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by Norman
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It shimmered and glared and heated the air
The sun melted down on her body so warm
And relaxed all her tensions and made her feel calm
It shimmered and glared and heated the air
And she basked in each ray with nary a care

Her skin roasted and toasted in the bright summer light
While a seagull sailed by in the air like a kite
Her sweat mixed with lotion in each crevice and pore
As she lounged on her blanket that day at the shore

The beach was the place she had longed for all week
She said to herself, let’s be bold and not meek
So she wore her new swimsuit, the one with the thong
She’d tan all her bare skin – what could go wrong?

She should have paid heed to the weatherman’s threat
And now she’d remember this day with regret
She never expected to get such a burn
That sure was a valuable lesson to learn

Her butt was so sore she could barely lie down
It was red as a lobster instead of nice brown
She had fallen asleep for a minute or two
Now she couldn’t sit down anymore, could you?
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