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a conversation
"Don't make me go alone!"

"You'll go much faster and farther without me."

"But if you use your leg...!"

"It makes me feel like a machine. I am no longer a two legged man and I'm tired of faking it."

"But don't you think you should fake that one small thing for me?"

"It doesn't seem like it should be either or. That I should not be me, a man with one leg, so that you can be you, a woman with a whole man."

"Isn't that what sacrifice is?"

"Yes. But we have to agree on the merits and objects of the sacrifice. Is it that you think the man should always sacrifice for the woman?"

"No. I believe it is healthier for you to hike than for me not to or to go alone."

"We could go to the gym and I could work out my one leg easier."

"Gyms are artificial."

"So is the other leg. Why don't you try going alone? It may do something good for you."
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