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by Norman
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Some writers are so able, and their words just flow with ease
Did you ever have the feeling that the world is closing in,
or you are in a whirlpool falling down?
Sometimes I think my senses are about to come apart,
like I’m sinking underwater and I’ll drown.

I know I must snap out of this dark state that I am in.
I’ll have to stop before I do some harm.
But then I feel so helpless and so weak inside of me.
I just can’t seem to find some peace, some calm.

Perhaps if I can break out of this prison where I hide,
then maybe I’d get back the life I had.
But when I look around me I’m not sure what I can do.
Is it just me, or has the world gone mad?

Yet maybe there’s a bit of hope somewhere in this black place
if I can shed these shackles from my mind.
Let light flow in and clear this dim-lit dungeon that I’ve made
and loosen up the manacles that bind.

I may have reached a turning point, a glimmer in the dark.
I may have found a way to ease my pain.
The sun is shining once again; my writer’s block is gone.
Just when I thought I might go quite insane.

Some writers are so able and their words just flow with ease.
I’ve never had that talent, that command.
I struggle to compose my simple poetry and rhymes,
like juggling three odd objects with one hand.

I think the worst is past and I am with it once again.
The words are flowing swiftly to the page.
I’ll ride this wave of open and free thought that I have now
‘til I’m locked again securely in my cage.

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