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What would happen if toothpaste wasn't available?
Ever wonder what would happen if toothpaste wasn't an option to brush your teeth? What if it had been banned otherwise been made unavailable to the general public due to political reasons for an indeterniable time? Not to worry, there are in fact options for you should you find yourself in such a situation.And you don't have to look far to find them.

If you worry about what may be lurking in your toothpaste that could be harmful, not to worry. There are more natural and possibly safer options for you.

Like baking soda, for starters. Most households already have it and is for the most part, readily available. Also good for teeth whitening ad well. Certainly an alternative for those who may be seeking an alternative for their dental hygiene.

It should be noted, that as a bleaching agent, long term may not be ideal. Due to its abrasive nature, mixing in some water or lemon juice is advised for safe, optimal results. But alternating every day or two over a period of two weeks can also give some satifactory results.

Another possible alternative, is activated charcoal. But like baking soda could be harmful to enamel so should be used with caution. 'Lightly grazed' over your teeth is suggested. So as an alternative while outright nixing could be arguable, definitely go informed when using this particular choice.

Orange peels! No really! Orange peels actially can aid your teeth in a a safe, more natural way. By rubbing the inside part of an orange on your teeth before brushing can be quite beneficial for your teeth. By not only blocking food debris, can also reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Defintely something to think about.

Seasalt is another alternative to consider. Half a teethspoon in some water can be helpful to use on your teeth as well.

Also, coconut oil is another possibly. Certainly a more natural alternative. Due to it's antifungal/bacterial qualities, it's a wonderful replacement for toothpaste to use. Can prevent and help treat oral infections like thrush. A bit on the fence on whether it can help prevent cavities, but still worth looking into.
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