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The young hero of the Skyworld returns, but this time it is the Catzis he has to stop.
After the events of Come Sail With Me, Bryan Skyhopper decided to live on Dino Island, since Skywatch was destroyed in the conflict with Master Hand and his demon army.


Chapter 1

A New Enemy

Deep in the city of Purrlin, the new head of the anti-dragon group, the Catzis, was being elected. There was only one candidate. His name Mewdolf Kitler. Obviously, he won by default. He had a giant blimp to carry whole armies through the skies. He commanded a championship paintball team. No cat ever wanted to be enemies with that cat.

Meanwhile, another day on Dino Island, Brock, Li, Leroy Boomhaur, and Bryan were watching the news.

"Kitler was the winner of the Catzi election,and now he is in power. First order of business? Burn the set for Earthlanders School: season four!"said the newsletter.

"Aw dang it, my nephew from Magic City loves the show, and now, it's gonna be delayed." Said Boomhaur.

Bryan got his pirate gear on. He was going to fight the Catzis and save the dragons. Brock refused the offer to join Bryan's crew a second time, because Li was pregnant. It was two months since the Hand attempted to claim the Skyworld. Leroy wanted to go, so he got his things and headed to the ship.

"You have one of the funniest excuses."

Said Li. She was actually pregnant.


Chapter 2

The Ractovan Wizard

Bryan and Leroy both hunted for boombirds that afternoon. The meat of the boombird was rich with sweetness. Using his new hand flintlock, Bryan shot down 10 of the 300 birds in the flock.

"This'll supply us for a round trip." Said Leroy. Then, Bryan called Robin.

"I cannot go on another adventure. My finals are coming up, and I need to pass or my magic will be gone." Said Robin.

"Are there any other wizards you know can come with us?" Queered Bryan.

"There is a Ractovan Cat known as Leeo."

"Is he Catzi?"



The duo docked properly this time. They entered through the front gates of the academy. Robin and Leeo, as well as the dragon from last time.

"Oh, you're the pirate I've been hearing about." Said Leeo. His accent was native Northern Skies, which was African.The dragon kept it's handgun.

"Oh, YOU again." Said Bryan. Then, a Catzi Blimp came into view.

"A DRAGON! KILL IT!" shouted Kitler. Tons of soldiers came in a got shot in the nuts by the dragon. The medic asked who was not hurt. No one raised their paw.

"Okay, I'm calling 911." The medic replied. Bryan and his crew just wanted to go to the next island already. Then, more Catzis appeared and started attacking the academy. They also got a lead milkshake in the nuts.

"Okay, Rites of Passage Time!" Said Boomhaur.


Chapter 3

Firefly Haven, Not Firefly Heaven!

The night after the eventful visit to the academy, Leeo and Dragic explored their new temporary home on the ship. They found an escape pod for six crew members and a triceratops. Leeo wanted to see the interior of the pod. He climbed inside, but he pushed the big red button. This launched the pod out to the Sea of skies and towards Firefly Haven. Boomhaur noticed that.

"Hey, Bryan, the wizard feline just finessed the escape pod!" He shouted. Bryan quickly turned the ship around to rescue Leeo.

Meanwhile, on the dark forest floor in the Haven, Leeo was trying to figure out what just happened. Then, a small creature popped out of a nearby bush. It looked like a bear cub with stripes. It also had a monkey tail. It ate all the fireflies that came near it's fur. The little zebra bear gave the Ractovan a bubbleflower. Leeo smelled the flower and got a bubble in his nose. He sneezed and puffed up to the size of a giant beach ball. He floated through the canopy of the huge forest.

On the other side of the haven, Bryan and Boomhaur saw the huge floating cat just above the red and blue trees.

"Oh my goodness, there's the pod thief!" Exclaimed Boomhaur.

"Oh, that's your Friend?" Said a man in red, black, and white. His name was Saint. He had powers, and he was Western Skies accented, or close to American. He wore a Luchodor mask, a caped stunt biker outfit, and a blue cat backpack. "I could help with that balloon cat."

"Ractovan, you simpleton!" Shouted Bryan angerly.

"Does anyone notice I'm fat and floating?!" Shouted Leeo as he floated over the group. His voice was high-pitched, so Boomhaur told him to shut up. Saint used his super jump to get Leeo down to the ground, and his tentacle sword to beat the gas out of him. The bubbleflower effects were gone, but Leeo kept the flower, in case he needed to have a balloon for an enemy.

"You're welcome and thank you for the opportunity to kick butt outside of the haven." Said Saint.


Chapter 4

Save the Dragons

The group arrived at Purrlin the next day and attempted to disguise themselves as cats. It failed horribly. All the cats were only a foot high, so the heroes were found. They took Dragic to the prison under the city.

"Well screw the six foot tall cat plan! Now the young dragon is gonna die!" Hollered Boomhaur.

"This man is insane! Take him!" Ordered a gatekeeper. Catzi soldiers tried to tackle the redneck dino tamer, but Leroy threw fish at the gatekeeper and the cats tackled it instead. Saint used his freeze blast to turn the gate into ice, and used his new favorite gun, the Dudstep-inator to shatter it. The group got past the front gate, and now they were zooming past the skyscrapers of the Catzi fortress. Leeo shot magiballs at the polizei boats.

After three hours of explosions in the sky, Bryan's ship reached the main castle. They stormed the briefing room and captured Kitler and threw him in his own prison. They got Dragic out on the way.

They won the battle and decided to go to the Academy Cafeteria to celebrate.


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