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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2193464
A cheat gets her comeuppance
Deborah Vandenboer left her office. Today was the day she would get filthy rich.
Last week she had found a piece of land not far from the city. It was enormous, she didn't think you could walk around it in one, even two or three days. It had everything to start a grand project on. So she decided to buy it and get some partners.
Deborah was the CEO of a development company, Vandenboer Developing. Well, the name wasn' a wonder of creativity, but she had been rather succesfull in the two years she had been in business. She had some projects going and she had a secretary to clean up the mess she left in the office. Well she had several, one after another. They didn't seem to last long, because Deborah was a pain in the ... with her subordinates. And since she only had one secretary, she had to undergo all the whims of her boss. The current secretary had been at the firm for one week.
(And then there had been the issue of the clothing. But that were mere rumours, so nobody believed them.)
And today Deborah was going to get filthy rich, the richest woman in town. The richest person in town! In the whole state! She found the owner of the land and offered him a price for his land. The man, an old farmer who had never seen an amount of money this big, immediately agreed. The rest of the week she spend getting a lawyer to write out a detailed contract, and looking for partners. She got four of them interested in the project and she felt she was on her way to outrageous wealth and luxury.
Before leaving the office yesterday, she told Elizabeth, the new secretary, she wouldn't be in the next day until four. She had an important business to attend to. She told her to receive the partners in the big office - Deborahs' - and keep them there until she came in. There was coffee and cake, and lecture about grand projects.
That morning, at home, she had taken a shower and put on Clive Christian No.1. Then she got dressed to the nine. She looked at her lingerie and choose a caged strappy set and Falke black self supporting stockings. She knew she had to look very businesslike to impress the old bugger. (She conveniently forgot that the "boer" in her name meant farmer) She looked in her wardrobe and decided to put on an expensive blouse and a suit. She topped it off with some fine jewellery. A necklace and a bracelet. And a Michael Kors watch on the other wrist. She hesitated but she decided to put on her favourite Louboutins, So Kate. She looked in the mirror. She saw a decent businesslike woman with her hair pulled back. She was satisfied.
When she got in her Merc GLC she was a satisfied and happy woman. Even if she hadn't been completely honest with the old bugger on the farm, she knew she was getting the best of it. In fact she just took advantage of the bugger, she offered him the price of the house, and told him he made a very good deal. She told him she wouldn't make much profit out of it, but she would take a chance. She grinned when she tought of it. She took a look in her briefcase to see if all the papers were there - contract, representation for the partners, laptop - and she drove off.
Half an hour later she arrived at the farm. She parked the car, took her briefcase and went to the door. The door was opened before she could ring the doorbell. A good looking woman in her twenties opened the door. She was smartly dressed and she smiled.
"Come in" she said "My grandfather told us about you. We are anxious to meet you, my niece and I."
The old bugger was sitting at the table "Hi, meet my granddaughters. Aurora and Evelyn. Evelyn is a lawyer in New-York and she wanted to be here when I signed. "
Deborah was getting a bit uncertain.
Aurora went in the kitchen "Someone wants coffee?"
"Yes please, and four cups!" The old bugger said.
"Can I see the contract?" Evelyn asked with a smile, but with a cold look in her eyes.
"Off course," replied Deborah. She handed over the contract. Evelyn started to read it carefully. In the meantime, Aurora brought in the coffee and poured a cup for everyone, when Evelyn had finished reading.
"Legally, all seems correct. But the price you offer is far beneath the value of the property. The whole property is at least 10 times more worth than you offer."
"Maybe," Deborah felt how the earth was disappearing from under her louboutins, "but your grandfather agreed on the price."
"Excuse me, but I think this whole thing is a fraud. In fact it looks more like robbery!" Evelyn was loosing control.
"Hush, child, now don't loose your temper." The old bugger tried to calm down his granddaughter.
"You are right, grandpa. ... Listen miss or is it misses... We do not agree on the price you're offering. We could agree on an offer at least ten times as large as this one."
She was certainly schooled in law, Deborah thought.
"I can't do that, miss ... My ... ehm ... partners wouldn't agree." Deborah started to feel something was coming.
"Miss or misses Vandenboer," started Evelyn.
"Actually it's miss", Deborah interrupted.
"Me and my niece have arrived here yesterday evening." Evelyn continued, " We talked the whole thing over and we agree this is theft. The property is much more worth than you are offering. We give you another chance to put in a better offer."
Deborah was panicking by now but she wasn't going to give in "I'm sorry, but I won't change my mind. And besides I am certain you won't get a better offer."
"Miss Vandenboer, I allready have a much better offer. So you are not needed here anymore." And then Evelyn smiled wickedly, "But before you leave, me and my niece gathered you could use a lesson, you'll never forget."
At that moment Aurora appeared with a gun pointed at Deborah. She turned pale.
"We are gonna let you go but without your clothes!" Aurora grinned.
"What?" Deborah was stunned "I'm not gonna get naked before you lot!"
"Oh yes, miss, you will. Because if you don't we 'll strip you naked." It sounded serious.
"And then drive the whole end to town in the nude?" Deborah shouted.
"Who said something about driving? We both want you to walk, it's better for the health!" Now Evelyn was grinning too.
"Oh no, I'm not gonna strip! You two wouldn't dare to touch me!" Deborah backed off. The two women followed until they got her cornered.
"All right! All right!" shouted Deborah "I will take off my clothes. All right!"
The two stopped "We haven't got all day, so make it fast!" Aurora looked at her grandfather.
"I'm gonna get some water for granddad," she smiled "or else I don't think he's gonna live this through."
Deborah started stripping off her pants and her blouse and handed them over to Evelyn.
"Nice material," she smiled "Must have cost a lot! Go on! Don't stall! We want the full monty!"
The old mans' eyes almost popped out and he needed another glass of water.
"Please?!" begged Deborah, but the nieces just looked blankly at her, so she just went on stripping. Off went the caged strappy set and Falke black self supporting stockings. She wasn't even allowed to keep her Louboutins
"Put your clothes in this bag!" She was ordered "And put your jewellery in as well!"
In went the rings, the bracelet, the watch, the necklace...
There she stood in the buff. She had nothing left, no clothes, no jewellery. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but the old man's eyes were still popping out.
Aurora opened the door and Evelyn gave her a slap on the butt: "Start walking!"
"But ... but ... you can't do this to me ... It's at least 6 miles to town ... " Deborah stammered in protest, but the two women just pushed her out and closed the door.
"And we mean it! If you're not walking to the gate in one minute, we're going to call the police we have a naked trespasser on our land." They shouted from the inside.
Deborah didn't have an option, so she turned and walked. It was at least two miles to the gate and then another four miles to town. She embraced herself and covered up.
While she was stil on the property she heard two cars pulling up behind her. She looked back and the first one was her Merc. It stopped beside her but when she wanted to get in, she was stopped by Evelyn.
"Just to tell you what we are going to do. We're gonna take your car back and park it in front of your office. See you!"
And off they went! When they entered town they parked the car at the office and then took the bag with clothes and jewellery to a pawnshop.
Meanwhile Deborah reached the gate but in order to get out, she had to climb it. By now she was sweating, her hair was completely undone. Her make-up was completely ruined and worst of all her feet were aching like hell. And there were still four miles to cover. Once on the road she tried to hitchhike but none of the cars would stop. Every time she heard a car she started waving at it, showing more than she wanted. But the cars just honked and drove on. Some of them would slow down, but when she thought they would stop and went nearer, they drove of laughing. Even the women ... especially the women.
At about a quarter past four she stumbled in the office of Elizabeth, still stark naked, with aching feet and completely exhausted. Elizabeth was shocked and couldn't utter a word. Without looking at her secretary, Deborah went to her own office.
"Eeeh, miss .. " began Elizabeth, but Deborah lifted her hand to silence her and she went in. She went straight to her chair and collapsed in it with her eyes closed. Completely spent she hung in her chair with her arms hanging down to the ground and her legs wide open.
After a while she could feel something was amiss. She opened her eyes and saw four people staring at her. She screamed, crossed her legs, put her arms over her breasts and folded together completely.
"Who are you? What are you doing here? Get out of my office!" she raved like a madman, or woman.
One of the women stood up "Ehm... we are the partners you asked to see this afternoon."
All of a sudden, Deborah calmed down "Eheh" she smiled weakly "Excuse me a moment."
She went out to Elizabeth "My partners are here and you didn't tell me, you stupid" she hissed.
"Well I tried to, but ...."
Deborah didn't let her finish "Give me your clothes and fast. I have to get a bit decent!"
Elizabeth tried to say something, but Deborah wouldn't let her finish.
"Fast! Your undies too. You can't expect me to talk to my partners commando style, do you?"
Deborah dressed up and left Elizabeth completely naked behind. She entered her office again to talk to her partners. She had a lot of explaining to do.
In the meantime Elizabeth stood in her office with the paper from the pawnshop in her hand. She found it in the mailbox, after someone had called to tell her where it was. Well, she didn't have much choice, did she. Being a nice day she hadn't bothered to put on a coat this morning. So if she wanted to have some clothes she would have to fetch the clothes of Deborah in the pawnshop. ..... In the nude ..... She covered up with her hands, heaved a deep sigh and left to fetch the clothes of the boss.
Half an hour later she returned to an empty office. The partners had gone and only Deborah was left behind, with her head in her arms on her desk. Crying her eyes out. When Elizabeth arrived, she looked up.
"Where did you get those?" She asked pointing at the clothes Elizabeth was wearing. The poor girl didn't even get a chance to answer.
"Take them off! All of them! And give them to me!" There was madness in her eyes/
For the second time in an hour Elizabeth had to strip and hand over her clothes to her boss.
Deborah took the clothes "I'm going home now! I had a bad day and I am dead tired! Close the office and be back tomorrow at 9 a.m. sharp!"
Elizabeth tried to say something but her boss had left the office allready. She sat down with her elbows on her desk and her chin in her hands. She sighed. Would she come back tomorrow? She guessed so: the pay wasn't to bad and when the boss was gone it was fun working here. But tomorrow, she would have a spare set of clothes. And she'd have to remember to take along a raincoat. A long one. Always. She never wanted to return home like she had to return now, stark naked that was.
She stood up, dimmed the lights and closed the office. She sighed again, she didn't live far but it sure was going to be a very long way.

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