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we all are beautiful just the way we are..we must not forget that.Stay beautiful and happy
So you say you are not pretty...... But I see alot in you. You question your beauty. I admire your personality. You think your ugly. I think your smile lights up the world. You think you are useless. I think you are capable. You think you are Fat. I think you are perfect. You think you lost it. I think you will get it. You think you will loose it. I am sure you will achieve it. You think everyone hates you. But i think everyone is impressed by you. You think everyone has achieved it and you have not. Well I think you are still trying and thats quiet creditable. You think I am lying .. I think thats wrong . Because I am your inner voice . That you dont listen too. You always ignore it. Infear of loosing. Darling just look in the mirror. Dont you see how beautiful you are. Its a shame you listen to all those around you. They always throw hate on you. Get used to the fact that you are The creation of an awesome artist. Dont fill youself up with negativity. Look around you dont you see the beauty. The flowers the roses the sunset ...................... Doesnt it feel calm . Ah what a sorrow you have lost yourself... In this world of game . Just remember we are not all same. My little one you can do wonders... Because you are both lightning and thunder. Come on now no need to cry more. Just pick yourself up and bang that door. Walk in the light and be free. Take a deep breath and set on the life stream. Show your colours to the world. Dont be shy. I know you got that talent. Doont you dare hide. Come on now you were doing fine. Let that craziness run let go of that insane smile. Ah see you achieved it my dear. Now dont let it go because of any other fear. Because one day will come. When the world will know your name. And my little one will have all the fame. Keep up the effort keep up the game. Dont loose it. Dont be in vain. Keep up the smile and win the life game.
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