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“When one loves somebody, everything is clear—where to go, what to do—it all takes care of itself and one doesn’t have to ask anyone about anything.”

If only it were that simple and easy. Maybe it is for most people, but not me. I’ve come to realize that love is more of a choice rather than a feeling. Because ultimately, I decided who to be with. I had the power to choose differently. My first instinct was Ryan. He saved me. I saved him. We’re meant to be together. End of story.

Or is it?

The first couple of pages from my mother’s journal are filled with some of her favorite quotes. I can’t help but read each one about a dozen times and write a few of them in my own journal. She has several about love and relationships. It’s feeding my soul, which has been longing for words of wisdom and insight, especially from my mother.

I made it through another Christmas without my parents, but I’m really missing them both this holiday. Their infectious laughter and pride-filled speeches about us kids will be missed at Kelly’s party tonight.

I’m almost ready to join everyone in my ivory-laced dress. It’s shorter than I prefer, but the long sleeves and A-line design make it feel flattering and comfortable. I pin my hair half up and then exit my room.

The clanking of drinks and chattering voices are growing louder as I carefully maneuver down each step in a pair of my moms heals. My hand slides down the end of the mahogany banister into the entry way, and I take in the fresh vanilla scent from the candle burning on the console table.

A loud ding from a cell phone grabs my attention, and I slowly poke my head into the living room. I’m surprised to see Ryan leaning against the edge of the sofa. My heart swoons at his handsome attire. I quietly gaze at him in his black button-up shirt and white tie. Even though his brows are drawn together as he peers down at his phone, it adds an extra sexiness to his appearance.

“What are you doing in here all by yourself,” I ask.

His face perks up from his cell, along with his slouched posture.

“Wow...Look at you,” he says, striding towards me, brightening his blue eyes. “You’re breathtaking.”

“Thanks, I wasn’t sure I could pull off the lace.” I smile and twirl. “It’s not to short?”

“It’s perfect.”

He takes my hand and clasps it to his, then quickly gives me a dusting of kisses to my temple and ear.

“Why are you all alone instead of enjoying the party?” I ask.

“Well, I don’t really have a quick answer for that.“ He says, leading me to the couch. His serious demeanor is causing a nervous twitch in my leg.

After we sit, Ryan shows me the screen of his phone. It’s a thread of messages between him and Christian. I'm surprised to see some of them are screen shots of memes. I didn’t realize they’re friendship was this warm and relaxed.

He begins with a heavy sigh, sweeping his hand through his dark waves. “After everything, he still wants to be friends.”

“Really?” I say, resting my hand on his leg, noticing how tense he feels. “That’s a good thing, though, right?”

“It’s unexpected and undeserving. But it just shows what a really great guy he is.”

My heart aches to hear his honest words, along with the turmoil and disappointment I hear in his voice.

“I know you’re feeling guilty. I’m struggling with it too. But it doesn’t change my feelings. I still want you.”

Ryan draws me into his chest and kisses my forehead. “I want you too. More than anything. But I also want you to know that I'm sorry for acting impulsively. It was never my intention to hurt anyone.”

I rest my head on his shoulder. “I know.”

His lips are soft and tender as they rest on my temple. I love the sweet gesture, but it doesn’t reassure my ambiguous thoughts. I fear our relationship isn't starting off In the best possible way.

I depart the living room a little unsettled. Ryan still needs to gather his thoughts, and I’m hoping he escapes this self-pity party of his. I want us to rejoice in our tiny triumphs. Like how we both finally expressed the way we feel— and dealt with the obstacles of him leaving soon. But he’s not in the mood to celebrate. His guilty conscience is like an invisible wall that I can’t see over. It’s disheartening.

Upbeat music draws me into the family room. I hear a familiar voice and quickly pan the makeshift stage in the corner. My face comes to a jaw dropping halt. Natalie stands provocatively, her hand slightly lifting the side of her black skirt as her other hand confidently holds a microphone. Ben is stage left, playing guitar, pleasantly staring her way.

My eyes begin to pierce while she suddenly makes eye contact. She slowly smiles her plump, red lips, as if her intention is to culminate a reaction out of me.

Ryan only went out with Natalie a few times and thankfully, ended things. But she kept calling and clearly wanted more than just a friendship. Now she decides to go after my brother? Heck no. Not happening. I don’t trust her for a second.

I look away from the stage and glance around the room. There’s about thirty bodies, all enjoying themselves. Some are admiring our enormous Christmas tree Kelly insisted we leave up. Others are relaxed on the sofa, picking at their plates and chatting away. But most are entranced by Ben and Natalie's rendition of some popular 90's song. I think it's by the band U2.

Ryan has finally entered the party and is talking with Kelly. He catches my gaze, and I purposefully point at the stage with both hands. I'm given a confused gesture followed by a sympathetic expression. He knows I’m upset, but clearly has no clue what Bratty Natty is doing here. I wonder how he feels about seeing her again. Why is she of all people, in my house singing with my brother? Thoughts steam through my mind. I’m about two seconds from throwing a tray of jalapeño poppers at her.

I mingle with a few people to distract my negative thoughts. It helps some, but what I really need is a more meaningful conversation, rather than surface pleasantries.

I admire Kelly’s sparkly dress from afar and join her in the kitchen to help straighten the display of treats. Many trays of appetizers fill the counter tops, from fancy looking quiche to sliders and everything in between.

“What’s up with Ryan?“ she asks, popping an olive in her mouth. “He seems discouraged .”

“I guess you could say the high we’ve been experiencing is starting to decline a little.

“Why do you say that?”

I lean over the counter, prop one elbow, and rest my cheek in my hand. “He’s overwhelmed with guilt.”

“Ah, I was wondering when that would hit him. He made some pretty rash decisions. It makes sense that we are finally seeing his muse weigh him down. Actions always have consequences.”

“But you always thought we'd end up together?" I bring up, while eyeing a chocolate covered strawberry.

“Of course.” She rubs my back side to side. “I love you both very much. Nothing makes me happier than to see you together. I just wish it had happened sooner or under better circumstances.”

“Yeah, me too. We hurt Christian deeply and I don’t know how we’re going to move past it.”

“Time will heal, but it’s not going to be easy. Ryan is very forgiving but not so good at forgiving himself.”

My sigh is long and loud; it wouldn’t surprise me if it was heard from across the house, over the roaring fireplace and beyond the neighbors barking dog.

Suddenly, my arm is squeezed by a strong, friendly hand. “Are you enjoying the party?” Jason asks, releasing his brotherly grasp and presenting me with a pearly, white smile.

My eyes quickly dart to his gelled head of brown hair, to his stylish ivory attire, then down to his white shoes. The fact that we are twinning has me feeling proud to be related to such a handsome guy. His wide grin is definitely the star of his ensemble. It warms my heart to see him so happy. Even though I’m not having the best time, I don’t want to bombard him with my teen angst. He’s content, and I want it to stay that way.

I wrap my arm around his waist and squeeze him for a short minute. “It’s been eventful,” I say, honestly. “We need to get a picture of us later, OK?”

“Yeah, of course.” He beams. “You look very pretty by the way. Where’s Christian? Is he here yet?”

Heat begins to rise up my neck. It’s official. I’m a terrible sister. Then again, I haven’t seen much of Jason this week. That’s my lame excuse for not telling him.

“I guess I forgot to tell you.” I reach for one of the flutes to the side of him, stalling as I pour some cider. “We actually broke up,” I say, soft and low.

“What?” He asks, almost choking on a jalapeño popper.

“Yeah, we broke up about a week ago. I meant to mention it. I’m fine though.”

“Why?” Is all my brother can manage to say before for swigging down some much needed water.

Absentmindedly, my eyes fixate on the counter top. Staring at all the finger foods is making my stomach queasy, along with having to muster a proper answer for Jason. I don’t know how to reply without mentioning Ryan and I. He’s not ready to hear we’re together. That his sister is in a romantic relationship with his best friend.

Still, I don’t know what to say. If not for Ryan and our unexpected encounter at the gym of all places, Christian and I would still be together. Or so I imagine.

“It’s complicated,” I reply.

Kelly joins Jason at the hip. Her arm wraps around his waist and he welcomes her short, dazzling stature. She sinks into him like a glove. A glove with glitter and beads.

“I don’t understand.” My brother frowns, confusion dripping from his voice. “You seemed crazy about him.”

”I was,” I answer sharply. A heavy sigh quickly follows. “It’s hard to explain. Things were moving fast and I needed a break.”

My answer is partially true. Christian and I were moving somewhat fast. We would've had sex if it weren't for me freaking out on him. For reasons unknown, I couldn’t freely give my self away. Or just as important, be completely vulnerable to him. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. But I never wanted a break. I just needed more time to feel comfortable and certain.

“Wow,” he says, with admiration. “I’m proud of you. That’s a very mature thing to do.”

I glance at Kelly and notice we share a disappointed expression. I feel awful. I’m not mature. I’m the opposite. But Kelly quickly tries to lift my spirits, as she typically does.

“Ally is learning a lot about herself every day,” Kelly explains kindly. “Being an adult is hard and we can only learn from our experiences. Take everything in stride.”

“Thanks, Kel.” I manage a small smile.

“Well, I’m sorry things didn’t work out,” Jason says.”

I set my drink down and whisper, ruefully, “Me too.”

I’m relieved that Jason is not upset about Christian. I want us to stay in a good place, so when I tell him about Ryan and I, he won’t already have a bitter taste in his mouth.

A couple of Kelly and Jason’s friends join us in the kitchen. They’re both stunning in black and are appearing eager to visit. The girl with the pointy chin quickly jumps into conversation. The other girl, more rounded at the middle, looks me up and down, then smiles as if she’s pleased with my appearance.

“Nice dress,” she says, kind and sweet.

“Thanks.” I smile. “Excuse me,” I whisper, retreating purposely from the lively conversation. I need a quiet break from all the music, commotion, and small talk.

I retrieve my phone from the office where I set it down earlier and check for messages. Nothing. I lean against the desk, my ankles crossed and stretched out in front of me.

Sam and Ayden we’re both invited to the party, but they haven’t shown and there is no text explaining why they’re late. I’m bummed. I need to talk to my best friend. Tell her I overreacted on the phone. Explain that love is messy. That it brings out the best and the worst of me. And maybe it’s not supposed to be complicated, but in my case it is. I’m clearly sensitive on the subject and that’s why I need to apologize to Sam. In person.

Before I even see Ryan walk into the office, I can smell him. His scent is earthy and fresh, and reminds me of the ocean air on a cool night. The familiar scent makes me feel all warm inside.

His presence excites me, but also calms my anxiety— because only he has the power to float all my worries away.

“Hey, you doing, OK?” Ryan asks, shutting the door behind him. His pace is quick to me.

“I’m fine,” I mumble, as he takes my hands and lifts me gently to standing. I’m pulled into his chest for a much needed embrace, and I immediately sigh. I needed this— his arms tightly wrapped around me, making me feel reassured. Our conversation before left me with reservations. But his strong hold on me is diminishing those negative feelings and warm feelings inside me start to grow. I feel confidently loved and protected.

“I’m sorry if Natalie upset you,” he says in a wary tone. “I was just as surprised as you to see her.”

“It’s not your fault, but please talk to Ben,” I prompt. “ He seems infatuated with her and I know he won’t listen to me.”

“Sweetie, she’s not a bad person,” he begins tentatively, “just needier than most.

“Seriously?” I scowl, annoyance and confusion illuminating my face.“She’s manipulative and sneaky,” I continue, “and I don’t want her anywhere near my sweet, naive brother.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll talk to him.”

Ryan leans over and cups my face, kissing my forehead as if to seal his promise. I know when I’m being placated. He genuinely doesn’t seem worried about Ben and it bothers me, but I let it go for now.

“I finally told Jason that Christian and I parted ways.”

He cocks a brow. “How did he take it?”

“Surprisingly well, I think.”

Ryan sits on the edge of the black desk next to me, releasing a heavy breath. “I really screwed up,” he confesses.

A tightness forms in my chest. “Don’t say that,” I beg.

“It’s true, though...” he trails off. He takes my hand and presses his lips to the inside of my wrist. My heart flutters and aches at the same time. “Why couldn’t I just tell you how much I loved you before things got serious with you and Christian?”

It takes me a moment to realize how significant his words are. Our first week together was special, but this is the first time he’s mentioned he loves me. I can’t count how many times we have said I love you before, but never as a couple. It’s exhilarating to hear it aloud and in a new light.

“I don’t know why you waited. I wish you hadn’t. But it doesn’t matter. I know how you feel now. And you’re not going to lose me like you lost your parents, my parents or Emily.”

I stand up and face his anguished face. His eyes are starting to water and it’s almost too much for me to bare. Resting my hands on his shoulders, I say, “I love you. I always have. Always will. You are everything to me.”

I want to shake him. Make sure my words really sink in, but instead, I lean forward and kiss his lips, soft and sweet.

“I love you so much it hurts,” he says, before covering my mouth with his.

His words echo in my mind, revealing a sense of familiarity. Last summer and the start of the school year was difficult for me. It pained me to be close to Ryan, yet unable to be with him. The thought of losing him now— it scares me more than ever before— just like I know it scares him.

Our kisses heat up quickly and it’s not the only heat source in the room. My body is on fire from the intense feeling spreading through me like a fast acting virus. I’m feverish and excited. I let my hands fall into his wavy dark hair, while I indulge my tongue in his mouth. I love the way he tastes. Hints of peppermint and chocolate permeate from his kisses.

He moans softly. “We should stop,” he mutters between kisses.

“Yeah, OK,” I mumble, pushing my body closer to him till we both fall back on the desk, covering a few pads of paper. I pull the notebooks out from under him and toss them to the ground. He laughs.

“Sorry.” I giggle, embarrassed by my advances.

I watch his eyes light up. “I’m not complaining.”

I’m pulled in for another fervent kiss. It’s obvious he’s not ready to stop our hot, precarious encounter, either. His tongue continuously teases me, quickening my breaths. I notice his breathing is unsteady and fast as well.

As I lie on top of him— not completely relaxed— so I don’t crush him, I remember I’m wearing a very short dress, and wonder if my butt is showing. It’s not long till one of Ryan’s hands answers my question for me. He pulls down my dress to cover my exposed cheek like a proper gentleman.

“You didn’t have to do that?” I say, a little disappointed.

“Yes, I did. Anyone could walk in. Which is why we should get up now.”

I frown, but then I’m reminded of another one of my mother’s quotes from her journal: “A virtuous woman attracts a man of value.”

“Fine.” I carefully lift myself off of him. Once my feet are on solid ground, Ryan sits on the edge of the desk and places his hands around my waist.

“How bout one more kiss?” He suggests, surprising me.

Our lips meet half way and press together slowly as to savor the moment. I utilize the time we have left and really let go, allowing my body to completely relax to his. He moans deeply and responds with a slow rising grip on my bottom. A warm tingle shoots through my entire core.

Unexpectedly, the heated sensation quickly turns cold. A draft hits the back of my legs when one of the french doors suddenly swings open, sending a huge shiver down my spine.

“What the hell?” Jason exclaims.

I spring off Ryan faster than a fake snake from a can. He quickly leaps up too, pale as a ghost.

“I can explain,” Ryan says, calmly, taking brave a step towards my brother.

Big mistake. Jason lunges forward with a rage in his brown, narrowed eyes. He shoves Ryan in the chest, catching him off guard. I gasp as he loses his balance and stumbles into the sharp corner of the filing cabinet. His shoulder catches the grunt of the fall, and I hear him groan from the impact.

“Don’t even speak to me, right now!” Jason shouts, his voice thick with anger and heartbreak. His bulging veins are scaring me. It’s obvious he feels betrayed, but that doesn’t justify his behavior. I’m about to vomit from the trepidation.

“Jason, please, calm down.” I beg.

Ryan stands slowly, doing his best to tread gently with his actions. “I’m sorry you had to find out like this,” he says.

My fuming brother ignores Ryan and addresses me instead,” Is this why you broke up with Christian? To be with him?” He points.

The knot in my stomach grows to the size of a large watermelon, crushing my insides. I feel so sick.

“Christian and I had an argument,” I explain, frantically. “He asked for a break. I didn’t want one, but he didn’t give me a choice.” My voice starts to quiver. “Ryan and I... we just happened. Please don’t be upset about this.”

I finally confess the truth, but I don’t feel relieved or justified. The look of disgust on my brother’s face says even he knows what we did was wrong— without even knowing all the details.

Ryan attempts to pacify him with words, divulging unnecessary information. “Don’t be angry with Ally. It’s my fault. I kissed her and...“

Unfortunately, Ryan doesn’t even get a chance to finish his sentence. Jason’s fist flies in the air, striking him hard in the nose. Blood shoots out, landing on my brothers white suit and the beige carpet.

“Oh my God!" I cry out. “What’s wrong with you?”

"He had his hands all over you!” Jason yells. “Dammit, Ally, your practically his sister.”

“You’re so wrong!” I yell, furious with my brothers perception.

For once, I’m wishing Jason wasn’t so oblivious to our connection. He doesn’t understand our love for one another, and I don’t know where to start.

Thankfully, Kelly arrives in haste, on a mission to seek out answers, and hopefully to stop the madness.

“What’s all the yelling about?” She asks. “We have guests...” Her words clip off when she notices the red stains. “What happened? Why are you covered in blood?”

“Not now Kel,” Jason says.

“Ryan, your nose!” She says, racing to his side, examining him further. “Oh, no, and your shoulder!”

I move closer to him and gasp. I see that his left shoulder is bleeding and it looks deep. This night has turned into a complete disaster. I don’t think it could get much worse.

“Jason, did you do this?” Kelly asks, frantic and bemused.

“You didn’t see what I walked in on,” he says, swiping his forehead.

“I don’t care what they were doing! That is no excuse for hurting your best friend!” Kelly shakes her head, tears already forming as she glares at my brother. “You listen to me,” she demands. “You’re going to call the hospital right now and tell them your best friend is on his way to the Emergency room to get stitches.

He stares at her blankly.

“GO!” She yells.

The only person that can stand up to my brother and get away with it is Kelly. He knows he screwed up big time, and calling the hospital is only the start at making things right with her.

After Jason leaves the room, Kelly starts to apologize, “I’m so sorry. You both deserve better. I’m so embarrassed.

“Don’t be, Kel,” Ryan says, stroking her arm. “This isn’t your fault or your problem to worry about. I’ll fix this. I promise.”

“You shouldn’t have to do anything.” I point out, still shaken from all the mayhem.

Ryan shakes his head. “We both knew better and should have been upfront with him from the start. We could have avoided this.”

“It doesn’t matter, now. I’m never forgiving him for this.”

“I don’t blame you,” Kelly states, sorrowful. “I’m just as pissed...Can you drive Ryan to the E.R? I have a house full of guests to deal with.”

“Yeah, of course.”


Apparently, New Years is the worst day to end up at the E.R. but options are limited when you need medical care on a holiday. I’m so focused on getting Ryan seen that the way I go about it isn’t very productive.

The bleached blond girl behind the check-in desk is not impressed, either.

“Just because your brother called ahead doesn’t mean your boyfriend gets seen right away. Everyone is triaged and seen according to their medical needs.”

“I understand that, but my brother and sister n’ law both work at this hospital. Are you telling me they have no special benefits?”

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you,” she says with emphasis. “Now please go have a seat. I have a line of people waiting to check in.”

I sigh inwardly and make my way back to Ryan, who is sitting hunched over in the corner with an ice pack to his face. His shoulder stopped bleeding, but it still needs to be sewed up. The room is packed with patients waiting to be seen, along with several employees running around like they’ve had five energy drinks. It’s a circus. A loud, chaotic freak show of a circus.

“Can I get you anything?” I ask, massaging his good shoulder. “A water bottle or coffee?”

“No, I’m fine.” He shrugs.

“Something to eat? A blanket?

He shakes his head again.

“A police officer so you can press charges?”

“What?” He asks, peering up this time. “I would never do that to your brother.”

“Maybe you should.”

Two patients are suddenly rolled in on gurneys by two paramedics. One of them shout outs the injuries to the emerging hospital staff as they walk past us. It doesn’t sound promising for either of them, but the male sounds more critical out of the two.

Ryan waits for the commotion to die down before he speaks. “I know it’s hard to have compassion right now, but we have to try. Your brother has a good heart. And good hearts sometimes make poor decisions.”

I stare at the gorgeous man I’m in love with and think, he must have hit his head when he fell. Because how can he not be raging mad at my brothers actions? Ryan can’t actually be calm and reasonable right now. Of course we should judge him. He flipping lost his mind and his cool!

I don’t have the heart to argue. I kiss his cheek and smile. “You have a big heart, and I Iove you for it.“

“So do you.”

I stare at his poor face and realize it's been through a lot the last week in a half. First Christian punches him and now Jason. He can’t seem to catch a break.

Speaking of Christian. He’s here. In the flesh. Talking to the hospital staff. His badge is visible, hanging around his neck and so is his gun, strapped to his side. What would bring him here?

I’m not gonna lie— seeing him makes my heart swoon a little. It’s hard not to be attracted to him, especially after getting to know him these past three months. In fact, he’s more wonderful than I ever thought possible. But more than that, he’s a guy my family admires, even Ryan.

Despite how perfect Christian is, my heart still decided to choose differently. It picked a guy just as kind and loving. He’s the person I go to when I’m hurting so he can soothe my pain. And when I’m happy, he’s the person I share my joy with. Ryan’s my continual source of hope. My light in the darkness. My guide and my comforter.

Seeing Christian and knowing how much I hurt him creates a sense of panic in me. I have no idea what to say to him if he comes over. I want to tell him he deserves happiness and a healthy relationship— which is more than I could give him.

Eventually, Christian scans the room and spots us. He heads our way, looking just as surprised as we are to see him.

“Hey, what are you both doing here? He asks, folding his well sculpted arms.

“Oh, that would be Jason,” I say, pointing at Ryan’s bruised face and sliced shoulder.

“Oh, wow. What happened?”

“He walked in on us kissing,” Ryan says, nursing his nose again.

“Must have been some kiss,” Christian suggests, raising a brow.

Ryan’s laugh is dry. “Let’s just say we gave him the wrong impression and he didn’t take it too well.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

A part of me wishes Christian didn’t have to hear about us kissing, but then I think, maybe it will help him move on. Either way, he’s being awfully kind about the whole thing, and I wish I knew why.

“So what are you doing here?” I ask, curious.

“Oh, I heard a call on my radio and wanted to check up on something,” he explains vaguely.

“A call?” I persist.

“Yeah... there was an accident near our neighborhood. I came to find out some things. I’ll let you know if I find out more info.

I nod my head, still confused by his need to follow up on an accident.

“You be careful tonight,” I insist, hoping my concern doesn’t rub Ryan the wrong way.

“I will. Hope you feel better, man,” he says, walking away.

I get a strong need to follow him. To find out what he’s up to. A few seconds after he leaves, I excuse myself to the restroom. I wander around the busy hospital and take in the overpowering smell of bleach. The floors are sparkling white, the walls a pale blue. It’s very clean for as much traffic as it receives.

I’m about to give up looking when I over hear a conversation from down the hall that grabs my attention. It’s between Christian and a very petite nurse who seems upset with him.

“Like I said before, I can’t release any information right now. You’re not family.”

The dark-haired nurse lifts her hair into a bun and storms off. Before I can dart down the hall and out of sight, Christian notices me and quickly paces over.

“You lost?” He asks, sliding the sleeves of his black shirt to his elbows.

“No,” I answer, honestly.

The nurse from before comes racing down the hall in a panic. We watch her swoop into a room and then race back carrying medical supplies in her hands. I can’t imagine having her job. Kelly does this almost everyday as an E.R nurse. It’s impressive, really.

“Tell me why you’re so interested in the accident you heard on the radio,” I insist.

“Sure, but can we talk about that dress for a moment,” he says, presenting me with a lopsided grin. “I mean... I know I shouldn’t go there, but damn... you look hot. Beautiful and hot,” he quickly clarifies.

The heat rising to my face reaches my cheeks. I’m speechless and clueless on how to respond. Is he being sincere or is he just trying to change the subject?

“Thanks. It’s not something I normally wear.” My hand pulls down on my dress, not realizing it had bunched up from walking. “To be honest, it’s not very comfortable, either and my feet are killing me in these heels.”

“Well, I’m just glad I got to see you in it.” He grins. “Made my night.”

Between his words and carefree smile, I can’t help but feel flattered. He needs to stop being so sweet and charming. I can’t concentrate.

A tall man in blue scrubs emerges from behind and quickly address us, “I’m sorry, but you can’t wait in this hallway.”

“I’m a cop,” Christian explains, showing the guy his badge. "I’m waiting for something."

“You can stay, but she needs to leave,” he says, urgent and solemn.

“Looks like we gotta say goodnight,” he says, pretending to be sad about my departure.

“I’ll see you later, Christian. Keep me posted.”

As I walk down the drafty hall, back to the waiting area, a thought hits my brain like a spark from an outlet. Christian clearly wants more information on the accident, and I have an idea that can help.

It’s the least I can do.

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