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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2192596
After eating Cavy, Steven has a new goal in mind.
For Connie, the sight of the squirming lump sliding down Steven's throat overshadowed anything she'd seen in cartoons or from the ball python. She shivered as she watched it entered into his bulbous belly causing it to slightly bounce. In a daze, she moved towards him and put a hand on his stomach, without being aware that she was actually doing it. She could feel the bulge shift under her hand and could see it move as Cavy’s scampering caused rippling throughout his belly. The massive bully had just consumed a living creature and it happened because of her.

Steven turned his attention to the rest of the food and began eating it, covering Cavy in a rain of student lunches. Steven's mind was already swirling with all the things he would be able to do as his body got even bigger as he was stuffing himself so he could reach new heights as fast as possible.

Steven shoveled food as fast as he could into his mouth, swallowing mouthful after mouthful in large chunks. Although it hurt his throat to have it bulge out so much, he was getting use to the sensation. It was completely worth the pain as he felt his belly swelled further and further out. When he had finally finished all of the lunches that she had brought him, his belly was back to being a hard, stuffed orb, despite his growth spurts creating more space that needed filling. For the moment, he was once again full.

The most important, exciting, delicious detail of that feast was that something living was now trapped inside his belly, moving and struggling. It was, to some degree, aware of the grisly fate of being inside the egotistical and insatiable bully. Steven held his burps in for a few minutes just because he didn't want to rob the guinea pig of its air just yet, which would have ended Cavy's struggles. Steven was still thoroughly enjoying the idea of the creature ineffectively searching for freedom that would never come instead it would become part of him as he grew to a greater and greater size.

Steven sat as he poked and prodded his belly, looking for any sign of the creature trapped within and relishing when he found it. Cavy wasn't really the creature that needed to be put in its place. Sure, anything below him on the food chain now rightfully belonged under his control or in his belly, if he wished it. What really made him happy was the knowledge that he was going to keep getting bigger and soon he would be able to fit larger things down his throat and into his belly. This was only the beginning there were so many other creatures and people would be put in their rightful place beneath him or inside of him.

Meanwhile, Connie watched the massive boy revel in his larger girth particularly since his jeans and shirt could barely contained his body. She knew she should be horrified and should run from this monster. Every ounce of rational thought told her she should be. Instead, she felt glued to the spot, after years of drawings and all the impossibly bizarre and exciting events of today, her fantasy were becoming real. Being honest with her own mind was a relief, but the demand for rational behavior was not easy to silence. For now, she accepted Steven's monstrous eating and her own monstrous feeding meant only that she did not leave his side.

Steven got up and started walking over towards Connie, but he only made it only a couple steps before his belly began to grumble violently. Steven recognized this particular commotion and grinned with gratification and pride as the next round of growing was starting. His body shot upward and strained against his clothes even more. This time, his jeans stretched past their limit and ripped down the seams, sliding off of him in two nearly separated pieces. His shirt was a bit more flexible and stayed on him for the moment, but it was beginning to reach its limits. His shirt now slid up and fully exposed his round and expanding stomach and moobs. The bigger belly sagged over the waistband his boxer, stopping short of fully hiding the material.

His most recent growth spurt brought him all the way up to eight and a half feet, with still about a foot and a half to go before his head would hit the ceiling. He was now taller and wider than most the single doors but could still fit through double and dock doors. He figured he could squeeze himself through the single door if he need to, but that wouldn't be an option for much longer, especially at the rate he was eating and growing. His belly once again felt completely empty now as its capacity had increased and Steven was eager to fill it. There was no question what he wanted to eat now that he had eaten Cavy, but he wasn't sure it was quite possible yet. Still, he had to know if was possible or not. Looking at his forearms, he figured one was equivalent to another student's legs now that his forearms were larger. He stopped for a moment to try, with the impressive swallowing ability that he now had he could get his hand into his throat but not his forearm. While Steven was disappointed, he knew what he needed to solve this problem.

Just then, he felt someone bump into him, he looked down to see it was his trusty minion. She was looking at the ground nervously, but clearly still had no plans of running away from him. She had picked up his shredded jeans, clearly having been concerned about leaving behind evidence of his growth. He chuckled as there was at least one person in this school that knew their place. He thought for a minute that she should be the one who had the honor of being his first human meal. Who knows, she might even enjoy it, if her drawings were any indications. Still, he wasn't sure if he even wanted to sacrifice such a compliant minion. Either way, his test had just shown him that he didn't need to make that decision quiet yet.

He opened his mouth to speak a new command when he heard the bell ring, signaling the end of class. In a matter of seconds, the halls would be swarming with students heading to their next class. As much as he wanted to rule everyone and everything that was in front of him, he knew it wasn't possible yet. He could not let them stop him in his rise to glory. As much as it hurts his pride to do it, Steven knew he had to hide.

Steven had chosen the nearest hiding spot which was the boys' bathroom. Without thinking, he snatched up Connie and dragged her with him. It was a tight fit through the door, but he was able to force himself through the door. He ducked into the more spacious handicapped stall and stood up on the toilet trying to keep as little of his feet and head from showing. The only way he was able reasonably conceal Connie was to pin her against his belly.

With very little time in between classes, there was a near continuous stream of boys coming in and out of the bathroom. Steven was able to watch them through the space between the door and frame of the bathroom stall as they washed their hands. Without even realizing it, he was drooling as he watched them walked by. They all seemed so frail and defenseless compared to him. He wanted to burst out of the stall right then and there and pin them with his enormous belly and slurp them down one by one.

Connie could feel face was turning red as she was pinned against Steven’s massive belly. She could feel herself sinking into his soft middle. She also felt Steven's throat gurgle as he swallowed the excess saliva and his stomach growl and rumble as Steven watched the boys eagerly. She had seen how much joy swallowing Cavy had brought him and knew he loved bullying other students, but this was the first time she truly realized he wanted to swallow her fellow students. Did she want this to be true? Did she want to see it happen, maybe even help it happen?

The one minute warning bell rang and the boys began to filter out of the bathroom. Both Steven and Connie watched them go with relief. Once the final bell rang and the hallways became silent, Steven made his way back into the hallways, again forcing his way through the now too narrow door.

They had about an hour before the next class would let out and Steven had fully planned on being large enough to pick off a couple of students from the rushing crowd during the next passing period. He didn't want to leave behind any evidence until he knew he couldn't be stopped. He snatched up the torn jeans that Connie had wisely retrieved. Without thinking, and eager to grow as big as possible, he stuffed them into his mouth and gulped them down. The jeans were not the best tasting thing he ever ate and they did scratch up his throat as they went down. He had no plans of stripping his future meals, so whether it tasted bad or not, he knew he needed to get used to swallowing clothes.

After Steven made sure the hallways were empty, it was time to go out and find more food and work his way up to a human devouring size. Steven knew exactly where he needed to go if he wanted a large supply of food in a short amount of time. There were two periods before lunch, but the cooks were already hard at work preparing it. Steven had managed to sneak into the kitchen and steal some of the leftover breakfast food earlier, but that was only a small amount of food compared to the large quantities they were preparing for lunch. There was no way he would be able to steal all the food while the cooks were in there and he wanted all of it
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