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Realization about the little good things we often overlook, yet are strangely important.
Today has been a good day.

Not because I got to add a new blazer to my already spilling closet
Or because I was hanging out with some of my closest friends

No, not really

Today was a really good day

Not because I went through my daily ritual of confirming that my mother is well and happy
Also not because I took myself out and ate some of my favourite food


Today turned out really great, I tell you

Not because I realized my health has been stable for the past few weeks
Not cause the I spent way less than I had budgeted for
Not because a total stranger smiled at me

So I say today has been a good day and not because of all of the above little victories and joys but because I finally got to realize the amount of power and control I have over my life and what goes on in it. I have been complaining a lot lately, confused and scared about what my future is going to be like. Where would I live and will I have enough money to send back to my mama? Will I make it?

Today. Today is when I realised, yes, I will make it. I believed in myself (which is something that rarely happens) and I will succeed. I felt lighter the second I chose to be positive, freer. And this is when I started to notice all the victories.

I am making it already.

We often get caught up in the stresses of what's going to be, forgetting who we are and what we're capable of doing and most importantly, overlooking our daily victories that are essential in succeeding in the long term. For these gives us the hope, the strength and the motivation to keep going, push on with our massive world changing goals...its the little victories. Celebrate that smile from a stranger, change to sunny weather and friendships that come through when you need them the most. Succeeding starts right now.

I got to reflect and discover this, and it truly has been a beautiful day today...
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