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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Experience · #2193309
An ode to a festival, see you next year!
Eden [Eden, part III]

I got lost in the garden,
the labyrinth, it turned
Obscured in the fire pit,
I watched the hours burn

With rhythms in the background
and singing in the air
An ambience melodic
… would you take me there?

Underneath the canopy,
the veil of the trees
Where everything you want to be,
is all a person sees

Weaving round mud trodden paths,
to secret hideaways
Places lost, locked in the past
'neath rainy cloudy days

Rainy days and clear nights,
amidst a sea of beats
Spread out cross a forest stage,
a pilgrimage, retreat

'tween taverns, stages, lounges, bars,
rivers, bridges, brooks
Crafting stalls and stranded cars
where folk, they blend in nooks

Stripped out of the uniforms,
that bind them to their days
By night freed up, set loose... reborn,
as forest stages play

Played into the early hours,
frolicked through till dawn
Chilling, sheltered from the showers,
sleeping through the morn

Winding through the labyrinth,
the fire pit burns low
Lost within the garden,
… where did the hours go?
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