. He had to fight with only his right hand. He took a swing at the Master Hand and gave him a cut on his thumb.
"No! Not a iron cut!" The Hand shouted in agony.This gave him the disadvantage. He searched his secret stash in the throne. Then, a scientist on a Segway approached Li and rammed her non-stop. Brock shot the inconsiderate doctor. Robin phaselocked the hand and Bryan created a scene so brutal the author cannot tell.
After a long journey back to Skywatch, the crew dicover it was destroyed in a heckish way. The demons there attacked the group, and lost.
"Sorry about the fam--" Brock paused. Leesburg was alive. He noticed Bryan's missing arm and made a robotic arm for the new pirate. It was equipped with a grappling hook and a built-in flintlock. Bryan wanted to explore Dino Island some more in hopes of getting happier and to test his new abilities. He knew the new arm would come in handy for his next four adventures.

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