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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2192586
Liam see's a very playful Allison and Catherine is introduced

         Several minutes later, they were back on the I-5 heading north. They were drinking their coffee and Allison was feeding Liam a tuna fish sandwich from the bag she brought from the store.
“I’ll bet the surveillance tape from the Exxon winds up on the internet!” Liam joked. It was a harmless enough stunt and it actually got something going inside him. It was a strange sensation. A feeling he liked a lot.
“I don’t understand what the big deal is? I mean, why do they make everyone so crazy? They’re just a pair of boobies, although, it is really fun,” Allison said.
“Men like them because women hide them,” Liam said.
“I don’t care if anyone sees them. It’s not really a big deal and if people get some pleasure from it, great, because I know I do when they see them. I guess it’s the shock factor and it makes me feel naughty and when I feel naughty, I get excited,” she explained.
“Excited is good, “Liam said. She hit the nail on the head. It was naughty and exciting.
Dumping the leftover sandwich back into the paper bag, Allison smiled, kissed him on the cheek and tossed the bag onto the back seat. She curled up as close to Liam as she could, resting her right hand on his chest, she closed her eyes.
The rain started when they hit Olympia and by the time they reached Tacoma, it was down pouring. Even in the dark, it was still eighty degrees. The rain pounded the windshield and the wipers barely kept up.
It was about eleven o’clock when they arrived back at Liam’s. Allison had been awake for about half an hour. She had taken her sunglasses and rested them on top of her hat.
“Park on the street,” Allison said. It was more of a command than a request.
“Why? It’s pouring rain,” Liam said in protest.
“I know. I want to go for a walk in the rain.”
Taking only a second to register, Liam answered, “Cool, let’s go.”
They jumped out of the car and walked hand in hand around the building to the sea walk. The rain poured down on Allison’s white shirt and in a manner of minutes, it offered little cover.
She walked with her shoulders rolled back and chest out, proud of her stature.
Incredibly, there were quite a few pedestrians on the walkway. Mostly armed with umbrellas and surprisingly took little notice of Allison’s appearance.
Up in the distance, two young Naval Seamen in full white uniform, were trotting along. As they approached, they noticed Allison right away and stopped. At first, they just wanted to look and admire but it wasn’t long before asking for a picture.
Looking for approval, Allison turned to Liam who gave a solid nod of assurance. She smiled and turned to the young men. She pulled her sunglasses off the top of her hat, tried to wipe them down and placed them over her eyes.
The taller of the two produced a camera and turned to Liam, “Do you mind?”
Liam laughed and took the camera. He waited for the three to set up and he snapped a couple of pictures. “Nice, you are hot!” Liam said, cheering her on.
Pulling out his Blackberry, Liam selected camera mode and took one of his own.
Now they were standing at either side of her and she grinned, Liam snapped away.
After the pictures, she stepped back and teasingly lifted the bottom of her drenched shirt. At halfway up she stopped and laughed, pulling it back down before any exposure. She was clearly excited. The cameras flashed and with a sudden hoist up, so did Allison.
The boys were speechless.
“That’s it for tonight,” Allison said as her shirt fell back down to her waist.
The boys thanked her profusely, took back the camera and eventually moved on. Liam and Allison could hear them hollering in enjoyment and disbelief for a quarter mile.
“Don’t think those won’t be on the internet by morning,” Liam said, half thinking he might be the one posting them.
“Why do you think I put my sunglasses on?” She replied. “That was incredibly fun!”
“You’re not kidding!” Liam said. “You want to come back to my place for a while?”
“I thought you’d never ask.”
Crossing back around the other side of the building, they made their way to the front door and stepped inside. They were drenched from head to toe as they waited for the elevator.
Once inside, Liam hit nine and then firmly moved Allison into the corner. He pressed his thighs against hers. His hands slid up her body. Water wrenched from her shirt as his hands stopped at her breasts. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. She responded by slipping her tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately.
The door opened at the ninth floor and they broke from one another and stumbled out, running into Catherine. She was wearing her typical white turtleneck and long pleated black skirt.
Allison stepped away from Liam and pushed out her chest, then proceeded to introduce herself. “Hi, I’m Allison. We were just out for a walk in the rain.”
“I can see that,” Catherine replied adjusting her thick, black rimmed glasses. She turned to Liam. “An all-time low, even for you, eh Yager?”
“Nice seeing you Catherine,” Liam said, moving around her.
“Hold it!” Catherine stopped. “Allison Beck?” She asked.
“Yes, do we know each other?” Allison replied.
“Catherine Bialik, KGMP, we met in an interview a couple of weeks ago?” Catherine said.
Allison deflated her chest, rolled her shoulders forward and covered her breasts by crossing her arms in front. “Yes, of course.”
“It’s too late, I already saw them,” Catherine chided.
Obviously feeling extremely uncomfortable and unsure what to do next, Allison dropped her arms then raised them again. “Okay, well, nice seeing you,” Allison said as she turned and hurried after Liam.
The moment it took Liam to unlock and open the door seemed like an eternity, especially with Catherine waiting at the elevator door, leering at the pair.
Once inside, they slammed the door together and Liam wound up with Allison pinned against the inside door. He clicked the deadbolt then began to kiss her.
Pulling her lips free, Allison said, “Well, that was a mood killer. At least I don’t have to worry about working for the woman who’s in love with you.”
“What are you talking about?” Liam slowed down and locked eyes with her.
“Well, you remember how I told you I received offers from the big four?”
Liam nodded, backing off to give her space.
“She was the one who interviewed me at KGMP, so if it’s up to her, I can pretty much surmise I won’t be working there any time soon,” Allison said. “Of course, unless she’s into big wet breasts!” She said stepping over to Liam. She jumped up wrapping her arms and legs around him and passionately locked her lips on his.
“I couldn’t blame her, I’m into them,” he said as they stumbled to the bedroom.
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