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A day two hearts broke and two hearts left
It was just a day, sunny birds chirping as i grabbed my bestfriends hand as she walked into the last place she would see her mom, where her sanity would all be forgotten and her life would become just a confused day that never ends. Its so crowded in here everyone should give her some space , they began to fan her down as her body was giving up on life and reality what once was , was no more. She walked up to the casket to see a stranger as she ran her fingers through her hair to atleast try to accept the fact that it was the last time she would see the body of the women who created and loved her daughter so dearly. Her hands locked as we all tried to pull her and i couldnt bare the sight , i could almost feel her pain as i told her it would be ok i hought how i would feel if it had been the other way around. The time was passing it was ime for me to get back to my daughter who is 7 and family to just let it sink in and cherish every second of appriciation, I take a step out the building , i recieve a call from my daughter , i figured my dad was on his way to get me since he had spent the day with my princess, Hello as i wipe the tears from my face "Mommy papa is dying " , i dropped to my knees in the parking lot of the church , i felt this stabbing as if i just got my heart ripped out of my chest. They grabbed me "Baby tell mommy where you are" We are driving about 80 mph in my bestfriends car whom we just left behind. I begin to call my grandmother "hes gunna be fine, skylar is just a kid , hes probly kidding, "everyone keeps saying. We finally arrive theres abulence lights flashing, my frend helps me take my heels off i run to the back of apartment parking lot, i cant hear anything the world is spinning hes in the back of the truck i can hear a knocking i look up and see my daughter with strangers on the second floor, im telling the cops i want to see my dad. They replied your daughter saved his life i took a breath but it still didnt fell right, i just wanna see him , we just need to ask you a few questions , in the mist of it all i see the lights moving the abulance is getting ready to pull out, i look in the window i can see the hands pounding on his chest, i yell what are you doing to my father, we are trying to revive him. We follow the ambulence , i am calling family to tell them its bad everyones confused i dont know how i can still speak, We finally get there hes in a room , we are in a room but not just any room its only family the room is cold as we all sit there and wait to hear something , The doctor said his heart had stopped a while ago and if he comes back he will be in a vegitative state but we are trying our best. More family is arriving the lady returns and tells us that he did not make it , i screamed , i remember i kept reapeting something and feeling the walls chairs anything to just feel and caress something. It was time to see him. His blue face, his gentle hands, his tired heart his sad face. he was gone. .. And as i write this with tears pouring down i still dont want to belive it . But the fights over the pain is gone the fears are forgotten and my hearts is torn.
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