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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2192875
This isn't ready to read,I just need a little bit of editing.

Chapter 1
When the evil Black Panther was killed, the Good Panther threw him into the ocean and was planning to keep the suit, but T`Challa forgot to take the necklace off of the evil panther, and it fell into the ocean also
When T`chala told his sister, the one who made the suits, she got angry and provoked his Black Panther Privileges.
Angry, T`Chala moves out and becomes a cashier at Wal-Mart. He also changes his name to Thomas Craig.
Nobody recognizes him and he buys a house and moves to Atlanta, unbeknownst to his girlfriend, Nakia.
He owns 3 black cats and sponsors endangered black panthers.
By his amazing service at Wal-Mart, he gets promoted to Manager and gets a raise of a million dollars.
He takes his money and buys a mansion in Carrollton.

Chapter 2
"Hey Lady Penelope, do you like my beard?" Scott leans against a bench in the park, the one which Lady Penelope is sitting on. She looks up,
"That is the ugliest thing I have seen in my life!" And she was right.
Scott woke up in a cold sweat and panted,
"That was horrible!"
He slides off of the bed onto his healing legs, in which he had paralyzed them by falling off of a ladder, and goes to the bathroom. He brushes his teeth and drinks some water.
Then he began to make pancakes,
"3/4 cup water, 1/2 cup milk, 1 cup water,"So he decides to get the water first.
He goes to the sink, turned the knob and drops of water came out. He scowled,
"What?" He started to jiggle the knob, to no avail.
"Really? It just has to stop up!" One last pull, and the whole fixture came out.
Chapter 3
Scott peered into the drain and noticed something inside of it, it looked shiny, like gold
"What in the...?"
Suddenly, the drain unclogged and the thing flew out. Scott growled and sighed, water was spurting out of the broken faucet. He looked up and saw the thing falling straight to him.
"Really?" The thing, what Scott finds out is a necklace, falls perfectly on his neck and he looks down.
"What's this?"
Something happens, black fabric grows from the necklace and down his body, covering him with a black and purple fabric.
He looks down and sees that it pronounces his muscles, like anybody looked anyway, and stared in astonishment.
"Whoa! Awesome!"He looks down at his hands, "I look like some kind of cat, "He looks behind him and sighs, "Without a tail."
But what he doesn't notice is that his youngest brother, Alan, walked in. Without noticing that the panther is not on his four legs, has no tail, and that he is as tall as his oldest brother, who is Scott, and yells,
"There's a Panther in our Kitchen!!"
Chapter 4
Then, Scott’s other two brothers, Virgil and Gordon, swagger in. Virgil looks at Alan,
”We don’t have time to listen to your shenanigans.”
”You’re not looking!” Alan points to the kitchen and Virgil swings his head around. Virgil’s eyes widen,
Minutes after, Gordon goes and gets materials to catch the “panther”.
”I got the nets!”Gordon says,
”Give one to me.”Virgil holds out his hand. Then, they were ready,
”GET HIM!!” one of them says,
”Hi.” Scott greets as they charge upon him, and he is not afraid of what they will do. They come faster and faster, then Scott realizes that he doesn’t wanna get clobbered by fishing nets.
”Wait, I’m Scott!” He attempts to take the suit off, but to no avail. “How do you take this…”
But he never notices that Gordon had already came up to him. Gordon swung it up, high over his head and caught Scott.
”I got him!”
”Can Panthers talk?” Scott looks at his brother, “I mean…”
Chapter 5
”I’m so glad Gramma Tracy is on a cruise!” Gordon leans against the cage that held Scott.
”Me too! She’s have a cow if she knew that there’s a panther in the kitchen!”Virgil agrees.
But somebody walks up,
”What is that doing in here?”It was Kayo, their Covert Ops director, person,thingy, ummm….
”Once Alan comes back with John, we’re going to sell it!”Gordon steps up.
”And where is it’s tail?”Kayo picks up her hand and swings it around, trying to make her point. Gordon, trying to find and explanation, blurts out,
”Birth Defect!”Kayo eyes him suspiciously.
”Yeah, right.” Then her brown eyes light up, “Also…..” She grabs a person from behind her and introduces the girl with green eyes, brown skin, and a pink streak in her dark brown hair. “This is Fontaine Nekton, Her parents died recently and she’ll be staying here until further notice.”
”Hi!”Fontaine says. Gordon politefullly steps up,
”Hi, my name is Gordon!” She smiles,
”Yeah, I’ve heard about you!”He looks around,
“Yeah.”Then she grins like a cheshire cat,
“Did you guys hear about The Hood? He fell off of his prison bunk and died!”
”Hey guys! I got a job at Walmart!”John, their second-oldest brother comes in the room and Virgil greets him,
”How?” Because of a horribly manager that can’t remember properly, John couldn’t get a job in the previous comic.
”They got a new manager!”
”That’s great! What’s his name?”
”His name is Thomas Craig. I invited him over for dinner, “John stops, “If that’s okay.”
”Sure, only if you’re cooking!”
Chapter 6
When John finally realizes that there is a black thing in a cage in the kitchen, he immediately says,
"Take him out! If he's not doing anything now, he won't do anything out of the cage."John turned, "He doesn't even look evil."
John opens the cage and Scott, legs finally waking up, staggers out and stands in front of his brother. John looks in Scott's eyes and is amazed,
"Wow!" John's face immediately scowls and he swings around to his younger brothers,
"Are you BLIND? Panthers cannot stand up! Panthers don't talk!"John catches a breath, "Neither do they wear NECKLACES!" John takes off the necklace from his brother's neck and holds it up,
"Really?" Scott stands up in front of his brothers.
"You were about to sell your brother!" John smiles.
Chapter 7
"Hey Scott, how are your legs?" John stands at the counter, waiting for the hour to strike 6:00, the time Thomas Craig is supposed to arrive.
"Still hurting a bit."Scott looks down, "Well at least they are hurting."
"Well, is your walker helping?"
"I didn't have to use it because of the suit."John's eyes lightened.
"Really? So, the suit may have healing powers?"
"John, they hurt before the suit and after. It only works when it's on."
"Do you want to keep it?"
"Aw man, that was fun!"
"Yeah!" Alan, Kayo, Fontaine and Gordon step through the slide door from the pool.
"Get cleaned up, you are tracking water!"
At that same time, he gets a text on his phone from Thomas Craig. He picks it up and reads it, "Where is your house?" John gasps, he lives on an island and nobody can really drive there. I have an idea! He dials a number and puts the phone to his ear.
"Hey Lady Penelope,"He greets his friend," would you like to come over for dinner?"
"Hello John, sure!"Her voice comes through the phone.
"Also, could you pick up somebody for me?"
"Why certainly!"
"Thanks, I'll give you the address!"
Chapter 8
The clock strikes 6:00 and his guest hasn't arrived yet.
"Are your legs feeling okay?"
"No, I can't feel them anymore, I'm afraid that I'll fall down if I try to get up."John sighs,
"That," He hesitated, "That may mean that, you may not...walk. Again."Scott looked down,
"Yes,...yes it could."I wish I'd never thought of 'Simple TB's.
"I'll get your wheelchair."
"Thank you John."
There was a knock on the John opened it, Thomas Craig walked in.
"Hi, Mr. Craig."
"Hello, Mr. Tracy, nice house." Thomas was wearing a trench coat with long, grey slacks.
He walked over to Scott, sitting in a wheelchair on the other side of the room.
"I've been waiting to meet you for the past few hours."Scott greeted him,"My name is Scott."
"Ah, John has told me about you!"
"Yeah." Scott says, ending the conversation.
""And we go through here..." John motions to the table.
Thomas notices the necklace on the counter and his eyes widen.
"What's that?" though he already knew what it was.
Chapter 9
Thomas picks it up and 'marvels' at the beautiful gold necklace.
"Very nice, elegant."Thomas says,"Are you "selling it?
"I'm sorry sir,"John reaches out and takes in from Thomas' hands. "We aren't selling it."
"Selling what?" Penelope walked up to them.
John knew that Penelope was currently looking for donations for a charity auction. John puts it behind his back,
"What is it?" Penelope advances. John begins to sweat,
It's none of your concern, Lady Penelope." John walks backwards, trying to avoid the pressure. He doesn't notice the trashcan and that Fontaine and Virgil were behind him. He trips over the trashcan and the necklace flies out of his hands and onto Fontaine's unsuspecting neck.
"So John, when are we eating?"Fontaine leans on her left leg and puts her hands on her hips.
"Hey Mr.Craig!" Virgil waves.
Chapter 11
Fontaine looks down and her mouth drops open.
"This. is so awesome!" John sighes, Is that thing one-size-fits-all?
"So cool that you are going to take it off!"Fontaine's eyebrow raises,
"No, I'm so not taking it off!"Thomas steps up,
"That suit has unknown powers that you cannot control, you must take it off."John turned at his manager,
"How would you know?"Thomas sighed,
"Because..."He turned at all of them, "I was The Black Panther."
"Awesome! What happened then?" Fontaine smiled,Thomas growled, "None of your concern."Alan walked in and his mouth dropped open,
"Fontaine! Why are you wearing the Black Panther suit?"Fontaine answered quickly,
"John gave it to me!"Alan spun around to John in disbelief,
"You didn't!"John scowled,
"I know!"
Chapter 13
John was tired of this drama, and needed to go somewhere,
"Guys, I need to go."Fontaine, not getting the picture,asks,
"Where?"John was sick and tired of her nonsense.
"Anywhere I want to! That's where!" John caught his breath, "You're NOT my mom!" (John didn't have a mom either, I think she died or sumpin')Fontaine, though (I think) 13 years old, broke apart,
"Sniff," Her eyes watered and they thought that was all, but, think again!"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" (doing "waaa!" is kinda immature, though she is)
"Oh MY Goodness" John threw up his hands.
"Shut up!"
No...Way, I can't take this anymore! John ran over to the window and crashed through it, ignoring the pain he splashes into the pool. But one thing that he didn't notice is a boat driving up.

Chapter 14
Ridley O'Bannon, a friend of John's walked up the steps to John's house and John spotted her and called out.What is she doing here?
"Hi...Ridley, um, what are you doing here?"John asked nervously, bobbing in the cold water.
"Just..visiting."She looks around and notices him in a pool, in the fall, with all of his clothes on, How weird! Is this how he acts when he's home? I would have never thought!
"What are you doing in there?" She asks,
"Um...just...taking a dip!" She laughs,
"With your clothes on? I mean...without a bathing suit! Um, swimming trunks!" She was nervous also.
"Yeah! I saw it on... YouTube! He. He."John looks down.
"No you didn't" John swam to the ladder and climbed it shamefully,
"That's fine."
Once they got inside, they saw Virgil and Fontaine on the couch, Fontaine still crying.
"Mr. Craig left," Virgil commented.
"Okay."John answered.
"He took the necklace also."John was relieved.
"Awesome!" A commercial started on the TV,
"Happy Couple looking for children to adopt! Call the Happy Couples Network at 601-442-5212*!" A visually happy couple was on the Tv, they were smiling like they just won the lottery. Virgil looked at Fontaine,
"You are that child."Fontaine looked bewildered,

Thunderbird 1 - A jet
Thunderbird 5 - A satellite that is controlled by an AI.
F-A-B - Fully Acknowledged and Brief
Kylo Ren and Rey - Two enemies from The Last Jedi (Star Wars)
"Light Shine Bright"- A cool song written by Tobymac.
"Do you know what's wrong with this paragraph?" - The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
Toxy Waste - a company that transports toxic waste to plants which recycle it.
Terry and the "gang"- some idiots that own a wine and liquor store.
Black Panther - a Marvel superhero
T'challa and Thomas Craig - the Black Panther
*Do not call this number! This is random and I don't know it!

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