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by Xnwxr
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To raise awareness about the crisis in Sudan
In the era of "Omar-al-bashir" president a.k.a the Con man.
A man, black and tan,
Wearing a caftan in capital of Sudan

Protesting against the price of Food and fuel
To raise his son named Abdul;
Trying to save some money and send him to a good school.

The situation's started getting brutal
People went down to gruel
Do you think it's unusual??

Chemical weapons, rapes in Darfur years ago
Ignored by United Nations Security Council
Now, Sudanese tortured again by a military commando
"Hemedti" the scoundrel, Head of Military council.

Meanwhile, Bodies dumped in the Nile
The river known for its crocodiles.

People lost life for democracy
Watch the world burn in hypocrisy.

Authorities Broke down the internet to disconnect
Hiding actions incorrect;
That may have been broadcasted weeks prior on our television set

Others are so obsessed with World Cup as a sports fan
Ain't got time for the world fam.

Armed van with symbols of middleman
Humanity is something that ends, when you kill a man
Who needs Satan??
Humans are already doing what he can
Don't let him control your mind, pray for a better world and help people in SUDAN...💙
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