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Sequel to "Finally, final day at school"
The prologue
I had my Summer of Love with Ginny. Most of the summer, we spent naked. It was a real hot summer, literally and metaphorical. We found a nude resort where we went for a month and then enjoyed each other at home. Ginny started making sketches and drawings of me naked. And I enjoyed it.
"You're a real good model", she told me, "Would you like to pose in my school of arts? It could help you till you find another job. You get paid for it."
I trusted her and so I agreed to do it. In the beginning it was a bit of getting used to, but eventually it was like real work. The students look at you as an object and I felt at ease. Although one of the students said she had to fall in love with the model if she wanted to make a good drawing.
"But", she added, "as soon as the drawing is made, the feeling passes." And she smiled when she saw the worried look on my face.
"Don't bother and don't think of it", she said, "You're a great model. Keep it that way!"
When I told Ginger, she wasn't amazed.
"That's Tilly, she's Irish. She is a bit strange, but she is a real good artist and painter and she is always in for a bit of fun. Didn't you notice her thick black hair? She looks like an Wood-Elf", Ginger smiled.

A few months later I got a job as a receptionist at a firm. I kept on modelling in the evenings and in the weekends. I even had some private sessions with some of the painters and photographers. It was far too much fun to give it up.
One evening Ginger arrived home really excited. She ran up to me and grabbed me.
"You'll never guess who's been asking to pose for my class: Elisa! She didn't even recognize me!"
I stared at her blankly: "And what did you do?"
"I accepted her off course! She's got a great body and I had a sort of audition; she poses quite good" Ginger answered.
"What? You did what?!" I shouted.
"Well, there's another thing I was thinking off. We can take her back for what she did last June" she said and she smiled wickedly.
"No, we won't: her parents have a big influence on everybody around here and her friends are something to count with" I told her.
"Not any more, they are. She has so messed up in college that she's been thrown out. So her parents told her to find a job and earn some money. But she's to dumb to work somewhere decent, so she tries to get some money in other ways."
I laughed: "So modelling isn't a decent way to earn your money?"
"Not for her it isn't: this is the last straw she got. She told me everything while I was trying her out as a model. Her friends abandoned her as soon as they saw her as she was. Off course she tells the story from her point of view. They have betrayed her and her parents are losers and she wants some money to get an apartment and the world doesn't value her talents. Well she uses other words, but that's about the content of the trash she spills. So I thought it's time for some revenge. I was the one who had to get home stark naked. Remember?"
She finally convinced me. So we started to think about what we could do. But as it came as a surprise to both of us, we couldn't think of much.
There was one thing about it I didn't like: I couldn't model as much as I wanted. (I think I was really becoming an exhibitionist) We didn't want Elisa to meet me over at the studio. For two months I had only my private sessions with my painters and photographers.
One Friday I was posing for Tilly. She had asked me to take some pictures at her place. The moment I arrived I was startled. All seemed to be so ... gothic, so ... impending, so ... dark. She must have seen my face, because she smiled.
"I know, people say I'm queer and they're probably right. But I'm not dangerous, if it may comfort you. The whole place is furnished to have a dark atmosphere for my pictures. And of course, I am a dark person." She smiled while she added the last sentence.
"You can take your clothes off in the next room, if you want to." But I just got my clothes off and we started to work. As every time I was modelling, I started chitchatting with the artist, Tilly in this case. At a certain point we both fell silent and uncomfortable. Then Tilly asked the question I was afraid of.
"Why aren't you posing in school anymore? We've got a model but she's far beneath you as a model", she said.
I looked at her. She looked very innocent. She wasn't curious, she was just disappointed she didn't see me anymore. I hesitated, but then I decided to tell her the truth. I told her the whole story of what had happened at the end of the school year and what Ginger and me were planning.
"But we don't seem to get far with our plans: we're stuck with the idea of getting her naked and punish her. But we know if we do, we'll get caught by the police and get punished ourselves. So ..."
Tilly looked very serious and then smiled at me.
"She really got you both naked? I'd love to see Ginger naked. She must be gorgeous", she added with a dreamy smile, "Anyway, I think I can help you. At least, if you both want me to help you. I've got some friends who owe me some favours."
I told her I had to ask Ginger.
That evening I told Ginger of the modelling session, and of the talk I had with Tilly. She agreed we needed some help, so we went of to talk with Tilly next day.
As we arrived, Tilly seemed to be waiting for us.
"I thought you would come", she anticipated, "I had a busy night, contacting some friends I have."
Ginger looked doubtfully at her: "I wonder what you can do that we haven't thought off!"
And when Tilly started talking, we were fascinated, more: we were stunned by the ideas she had and by the way she could make them work. When she had finished, I couldn't help but asking: "You're sure we can get away with all this?"
She smiled mysteriously: "Don't underestimate the dark magic of modern times!"
She told us we had to wait for a week, but then everything would be ready to make her plan work.
"And what do we have to pay?" Ginny asked worried.
"Mmm...", Tilly hummed thoughtful, "Let me think... I want you both to pose for me, dressed and naked. In all poses I want."
Ginny stood up; "We got a deal!" We left in a fantastic mood.
The execution of the plan
It took a bit more than a week, but Wednesday was the day. I was supposed to take the watch for Elisa to enter the studio. She always undressed herself in a dressing room. There I had to steal her clothes, her car keys and her smartphone. Then I had to wait in my car.
I saw her go in and followed her, not to close in case she would look around. Once she was in I went straight for the dressing room. With pain in my heart I passed the studio unnoticed - I was so keen on seeing the students again, but that would have ruined the plan. I took her clothes and checked if everything was there. I saw her rings and a necklace and grabbed these too. I went back to the car and waited.
I saw all the students come out and got a bit impatient. Suddenly my phone went.
"Ange, it's me, Ginger. Elisa thinks I'm calling the cops now. You have to come upstairs again. Tilly is here also. It's going to be a lot of fun." And she hung up.
As fast as I could I left the car and ran to the studio. And there she was: my torturer, naked and in tears. She heard me coming and she looked up, thinking it was a police officer.
"You!", she cried, "What are you doing here?"
I grinned at her: "Hello darling, I'm here to take my revenge for a year of bullying and humiliation. You remember last June? Well today, we're going to settle the score."
She looked at Ginger; "Why don't you call the cops? You're the teacher here!"
"Let me tell you something", Ginger whispered, "Because of you I had to drive home in my Birthday Suit that same day. So it will be my revenge too!"
"All right, we're going to tie you up and put this luscious bottom of you - and the rest off course - in a trunk. Then we're going to put the trunk in a pick-up and you will be in for a heavy ride", I told her.
Her eyes became big and she wanted to scream. But before she could do so, Ginny had put a gag in her mouth. It didn't take much time to tie her up. She had a great body, smooth and curvy in the right places. It was a delight to touch and caress her. We tied her in a ball tie and blindfolded her. Then Tilly came over to help us. Until then she had waited hidden in the hallway. She put her finger against her lips, so we didn't talk. We put my tormenter in the trunk and straight to the lift. Downstairs the pickup was already waiting for us and Tilly started it. We loaded the trunk with a lot of difficulties and stepped in.
After an hour we arrived at a cabin in the woods. We didn't know who it belonged to, but we thought it was Tilly's.
The three of us unloaded the pickup and put the trunk in the garage. There were all facilities Tilly had spoken off. And there was a woman waiting. She was dressed to the nine an she walked stylishly, in a chic way.
"My name is Misses Vanderaert. I am a friend of you know who. I hope the future slave sits in the trunk?"
She walked over to the trunk in a superior way. Everything on her smelled sensuality, power, humiliation and disdain for her minions. She opened the box and gave us a sign to help Elisa out of it. We never asked questions, we just obeyed. She walked around Elisa. The girl could hear her, but could not see her and she didn't know what was happening.
"Who are you?", she asked, "Say something! Untie me! F*** B***!!", she was unsure. In fact she panicked more and more. She had been in the trunk for over an hour, naked, blindfolded. Now she was standing still naked and inspected by a stranger. She was naked and afraid. She shouted and raged, but no answer came but deadly silence. And then she started crying. Tears leaked on her cheeks and the only sound in the garage was her sobbing. Suddenly misses Vanderaert started to stroke her belly. Elisa shrieked.
"What is happening? Say something!" she cried.
"Shut up!", it came softly, but full of menace, "You need a lesson in etiquette and good behaviour", the voice hissed, "I will not forget you called me a f*** b***!"
Vanderaert gave a sharp slap with the palm of her hand on Elisa's bottom. Elisa squealed again.
"You're a little cry-baby, who needs to learn her manners and her masters! I will relieve you of your blindfold in a few moments. From then on everyone here is mistress for you. When you give a answer, you will always end with "mistress"! Understood?"
"The f*** I will!" the answer came. But immediately Elisa got beaten by a riding crop. She yelled and started crying again. She was a miserable pile of meat, standing in the middle of a silent circle. Her knees together and a bit bend, her legs shivering, in fact her whole body shivering.
"I will ask it one more time: un-der-stood?" the voice hissed.
"Yes, yes", Elisa cried, "but untie me! Please!"
Vanderaert gave us a sign and I took off the blindfold. Elisa blinked her eyes against the light. She tried to look around, but it took several minutes before she recognized us.
"You both! I'll make sure you will both get in jail! AAAIIEEIEE!"
Vanderaert had given her a few strokes with the riding crop. She ordered me to pick up one of Elisa's feet. Immediately she gave her some bastinado.
"Mistress, I told you", Vanderaert told her between the yelling.
Elisa looked around.
"I hate you all! I will get you for this!" She spitted out the words. This time Vanderaert took her to a pillory and she put Elisa's head and wrists in it. Then she went to the back of Elisa, who stood bent over. Her butt was a great target now. And Vanderaert knew it. She started to beat Elisa severely, but without rage.
"Normally I don't take little brats like you... So listen carefully: I am what they call a dominatrix. In a few hours time, you will eat out of my hands. By the end of the week you will lick my feet and my pussy. And all the feet and pussies I tell you to lick. You will be trained to be a slave and you will enjoy serving everyone you are told to. If you fail to listen and act as you are ordered, you'll get punished. And I have several ways to punish. This is the least painful!"
By now, Elisa was crying and sobbing like a baby. Her bottom was blood red like her face. Vanderaert stopped.
"Yes, yes, yes!!" A slap with the crop.
"Yes, who?" Vanderaert asked.
"Yes, mistress!" Elisa answered.
"Alright! That's better!" and Vanderaert gave us a sign to follow her. First she gagged her slave again. She took off her panties and put them in Elisa's mouth.
"Hope you like my taste", she smiled while she fixed them with a cloth.
Then she called us to join her.
"There are two things I can do with her. The obvious thing is to leave her with you after I have finished, but you both will have to take care of her. The second is: I have a few clients in the Middle East who regularly buy slaves from me", she said without any emotion. I couldn't believe my ears.
"Oh, if you don't mind, we'll take her", I said immediately, "When can we take her with us?"
"I gather after the weekend. Can one of you stay here to assist me with the training? If you want her, you'll have to train her as your pet. You might get difficulties otherwise!"
I thought I had landed in a nightmare with slave drivers and human pets. But it was all to real.
"Alright, I'll stay here. I tell my boss I'm sick and I'll be home for the rest of the week. Then you can train both of us; me as an owner and her as a slave."
The training
Ginger left the cabin and went back home. I stayed and the slave training started immediately.
Vanderaert and me went back to the garage, which looked more like a place of torture to me. Elisa looked ridiculous, but I felt a bit pity for her. Well yes, she had bullied me, but this was a hard punishment. And if you thought about it; she was just stupid.
She had tears in her eyes. Was it from the pain or the humiliation? Or both? Vanderaert loosened the gag and took her panties out of Elisa's mouth.
"Well, did you like the taste? You're lucky: I wanted to sell you to an rich sultan, but the young lady here saved you from this fate", she was serious, "So you'd better be grateful and act as a nice girl and servant - and slave may I add."
Elisa gave me a dirty look.
"You stupid cow", she yelled at me, "You will pay for this! I'll have you in prison! I'll have you stripped and f*** in public, with the whole town watching you! I'll have the s*** beaten out of you!" And then she gave a loud shriek. Vanderaert had taken something and shoved it ... Well, I'm not prudish, but she had poked it in her little hole.
"AAUAUAUAUW!! .... STOP IT!! .... I'LL GET YOU BOTH FOR THIS...... OUOUOUOUCH!!" Tears of humiliation flowed down her cheeks. And suddenly, she started to moan.
"OOOOooooh .... mMMMMmMMmmppphhh..."
Vanderaert continued while she took another toy and .... I turned my head: I knew what she was going to do. I looked at Elisa's face; she was still enjoying the first dildo. She had her eyes closed at the moment that she got another one in her vagina. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, pain and delight.
"OOOHOHOhoooh ..... mmmmmMMmm ...."
She looked at me, but she didn't see me and then she closed her eyes again. Her moaning became groans as she was reaching a climax. And then suddenly it stopped.
Elisa was overcome. She looked around to see what had happened. And she heard the voice of Vanderaert.
"I don't think you deserve to cum. You yell and shout at your masters, you talk trash to us, so I think I have got something else for you", she turned, "Help me!"
Elisa was loosened out of the pillory and put on a cross on the ground. Vanderaert kneeled and tied Elisa to the cross. When she stood up again, she gave me some orders. I took off my panties and we both kneeled beside Elisa. I put my panties in her mouth and fastened them with the cloth. On a sign of Vanderaert we attacked her with our fingernails. I was kneeling above Elisa's head so I took care of the upper part of her body, my companion took care of the lower part. She played it really cruel. She started at her hips and her thighs and then went down to her calves and her feet. I attacked her armpits and her breasts. Elisa was crying and trashing. She shook her head with all the force she had in her.
"STOOOOOOOOOP!!! ..... STOOOOPP IIIIIIIIT .... BWAAAAAHAAAAHAAAHAAA ..... PLEAEAAAAEEEAAAEESSSEEEEE ..... NOOOOOO MMOOOOOORREEEEE .... STOOOOOP.." But Vanderaert didn't stop so I kept on tickling her. Elisa kept on wriggling but she couldn't escape our hands.
"Are you going to be a nice girl? Speak with two words? Call us Mistress?", Vanderaert asked between the tickle torture.
Well, due to the gag - my panties - it wasn't that clear, but this must have been what she was saying in great lines.
Vanderaert went with her fingernails between the thighs of Elisa and started to tickle closer and closer to her privates. Immediately the shouting became moans and groans as she was climaxing again. But as soon as she was starting to cum, Vanderaert went to her feet again and started to tickle anew. She kept on doing this for ages. Elisa was crying and moaning at the same time. She got hornier and hornier, until she squirted. Her body arched in a completely round bow for a whole while. But that didn't hold Vanderaert to keep on tickling.
"Pleaeaeeaase .... stooop iiit ..... Pleaaaeeessseee.... I can't hold iiiiiiittt any mmmmoooooreee..." Elisa cried and moaned, she was completely exhausted; she couldn't even shout anymore.
"Please who?" came the reaction of Vanderaert.
"Pwweaawe Mifftreffff!" cried Elisa, tears leaking from her cheeks.
"Pwweaawe Mifftreffff!"
"Pwweaawe Mifftreffff!"
"Pwweaawe Mifftreffff! Pwweaawe Mifftreffff! Pwweaawe Mifftreffff! Pwweaawe Mifftreffff! Pwweaawe Mifftreffff!"
"Alright, that's enough for now!" said Vanderaert and she stood up.
"Shouldn't we clean her up a bit?" I asked.
"You're right", Vanderaert answered. She threw a bucket of water, which was standing there, over Elisa, who was completely at a loss. She sputtered and looked at us leaving the place.
"Pweeeaaaaeeessseeee ..... weeet meeeee gwgwwgwoooossse ...."
Vanderaert turned around and stared blankly at her: "You're not ready yet! We will feed you later!"
Elisa gave a heart-piercing cry, but Vanderaert just walked on. We went upstairs and fixed ourselves a meal. With the rest of the meal we went downstairs and fed Elisa. It was pathetic to see how she reach for the food and especially for the water we brought.
I really felt pity for her. "But", I thought, "she didn't feel any pity for me in June, so what is she complaining about."
Thursday, everything went a bit the same way. Elisa tried to snarl and rage at us, but her punishments were getting harsher every time. At noon she had driven it so far, Vanderaert had put a machine at her vagina - I would call it a F****- machine. Literally. I heard of it, but this was the first time I saw one. Misses V put it in action and then we sat watching Elisa moaning, groaning and cumming for over an hour, while we had a great meal. After an hour or so, V stopped the machine.
"Crawl to your mistress over there and lick her feet!" she ordered.
"The f*** I will" Elisa answered.
Misses V put the machine back on and gave a harsh spanking in the meantime. After a while she came sitting with me and we drank a cup of coffee. Then she got back to Elisa.
"Crawl to your mistress over there and lick her feet!" she ordered again.
With great effort Elisa crawled towards me. I took my shoes and socks off and she started to lick my soles and my toes. It tickled a bit.
"Don't forget to clean between the toes also", V told her.
"Like hell", Elisa mumbled, but another stroke of the crop made her screech.
"Yes, mistress", she said in a hurry.
In the evening I got a message from Ginny.
"On social media there's been a lot of talk about Elisa being kidnapped. Even the local news talks about it."
So I told misses V when Elisa couldn't hear us.
"Don't worry! We anticipated this. It only will make heroes of you!" she smiled.
On Friday, we - that is misses V - let Elisa walk around. She still had to wear handcuffs and fetters. Stumbling through the place she had to serve us. Get the table set, wash the dishes, clean the floor and - very neat - clean the garage. Between I got hints of misses V how to threat her at first; keep her inside, give her some pleasure (but not too much and at fixed times), don't let her walk around with all her clothes (preferably with none or with a cloth or better an apron), and so on. You read about these things on certain sites and sometimes the stories aroused me, but you don't take them seriously. Until then that was!
While Elisa was doing her chores, she didn't stop sobbing and crying. But at least she had stopped yelling and trashing. When she had finished one of the chores she had to lick our feet, or even our body, give a massage or pleasure us until we came. She did it all, be it with lots of sobbing and tears.
"She's not used to it", V told me, "We got the weekend to get her used to it."
"What will happen afterwards?" I asked.
She looked at me with big eyes.
"Well, you will take her home as your pet slave. You can tell everybody you found her here. Her parents will be too mad, when they find out she was naked. They will be glad you want to take care of her. Her friends think she's a loser or worse. So you'll have a real pet. Better, you'll have a servant." She seemed to be surprised by the question.
We went of to check the work Elisa had done. Off course it was bad done. So she got punishment. She had to bow over in her chains and got a hand spanking. Strangely, V put some water on the butt and used a plastic glove.
"If the butt is wet the spanking is more painful. The glove is to protect my hand. Without the glove, I would hurt myself", V explained.
As Elisa got up again, V caressed her butt.
"It's a nice butt; be careful with it", she was telling both of us.
While Elisa went on with her chores, V kept on telling me what to do. But Elisa distracted me; she was really beautiful. She had a firm pair of breasts, a plump derrie, a neatly shave pussy, firm thighs and long legs. Her red hair was thick and long. You don't often see redheads with thick hair. And even the freckles in her face and on her shoulders made her look better (they still do: she's purring in my lap right now while I'm writing this down)
"Hello!", V called me back to the reality, "I was just saying you can use her for parties, you could rent her to friends or anybody to liven up their parties. In any case don't give her a private life, not in the first year. Make her sleep at your feet, if she wants to go to the bathroom be sure one of you goes along. Keep her on a chain when you're gone."
I nodded, but I couldn't keep my eyes of my pet. Ginny would be delighted.
When Ginny arrived late that evening, Elisa was lying at our feet. I told her everything that had happened till then, interrupted by little shouts of disbelief and joy and a bit of horror.
Spending the weekend with the four off us almost all naked - misses V kept her clothes on most of the time - Elisa got used to being ordered and punished. She didn't protest anymore; she didn't dare.
Sunday afternoon the great clean up began. Suddenly there were four or five people around. They cleaned everything very thoroughly. We had to leave the cabin and take our things with. As it was a beautiful day, we could spend it outside. Misses V gave our the last instructions and told us to leave.
"Don't worry, everything will be clean here. It will look as nobody ever was around here. And you", she gazed at Elisa, "You better tell everything like we agreed just now. Don't try to do anything funny. Remember; I know where you live. If I hear something's wrong or you have told anybody about this, I'll come and get you. And before I sell you, I'll give you a punishment that will make these few days look like heaven to you. Understood?"
Elisa nodded with tears in her eyes.
"What? I didn't hear you!" V hissed.
"Yes, mistress!" Elisa responded.
"That's better. And be off now. We'll finish up here!"
We turned the car and rode off to the police station.

Everything went as misses V told us. We took Elisa to the police station and told the Officer we found her in a cabin in the woods. She us Elisa had to stay there till they contacted their parents. We had to stay for a questioning. When the parents were called, they told the police that they had enough of their daughter.
Her father even said and I quote: "Since she was found naked, I can imagine what she did there. So if she wants to continue living like this, she doesn't need us anymore."
We took responsibility for her and she came to live with us.
Ginny went to fetch her clothes and that was the beginning of our live with our special pet. I resigned from work, because a pet takes all your attention. Now, Elisa walks around naked the whole time, but so are we. She is doing all the chores, which makes Ginny and me having more time for each other. We sometimes take Elisa in our games to make them spicier. On Wednesday and Sunday, she gets her treatment. We take turns, but sometimes when one of us gets horny we give her a double treatment. In the evening while we're watching TV, she tends to crawl to our feet and lick them. We never demanded this of her; she just started to do this of her own free will. She loves licking our feet and it tickles sometimes. She really makes a job out of it; it takes half an hour per person at least. It's really moving seeing her crawl over naked and licking my soles and my toes. It's cute to see her bottom sticking up when she is licking Ginny's feet. She likes to come higher and lick my vagina and my clit. And when that happens, she gets help from Ginny. We're not letting her masturbate normally, but when she has been a really good pet-slave, we make an exception. It's fun to watch her.
In the beginning Elisa had most difficulties the lack of privacy, especially on the toilet. But now she makes a whole show of going to the bathroom, just to get us horny.
You know, people tell you a puppy or a kitten is great. They're always waiting for you and they don't talk. But we've got a talking pet-slave, who does our work in the house, who gives us satisfaction, and occasionally asks for a bit of punishment. When we take her out, she only wears a dress and shoes or boots. In a shop she listen to us and she only fits what we want her to fit. If she steps in the dressing room, we enjoy her cute body. She always poses for one of us, while the other gets some clothes to fit. We enjoy going to the bathroom all three at once. It is really nice.
"Isn't it, Eli?"
She's lying with her head on my shoulder and her cute butt on my lap. We're both naked. She doesn't want me to write this down, so it takes a bit of acrobatics to reach my laptop. The bell rings.
"It's probably Ginny", I tell her, "Come on, open the door!"
And I follow, giving her butt some gentle strokes. She purrs the whole way to the door. It is Ginny at the door. As she walks in, she starts to kiss me and she caresses Eli's breasts. It makes Eli purr more and more.
You see? A happy family!

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