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The shadow deep state entity that is controlling our interactions with Extraterrestrials
Dr. Stephen Greer heads the Disclosure Project. He has assembled a large number of "Whistle Blowers" and reams of documentation on UFOs. if you search UFOs. Disclosure, Dr. Stephen Greer, Utube, you'll see and hear some pretty convincing evidence that extraterrestrials are real. There are also videos on the subject put out there by numbskulls and spooks. The ladder are the intelligence agencies charged with keeping the lid on the most super secret and sensitive story in the history of mankind. Anybody who is seen as a threat to this secrecy is threatened, ridiculed, attacked and made to appear foolish in the flurry of disinformation and countermeasures that are taken to stifle and marginalize those who threaten to upset the applecart. It used to be that people were killed to keep the Alien question under wraps but in more recent times such extreme measures have given way to other means.

Nobody wants to be made a fool of, ridiculed by others, and lose their reputations, all of which are tactics employed against those who threaten to disclose the dark secrets the intelligence agencies are charged to maintain. They have gotten very good at it, so good that anybody who reports a UFO is considered someone in need of psychiatric care. Pilots are particularly loath to report sightings for fear they will lose their licenses. Scientists are frightened that they will lose their grants or have their careers adversely impacted. So anybody these days with credibility and a reputation to maintain are easily manipulated into playing the game. It's a game that started out relatively small and unsophisticated and grew into a security nightmare. Can you imagine working in a job and perpetuating a lie that involves destroying decent men and women to the end of maintaining a cover to an illegitimate program that affects all aspects of life on this planet? Dear GOD! how do those involved in these nefarious activities sleep at night? When they turn the TV on and see the tools of National Intelligence, created for their work, being used by political hacks to undermine the American way of life, how must they feel?

Little wonder then, that Dr. Greer has such a host of insiders at his beck and call ready to testify to anyone who will listen as to what is really going on. The sad truth is that Americans have become so brainwashed they are beyond redemption and actually enjoy joking about and deriding the presence of those "... little green men." Extraterrestrials are not stereotypical and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are generally referred to as Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs). The most common variety are the "Grays" who are roughly four feet in hight, grey in appearance and have a morphology that is somewhat human.

The presence of these alien life forms is no laughing matter and disclosure is necessary to break the gridlock and clear the air of what has been happening the past seventy-five years. Unwittingly to most, a dialog has been set in place, policies established and operations undertaken without governmental oversight. It is a runaway freight train that keeps adding motive power and cars and accelerating towards another galaxy at the speed of light. Those pulling the strings are not legitimate and there is no way to assess the consequences of what they've been up to. I suspect it is already too late to slow the beast down and for that reason seriously doubt there will be any disclosure until our puppet masters, who are in way over their heads, screw matters up beyond remediation and get us all killed.
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