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A poem addressing feelings of loneliness and duality.
Ugly, fat, unworthy, alone.
Thoughts that plague me if I'm left on my own.

In a room full of people, laughing and fun!
Every atom in my body wants me to run.

I know I'm too much, trying too hard,
My perosona a fake; I'm always on guard.

Afriaid to be hurt, but in need of affection,
Clinging on to the smallest hope of connection.

Always hungry, drinking too much;
Abusing control as a comforting crutch.

Feeling anxious, depressed, my mood is low,
I have no idea who to trust or where I can go.

Each day I go on and strive to be more,
Ignoring interactions where I feel like a whore.

Used and abused - shamefully placid,
Tormenting my body, running it ragged.

Nobody loves me the way that I need -
They're selfish, judgemental and full of greed.

I hope someone sees me, with faults and quirks.
A sweet, kind girl with a cheeky smirk.

Stubborn as hell and independently strong.
Awkwardly trying, often getting it wrong.

Sometimes I'm funny, a little off beat.
Never willing to give in or admit defeat.

I'm hardly a princess, yet know I'm a queen.
Unwanted I'm waiting, just to be seen.
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