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Still Life Shot

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So here is how it happened. I was setting up a shot with my good camera. My Canon EOS1. I have a pos one I use for other stuff, but for the good shots I use my SLR. Sorry all non-camera geeks. My pos is: point and shoot or piece of ****,and SLR means single lens reflex with changeable lens.

Okay, so again I am setting up a shot of a still life. It is an old clock, a pipe, and a bowl of fruit. All this is on a table draped in an old paisley shawl with a landscape painting in the background. I thought it would look quite European and Alps-like. Old world kind of feel to it. I was hoping to enter this into a contest.

So I set up the camera on the tripod. I step back and make sure the lighting is just bright enough. As I do, I trip over the dog. The dog knocks over the tripod. The tripod knocks over the table and the props come off the table and fall to the floor. As the camera falls off the tripod, it takes a picture.

The painting now has a big hole in it. The drape is covering the dog which is now barking and trying to chew it into bits. I had a pipe embedded in an apple sitting on top of the clock. My camera laid in pieces on the floor. Looks like it was time to start smoking something.

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