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Boston Marathon Bombing

Carnival Ride

At the top of this wheel, this ride it has stopped

Blood fills our streets, from sight they’ve now dropped

These murdering savages, their hearts filled with glee

A young boy of eight, his loved ones, his family no longer to see

For they killed this young man, with a bomb made so crude

To blow limb from limb, so gross and so rude

What could happen to these madmen, to make them this way

Murder and mayhem all this, this and more now on display

Minds so insane we dare not believe

But our eyes do not lie, now our time to grieve

Where have we come to, this country so great

To inspire these demons, these devils, so filled with hate

We had soon better find them, these answers we seek

No more killing, no bombing , stop slaughtering our meek

Dreams no more, laughter no longer abides

This young man murdered, on this carnival ride

A Tribute To The Victims Of The Marathon Bombings 2013

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