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This is really a memorial to my precious kitty, Tudee Storm Johnson, who passed last year.
The cat stalks around in the grass
His paws
A small grey rat, moving his jaws
Strong mass
His muscles charge, ready to pounce
His legs
He is hungry, his stomach begs
All ounce
Adrenaline surges in him
His hunger finally easing

My Precious Kitty

Oh my precious kitty
Your precious silky fur,
Your precious glassy eyes,
Your precious tiny paws,
Your precious tiny teeth,
Your precious velvety ears,
Your precious silken voice.
Ah, my precious kitty
Why have you left me alone, my precious kitty?
My heart breaks in two, my precious kitty.
No other cat can replace you, my precious kitty.
Never, my precious kitty.
No regrets, my precious kitty.

On Little Cat Feet

On little cat feet, Cats dance.
On little cat feet, Cats prance
On little cat feet, Cats move
On little cat feet, Cats prove,
That on little cat feet, Cats live

With little cat tails, Cats show
With little cat tails, Cats jerk
With little cat tails, Cat tell
With little cat tails, Cats perk,
Up with happiness of love

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