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A young woman returns to a place of summer memories
She Came Back

Kathleen McNamara

"Ow! That light hurts my eyes!"

"Quiet, Herbie! She'll hear us," shushed Lizzy.

We watched the young woman wandering around the room. Did she remember us? She had been the one that
named two of us clothespins after her friends, Lizzy and Jess. She stopped at the shelves at the other end of the little shop. She
picked up one of the cameras bringing the view finder to eye level.

It had been so long since anyone came to the shop. The old man used to come here everyday. He would sing as
he worked on developing his pictures. We all noticed that sometimes his singing would give way to bouts of coughing.
As the coughing grew worse, there were stretches of days he would not come at all, but we always knew he would return.
Or so we thought.

"Who is that," whispered Jess?

"Don't you recognize her," asked Lizzy? Emily used to come here with the old man when the days were long and hot. Summer
vacation I seem to remember them calling it."

The door to the shop opened again and in walked a young man.

"Wow! Look at all this old equipment! Do you know how much money we will make selling this stuff?" He sounded very excited
about that idea. We all held our breath.

"Oh. The stuff in this shop is not for sale. I have too many good memories of this place," she told him. We all sat there and listened
as the young man pressed his case for a sale and Emily reiterated that that would not happen.

"Justin. The contents of the house, with the exception of the furniture in my old bedroom, we can sell. We can remodel before
we move in with the kids, but this place and it's contents stay. I can not wait to show Andy and Olivia how photographs used to
be made."

They walked to the door and made to leave. Justin exited first and Emily turned and gave the shop one last glance. Before
turning out the lights we heard her whisper.

"Thanks, Grandpop. I will take very good care of this place." With that the door closed and she was gone.

"Man, I thought we were going to be out of a job," said Herbie.

"I can't wait to meet this Andy and Olivia. We better get some rest. Looks like we all will be needed to help teach the youngsters.
I can just see their expressions when they see their pictures develop right before their eyes as we hold them up to dry," said Jess.

Lizzy was quietly sniffling at her end of the line.

"What's wrong, Lizzy," we asked?

"Nothing really. I hope he heard what Emily said to him wherever he is. I am going to miss the old man. It will be good to be
needed again. I wonder if Emily will sing to us too?"

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