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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2192742
Crystal wants to do something big for Erica's birthday party until something happens.
"Keep it a surprise from Erica, help me put up the decorations," Crystal told Grace as she started moving the rectangular tables over to the center of her backyard. Grace started out with the lights.

"I'll do these lights first. They will be easy to handle," Grace responded, holding up a silver light.

"That will be great," Crystal said as she unfolded the table and set it up.

Erica's birthday is tomorrow and Crystal wanted to give a big surprise. All set for decorating her big backyard, Crystal didn't need to fly anywhere. Grace was larger and taller than her with even smaller wings. After setting up her backyard then she wanted to invite Erica over tomorrow, pretending to just be another piano lesson due that needed to be in her backyard. Then she invited Grace in to help with the cooking. A huge cake was ordered and planned to be picked up tomorrow. Erica was her rider. Sometimes Erica would climb onto her back and she would fly to places. Sometimes it would be a place she had never been to before. Finally, she was ready to set her gift over by the storage. Everything was all set and ready to go.

"Time for me to head home now. Good luck with the surprise party," Grace said.

"Thank you for all of your help. Now, I need to go and rest myself. It has been a long day," Crystal said, trying to stifle a yawn.

"You need your rest. Careful not to breathe fire or the party will be ruined," Grace said.

"I won't," Crystal said.

Over night a severe storm rose. It thundered and lightning and began to pour down rain. The lights went out. Startled, Crystal woke up. She wondered what was going on. The wind blew heavily. Quickly, she raced outside into the storm. Because of the wind and heavy downpour she had trouble keeping her eyes open. She headed straight on over to her backyard. Chairs were flipped and some tables went missing. Her big birthday gift to Erica had flipped over and the package was torn open.

"Nooooo," Crystal cried. A dark figure who was tearing apart her gift to Erica turned around.

"I'll see you next time," the dark figure responded before darting away from the scene.

Crystal did the next best thing she could think of. Since the electricity came back she called the cops and reported what happened. Just as quickly as the storm came it disappeared. Soon the police came and investigated the damage in the dark. The police reassured her that they will look into this and try to find the dark figure who did it and what was their reason. Her big birthday party was ruined. She cried until no more tears came out of her eyes. Then she burped and fire spew out of her mouth.

"Excuse me," the police officer said.

"Sorry, I am, just, so devastated over this. My surprise birthday party for Erica is ruined," Crystal sobbed.

"If anything is missing we will do our best to recover it. Looks like a pretty big gift for Erica, isn't it?" Police officer said.

"Yes it is. I, could you stick around for a little bit in case that dark figure returns?" Crystal asked.

"Yes I can," police officer replied.

Crystal couldn't go back to sleep. She remembered the scent of the dark figure, smelled too much like perfume. She would have to wait until Erica wakes up before she could ask. Erica meant everything to her. Then she noticed a couple of earrings on the ground. Remembering how Erica had lost a pair of earrings she asked the police officer to hang onto the earrings, excited to have found them. As morning came the police officer left the earrings where Erica would be able to find them and left. Soon the guests started coming in for the birthday party, bringing all sorts of gifts. The huge cake arrived and plates and silverware was brought along as well. Since the backyard is off limits then everything was brought to the front yard and set in one place. Soon Erica would show up to her home and she had only the food and presents of others around. Not her gift to Erica.

A car came up to the front and stopped. Erica came out. Crystal became filled with joy upon seeing Erica. Quickly she rushed out to meet her, then began explaining everything that had happened. While the party was ruined, there was food and cake to eat. One of the guests lit the candles and then they all sang happy birthday to Erica. Erica blew out the candles. Then Crystal decided to lead her dragon rider inside over to the earrings. She watched as Erica clasped her head with her hands and then picked up the earrings. It didn't matter to her anymore that her gift for Erica was ruined. Just doing small things is what mattered the most. The party isn't ruined for good after all.

Word count: 845

Quote: "If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way." Napoleon Hill

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