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To keep a lid on the UFO issue the Government is fostering two levels of reality.
In this blog I describe two "Layers of Reality" playing out in the world around us.

The first is the reality we are allowed to see and the second one that exists, simmering below the surface, that nobody but those with the "secret handshake" are allowed to see.... I know this sounds paranoid and full of conspiracy drama, however, the world we see on TV and read in the media is a superficial layer everyone is being propagandized to accept. It is being carefully controlled and orchestrated by those who pull the strings... who behind the scenes manipulate the thinking of everyday people and shape the perception of the truth.

After Roswell the government came into possession of downed ET vehicles and ET bodies that made it clear that there were aliens from somewhere beyond our solar system, cruising around and taking an interest in what we were doing. WW 2 had just ended and the United States exploded a number of nuclear weapons. This attracted a level of extraterrestrial interest in what the human race was up to. Shortly afterwards irrefutable evidence arrived in the form of downed space craft and alien bodies.

That was seventy years ago.... and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. For one thing President Truman established a council called Majestic 12, chartered to look into the UFO phenomena. The secrecy surrounding this effort dwarfed the Manhattan Project and has continued to this day. Given what we know, it's clear that many of the technological developments that have exploded onto modern times had their genesis when the MJ 12 group began seeding pieces of the recovered alien craft to the Military Industrial Complex in order to determine how these craft worked.

It's one thing build technology from scratch and quite another to back engineer it. While the downed extraterrestrial space craft were radically different from the aeronautics we had at the end of WW2, we got to the bottom, in short order, regarding how the ET craft operated. Within ten years we had built operating prototypes based upon what was acquired at Roswell and additional saucers that fell into our hands. Some were shot down, some were discovered buried in the archeology of past civilizations, and some were provided by the off-world visitors in negotiations with our government.

It's very easy to become indignant over all the lies and coverups that have taken place since the end of WW2, however, it could well be MJ 12 was provided, by our ET visitors, with a prognosis of a planetary future, filled with doom, gloom and perhaps a chilling ultimation... "...mend your ways or else." It could be some of the warnings were taken to heart... as we have not had a nuclear war fighting scenario since the bombing of Japan. Exactly what form these revelations took is hard to say but they must have been convincing.

During the 1960s we were already well advanced and it appears we had a base on the Moon and were actively involved in the colonization of Mars. This was achieved with help from the ETs. Concurrently we were developing ET Reproduction vehicles and flying about in some of their retrofitted "Hand me Downs" adapted to human use. The idea was to figure out how to operate bases, develop methodologies for establishing colonies, both inside and outside the solar system, and defend ourselves if attacked by hostile invaders.

The need for all the secrecy is understandable but had some unintended consequences. Cover-up techniques were developed, refined and used to keep the general population in the dark. However, with the passage of time, many came to realize that two realities were being orchestrated at the same time. As a result, public trust in our institutions has been slowly eroded and compromised to the point that many doubt much of what they hear on traditional media, instead being convinced that a slight of hand is taking place and jaded into a perception that the media are pervaders of "Fake News."

That is an apt characterization. While the media continues to serve a role in describing benign events, considered newsworthy, they have become so coopted by the Deep State, that many are beginning to question who really owns these institutions and who is it, behind the scenes, really pulling the strings. Worse, capabilities within legitimate government, established to keep us safe, have been shamefully and corruptly used. The intelligence community and National Security Apparatus has been enlisted in a coverup and used to thwart the political processes by which our "Official" government operates.

Democracies have difficulty keeping secrets and after the Soviets stole the A-Bomb... perhaps a better way had to be found... Unfortunately it's becoming self evident that the solution, put in place by the Rockefeller Commission, has had unintended consequences, is spiraling out of control and rapidly becoming worse than the problem.

When President Trump announced the creation of the Space Force, it was because the whole sordid enterprise had become so large, it was not longer possible contain. Instead of disclosure and admitting the whole thing was already up and running and had been for some time... it was made to appear that this Space Force was a new initiative still in its formative stage.

Further, what was so bad about the 2016 Election was that the party in power used infrastructure and assets of National Security to tip the scale in their favor. Think about it! What started with an executive order to stand up a secret council to investigate the ET presence has morphed into a military Industrial shadow government that is setting global policy, orchestrating our negotiations with Extraterrestrials and actively involved in activities to undermine the Constitution.
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