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by THorny
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Supernatural · #2192496
After a mysterious accident, you and others gain superpower. What will you do?
"Ouch! My head hurts!"
You woke up.
"That thing was surely terrifying! I wonder what that was!"
You started walking around. The air was ghost-silent. It was very warm, yet you felt chills run down your spine.
"Where am I?" You are thinking.
Then, you try to recall what happened: You were on a train with all the passengers heading to New York. Suddenly, the train stopped and started levitating-you realized it when you look at the window. Afterwards, a terrifying creature flies towards you. You blacked out.

I will continue the story. It will try to offers you choices which results in you reading different chapters. The next one will be named After the accidents. (I sucks at making names lol)
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