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We all get off balance in life.
There you are, standing out there in the cold abyss all by yourself. Probably thinking about why all these bad things keep happening to you. The human heart can only handle a certain weight of negativity.

But this time it's different, This time it's pulling you down and it's way stronger than gravity. Holding your heart just in case it escapes the massive pressure. Holding your tears just to pretend to be stronger. At this moment you seek closure. You reach out to a friend to talk about it. Talk about what?

What pressure so strong can pull someone so low to where they just shatter. Imagine staring at a mirror and suddenly, it shatters to thousands of pieces. Now picture your heart shatter to piece but repeat it every day until it's tolerable.

People have probably thought about it at least once. {i{b}}the feeling like you're not wanted or the feeling like you don't belong.

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