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This is just a test... Or maybe something more...
"Above. What is above? What is hiding above?" these are the words you hear. The very words that confuse you and begin a short journey into the unknown. Let me tell you a story. Let me tell you of a legend. About a man, even a mystery

In the depths lies a body.
Drowning in water. Screaming in agony as it awaits it's end. Dead yet alive.But it's screams are unheard by those on the surface. It's dreams are crushed. It's hopes diminished. What Is this thing? This corpse in the deep? For It writhes in pain because of its shackles.
Trapped at the depths of the sea by shackles of a force. Like the force of restrictions holding it at bay. Holding it trapped.

Look, a storm is on the surface. The raging of the sea, against the mere mortals who dare travel in such a place. Rains and hail, darkness and clouds, waves and wind... The storm is approaching swiftly and ready. But the corpse knows not of this or anything happening above. All it sees is its agony. And its desire to remove it and be free.

On the surface appears a boat. Even a great ship.
Filled with many passengers.
Among them a child, even a boy.
The boy has a name. Jeremy.
Jeremy is there with his parents.
His father and his mother.
Both dearly love their son.
Which is why fear has gripped their hearts.
Shock has stunned their minds. As they see the coming death and danger ahead.
"Our son may die! Our boy may be crushed! Has not death come at the door? "
The two rush to the captain with their child.
They seek to ask him. To inquire by his hand. What should be done? They need his help.
They go in haste. Run in hurry.
The people give them strange looks." Why do these people rush so strangely? For which reason? "
But they do not care.
They rush to their goal.
And the captain meets them. The commander of the ship meets them in the cabin. cabinets
"what is it that ye seek?"
"what shall we do with our boy?
The storm is coming.
What shall we do with our firstborn?
The sea is raging! We might die! Give us a boat to escape! For the ship will be slow in this storm"
The man is calm. The captain is steadfast.
"fear not! It shall be fine. It will come and go!I've seen no reason for your panic"
The parents are shocked so they say
"give us a safety boat. Let us escape!"
The man replied "Stay. It shall be fine."
The sea starts to wave. Its rage starts to consume the mortals on the ship.
The storm aids it in this goal.
They come together to strip them of their lives.
To consume their hopes and dreams. Like the consuming of the life if the dead.
Yet they are not fearful. As if there is nothing.

But the corpse does not see anything that's happening on the surface.

The ship big and strong, gets thrown around by the storm.
The parents of the boy decide to take their own initiative.
So they rush to the boats. Take one that is free.
Hoping to escape. They prepare it for use.
But the boy tells them
"stay here. Please. Let us not go. Let us not escape. It is better that we stay."
"what is up with this? Why are all so calm?"
"run ye people. Quickly! Run for your lives!
Boy. It seems fear has made you not think and utter nonsense! " The parents do not believe their son. They do not heed to the warning of his innocence. If only they knew...

They rush and use the boat. Drop on the sea.
To escape this terrible fate.
To escape this horror.
Their lives are dear to them.
They head towards the land. For the ship has not yet gotten far from it that much.
They Rush towards the light.
And suddenly it's calm.
The storm has gone. The winds have calmed.
Like the calm before ruin and desolation.

But the corpse is screaming in agony. Out of nowhere it's pain increaes.
It's pain has grown bigger.

The family reach the land.
The people give them strange looks.
"Why do these people act as if escaping? There's nothing wrong nothing worthy of escape.. "
They have saved their child.

Suddenly arrives a butterfly.
Leading the boy astray. As it follows it for fun.
While his parents weren't watching. The boy has gone ever far from them.
Once a minute has passed.
They notice.
But the boy is no more. Never to be heard of again.

The corpse screams even louder.
Yet it doesn't know what's happening on the surface. It only senses it's shackles release. It's burdens no more. Anger grips it. Lust fills its heart. Finally, freedom has been granted to this thing. It's size increases, it's gluttonous. It's consumes the waters and grows.
It sets it's eyes towards the heights.

Insanity... Madness... Illusion...

The corpse is rising to the heights.
Rushing towards above.
It's head peaks into the surface.
It is free from burdens. Free from restrictions.
It horrifies the people.
It terrifies the land.
It is a giant being.
A giant thing... Now free to roam.
It sets its eyes on the parents. Seeing the child is not among them.
Sees them from afar.
And crushes them with his hand.
The people fear.
They run and hide.
But there is no salvation.
There is no escape.
It kills whomever it finds.
It destroys all life it sees.
It smiles and rejoices.
"it is fine".
It goes and wonders " is this above? "" This is what is above? "

"wow. And what then Mister? What happened then?"
Says a boy.
"The words confused you didn't they. Above and what it is?
"yes. But tell me the rest of the story!"
"I forgot the rest. I can't remember it anymore. It was long ago... Supposed to symbolize something... Some say the corpse was a real person and all.... And that this is some legend of an actual event retold in metaphors and riddles. .. If only I remembered it whole...the end might have contained the lesson.. For I didn't memorize the whole legend."
"Ah... What a shame . I thought you could tell me. You're wearing a fancy shirt with no hands, have a very pale and scary face like your dead. Almost like a corpse.And yet you out of all people can't remember the end of a scary story? One would expect you to be full of that just by looking at you. What a shame. I'm going to the doc he told me you were weird anyway ..." and so the boy left the old man. Left to his own devices. The same was wearing a white shirt with his hands tied by the design of the shirt. Like the shirt of a lunatic. It seems he is insane... Poor man...

Or is he?

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