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A free verse poem with extended metaphor about growing up too fast.

that day in spring.

she saw the asphalt
as it crunched under her new white shoes
so innocent; a newly flowered spring bloom
the dew catching the light as it adorned a pink petal
the salt filled tears she tried so hard to hide
as they flowed down her cheeks
still rosy from the purity of youth
carving a wound deeper than any blades
down her face as she raced for the grass
an emerald herald beckoning her to it's safety
at the bottom of the drive

she sat in the comfort of the cool shade
that fell under a ruby colored mailbox
gleaming redder than her bleeding heart
as she wrapped her pale arms around her knees
like the first sprigs of spring growing out of one of the
large oaks that filled the too perfect yard
all a carefully painted porcelain mask
made to keep the girl's curious cerulean eyes
from seeing how the sturdy oak was truly
rotted and splintered under the weather of
too many ice crusted winters

but the porcelain was too fragile
the girl learned as she turned her frightened gaze
to the seemingly perfect house that seemed
smaller from the bottom of the drive
where she had fled on her legs that were still
too young to bear the weight of summers
burning wrath on her little garden
even little gardens wither
the girl thought as loud voices burst from the painted house
tearing through the scent of freshly placed mulch
that engulfed her; protecting her from the horrors
crawling underneath, until the shouts reached her
ears, too small for the all encompassing rage to fit into

and hiding in the shade of a ruby colored mailbox
on a day brightened by the colors of incoming spring
that smelled of hot mulch and lilac flowers
a girl in softer-than-clouds clothes
learned that the appearance of a blooming and bright season
did not mean that water heavy and gray storm clouds
did not lurk on the ever nearing horizon
and that sweetened words were only a honey coating
on top of the throat savaging growls
that could rip from the animals in her garden
when they believed that the tender flower
was out of range

and on a day when the even the sun shining down
seemed like a cover for the scalding brimstone
in a young girl's heart
and the tweeting of blue songbirds in cherry blossoms
a way to hide the snarling of the wolves
the girl learned that she would have to go farther
than the bottom of a cleanly paved driveway
if she wanted to continue enjoying her
peaceful little spring garden.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2193287