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Are we fighting because we have forgotten what life really is ?
...........until we fade.......
Sitting cross-legged.
Wearing a huge grin.
The dust of foregone memories eclipses your entirety.
You have been told a million times in million different ways, that only differed in their acoustics, that life is a battlefield and to be victorious over time is the only way to be.

But today,
The dense insecurity clouding your heavy being, doesn't seem to budge away.
And for once,
You do not find it necessary to put on your war uniform.
Neatly tailored and rich with the blood of past and future both,the war uniform is kept away in a shelf.
Instead,you sit with a naked heart,with life's naked questions and pain in your palm.
You could swallow the questions.
You could fight with the questions.
You could even crush them with your battle sword.
But not today.

You will simply look at it.
See the curves and eccentricities of it.
See the surprises it holds behind its creases.
See the answers that it holds within it like a heartbeat.
You just see it.
Don't judge it.
Don't please it.
Don't dampen it.
Just see it.

And when the eclectic mix of life's questions are well observed,
You simply drop it.
Drop it.

Are you being a coward in doing so?
Looking at the bright red blood on your war uniform,you know now,that courage is the most misunderstood term.
Dropping it,a teardrop rolls down your cheek.
And in that slightest moment between the dropping and picking up of yet more,you suddenly know, questions will never cease,nor will the smell of roses,
But the answer remains the same.
The answer is simply you.

Life needn't be a battlefield.
It can be a child's first smile too.
It can be love mispelled too.
It can be precious too.

It all lies in your storytelling skills alone.
Either kill every word as you finish the sentence.
Or simply drop it in naked air.
And let it fly.

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