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This is a shorter chapter but totally full of fluff and a little drama! =D enjoy
Chapter 4

The following Wednesday Kallee had fallen asleep to laughlan’s voice as she had done for the past week. It was just past 3 am when sat bolt upright tears streaming down her face. It took her a moment to wake up enough to realize what was going on. She tried to calm herself down taking deep breaths only it wasn’t working she just kept crying great big sobs. Reaching for her phone she picked it up without truly thinking. Kallee listened to the phone ringing the sobs still coming hard.

The special ringtone that Laughlan had set up for Kallee in his phone woke him. He had given her that ringtone especially so it would wake him if she needed him. Quickly sitting up so he was fully awake he answered the phone.

“Kallee what wrong?” He was greeted by the sounds of crying. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that she had had a nightmare. “Mo Chridhe, I’m here, it's okay it is going to be okay!” Kallee tried to stop the sobs once more. They kept coming no matter what she tired. “Alright, Give me 5 minutes I will be right there,” Laughlan answered her unasked question reading her mind again. He knew that she needed more comfort than he could give her over the phone. Keeping her on the phone, he tried his best to comfort her while he threw on a shirt to go with his pajama pants. Laughlan kept comforting her as he drove to her apartment, He took long quick steps practically running for his car to her door.

“Kall, I am here please come let me in.” it wasn’t until he heard the sobs on the other side of the door that he finally hung up. As soon as the door opened Kallee reached out needing him to hold her. Laughlan pulled her into him, hugging her tightly. His strong arms offered her a sense of security she was unable to find before. Her tears slowly started to dwindle from sobs to small sniffles.

Laughlan decided his tired body wanted to sit down without even a pause he swept her up into his arms carrying her to the couch! Just like in the library they snuggled together on the couch. Kallee was on his lap, her cheek pressed up against his chest. Her arms were still around his neck from when he had carried her over to the couch. Her knees were bent so that they laid down against his.

Laughlan had put his arms around her so she was completely encircled by him. “I am here for you Mo Chridhe. Everything is okay now, just focus on me instead.” letting one of his hands rub soft circles on her back. It didn’t take long once he was holding her for the tears to stop. She knew then that she wasn’t at risk of falling for him, She had already fallen hard. The sound of tender humming drifted to her ears and she felt it in his chest. It was soothing, peaceful, and safe in his arms. The lateness of the hour and emotions of the nightmare had her worn out. Between the feeling of the humming in his chest and his arms around her, she found her eyes getting heavy.

Laughlan felt her breathing change, it was identical to the way she fell asleep while on the phone with him. Only this time he could actually feel her body relax, her head lulling back against his arm. Time stood still for him as he took in the moment. The way the moonlight fell on her face, the small smile now on her lips. He had stopped humming when her breathing slowed. A debate was going on inside him. He knew he should take her and put her in her bed, leaving her to sleep. The other side that was winning was the one that told him to just keep holding her.

Eventually, he began to get sleepy as well. It was too late for him to leave now it wouldn’t be safe for him to drive. That debate in his mind started again. This time it was over just curling up with her here on the couch, or putting her in her bed and coming back to sleep on the couch alone. He decided he didn’t have the energy to move her now. Laughlan wrapped her tighter laying down on the couch so she was between him and the couch. “Goodnight Mo Chridhe, sweet dreams.” He whispered to her “oh and, I love you” It sounded so nice to say the words out loud, even if she couldn’t hear him. He was trying not to enjoy having her snuggled so close as he started to drift off himself.

Laughlan’s phone alarm was going off, he groaned opening his eyes to locate it so he could shut it up. Then his mind registered that he wasn’t at his place and that he wasn’t alone. An instant later his mind fully woke up playing back the events of earlier this morning. Without disrupting the girl that had become entangled with him during the few hours of sleep they had gotten, he found his phone and stopped the alarm.

Laughlan moved ever so slightly so he could look at her. He liked the way she felt against him at the same time his mind was freaking out! Beating himself up for not leaving after she fell asleep last night. She was going to hate him. How could he claim to be a gentleman now?

Kallee stirred from her peaceful sleep not wanting to open her eyes. It was always a slow process for Kallee waking up in the mornings. When her mind finally started to work she realized that she wasn’t in her bed. Surprised at that fact she opened up her eyes finding her gaze met by the breathtaking emerald eyes that made her heart flip.

“Laughlan, What happened? The last thing I remember was you humming while I was drifting off last night.” Not that she was trying to complain or anything. Truthfully Kallee never wanted to move again, she’d just stay here wrapped in the powerful arms of Mr. Dreamboat.

“Well last night just after 3 am you called me, you didn’t say anything you just sobbed. I knew that you had probably had a really bad nightmare. So I came over to help you calm back down. During which you fell asleep and I was so tired myself that I couldn’t have moved you at that point. I figured my only option was to just fall asleep with you hear in my arms, Which is what I did.”

“I’m so sorry I woke you up! You really didn’t need to come over here I would have been fine eventually. I can’t believe I called you. Ugh, this is so embarrassing! I’m so sorry you had to spend the night on this small couch with me.” She was about to continue when Laughlan’s hand covered her mouth

“Stop right there. I don’t want to hear any more of that! I was glad you called me, Kallee you were a wreck. You couldn’t even speak and like before in the library I knew you need someone. Please don’t be upset or embarrassed! I really didn’t mind it meant I could spend more time with you. Getting to hold you made up for sleeping on the couch I promise.” He sat up bringing her up with him. Kallee adjusted herself so she was sitting next to him instead. Her head suddenly started to ache, it hurt to keep her eyes open. She didn’t want to let laughlan know she was in pain.

“What time is it?” she kept her eyes closed as she asked him trying to fight off the pounding in her head and eyes.

“It's 7:16, I need to get going so that I can go back to my place and get ready for school.” yet he didn’t stand up. He sat next to her for a moment just enjoying being near her. Finally, after a few moments, he stood up needing to get off to his own home. Leaning down he pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. “I will see you in class, Mo Chridhe,” he told her as he let himself out.

Kallee groaned as she walked to her room, her intention was to get ready for school. Reaching her room however, she found that the pounding in her head was just getting worse. Thinking maybe laying down for a little bit would fix it she fell into her bed. She was asleep before her head even hit the pillows.

Laughlan had waited for her to show up for music theory class. When she didn’t show up he thought maybe she was just running late. He tried texting her without any luck. When he hadn’t seen her by lunchtime he started to get a little concerned so he tried to call her. Again without any luck, he thought about ditching his next class to go check on her. That wasn’t a plan he could actually do however he needed to be in his choir class. Laughlan managed to finish his school day, he was so worried by the end of the day. He had continued to call and text Kallee who hadn’t replied.

Sitting in his car Laughlan was trying to decide if he should just so to her apartment. It wasn’t like her not to answer him, well at least in the short time he’d known her. He was torn because he wanted to give her her space. On the other hand, he couldn’t shake the feeling he needed to see her. Running his hands through his hair he exhaled making up his mind.

It didn’t take him long to arrive at Kallee’s apartment. Getting out of his car he walked to her front door taking his time. Standing in front of her door, he paused, He didn’t even know if there would be anyone to answer his knock. He was nervous, worried he had done something to upset her, overstepped his bounds by not leaving her alone last night. Was him being her going to make it worse? Taking a breath he pushed all of those thoughts out of his mind. He wanted to check on her, make sure she was okay.

He reached up and knocked on the door. When the door opened he was greeted by a face he didn’t know. He figured it was one of her roommates he hadn’t met yet. Julia had been the one to answer the door. She was tall close to 5 foot 9, her hair was curly blond that went down to her waist. Her eyes were a very light blue pulling together with her slim figure making her look beautiful in most guys eyes.

“Hi, can I help you?” Julia asked while looking up and down this super hottie in front of her. She was one of those girls who was used to getting her way. Looking over Laughlan she was pretty sure she wanted this guy in front of her.

“Yeah, I am a friend of Kallee’s and I haven’t seen her all day so I was hoping I could come and check on her.”

“Oh, of course, I haven’t seen her yet today either. Your welcome to try her door it’s the first door in the hall.” Julia told him. This was a problem she was going to have to deal with. This attractive guy needed to belong to her, not her silly roommate. She moved to the side allowing him to enter the apartment.

“Thanks, My name is Laughlan. What is yours?”

“I’m Julia.”

“Thanks for letting me in Julia.” he walked away toward Kalle’s bedroom door. Julia followed heading to her own room and starting to make plots to steal this guy. Laughlan knocked on Kallee’s door a couple of times getting no reply. He stood there a moment deciding what to do next. That feeling of needing to check on her overcame him once more. Knocking once more he slowly opened her door.

What greeted him was Kallee knotted up in her blankets. She looked pale and seemed to be drenched in sweat. He walked over to her, putting his hand on his cheek finding her burning up.

“Kallee?” he tried to wake her up. When she didn’t respond to that he leaned in close to her ear and whispered “Mo Chridhe? Wake up please.” it wasn’t until he kissed her that he finally got some small response of her stirring. He went in search of a washcloth and cold water to cool her down some. It was easy enough to find what he was looking for, once he had that he returned to Kallee. He set the cold cloth on her forehead. He wrapped her blankets in tightly against her.

Laughlan grabbed her desk chair pulling it close to her bed. He took hold of one of her hands drawing it to his lips. “Princess, Mo Chridhe, wake up please.” He begged her. He tucked her hand back under her blanket trying to get her warm. If he couldn’t get her fever to break soon he was going to have no choice but to get her to the doctor.

Every 5ish minutes Laughlan would get up take the cloth he had put on her forehead taking it and making it cold again. He had been doing it for about 2o minutes when Julia walked out of her room purposefully bumping into him. She was dressed very scantily trying really hard to force herself at Laughlan.

“Oh um...” he couldn’t speak, He stepped away from her as quickly as he could, keeping his gaze away from Julia. “Excuse me, Julia, I guess you forgot I was here perhaps you should put something else on.” he stammered out continuing to retreat toward the kitchen.

“Perhaps I can find something more comfortable you’ll enjoy more” Julia turned on her most seductive voice coming very close to him again. She practically had him pinned against the kitchen counter. Laughlan was doing everything he could to get away from her. Pushing her gently away looking kindly at her.

“Look Julia I can see what your intentions are but let me stop you right there. First off, I consider myself to be a gentleman I don’t just go around doing that kind of stuff with just anyone. Secondly, I am not interested in you anyways so if you could please leave me to care for Kallee who by the way is super sick not that you would seem to care.” He took the now cold washcloth heading back to Kallee’s room. He needed to get out of the apartment, away from the creepy roommate. He didn’t want to leave Kallee alone either. Thinking it over he knew that It would be a little difficult to carry her to his car but given the circumstances, he figured it was worth the effort.

He stood up, tucking her blankets tightly around her so he could carry her and keep her wrapped up. Once he had her securely in his arms he turned towards the door of the bedroom. It was easy enough for him to carry her, she was as light as a feather. Getting out of the apartment unnoticed by the slutty roommate was a whole other problem. He had managed to get to the door, struggling to get it open before his escape was noticed.

Thankfully he managed to get out the door before Julia noticed. After managing to get his car door open he gently set Kallee down getting her buckled in the best he could. He kissed her forehead tenderly, smoothing back the hair in her face. She stirred some at the kiss, which he took as a good sign. “Well, Mo Chridhe, Let’s get you to my place to rest. Or should we go to the doctor first?” He reclined her seat a little before closing her door. Taking her to his apartment won the battle mostly because he wasn’t sure if she had insurance, or would even want to be taken to a doctor.

Reaching his apartment he repeated the process of carrying her this time into his apartment. He thought about putting her on the couch, only he knew she would be more comfortable in a bed. He took her to his room tucking her into his bed. He had opted to not take her to the doctors but that didn’t mean he shouldn’t do something about it. Picking up his phone he dialed the number for the nurse's line associated with his insurance.

After about 20 minutes on the phone with a very kind nurse, Laughlan’s worries had lessened. She had told him to keep a close eye on her and if her fever didn’t break in the next hour or two to take her to the doctor. The nurse had said it was probably just a simple cold and that it wasn’t uncommon for people to sleep for long periods of time while fighting it.

After thanking the nurse he hung up. Looking down at this princess snuggled deep in her bed. His heart was in his chest, he was tempted to curl up next to her. The gentlemen in him didn’t allow that to happen. He got his laptop and his desk chair pulling them close to his bed. He settled in getting some homework done while keeping a close eye on his little princess.

A little over 30 minutes had passed from his phone call to the nurse when Kallee’s fever finally broke, much to Laughlan’s relief. She woke sightly mumbling something he couldn’t make out. Rolling over she curled deeper into his bed falling back asleep quickly. He figured he would let her sleep longer before waking her up. She would be super hungry when she woke. Perhaps he would order some pizza in the near future, maybe the smell would wake her up.
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