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Mostly Same Ol Same Ol
Ryan A Lion FlameSnow Rise Of The Titans "Ancient Rome" Eye Of The Tiger, Take The Throne, Ed Gacy, He Said Things Crazily A Bed Of Maggots Rest In Piss "Your Crazy" Benjamin Franklin Hates Me Eminem Said Ed Gacy Red Faces, I Said Im A Theoricist Who Made Me Burial For Jay Z This Burial Has Daisies Its A Miracle You Make It Half Awake In Your Chariot He Reminded Me Of An Idiot Named Satan Chemically Unstable Imagery Mentally Im Going To Have A Episode "EpEphinic Creation" Letting Go To Greatness "Rhetorical With Pages" Biblical Tribualtions Messages From Hades In My Head They Say Things Like "Jim Had Sold His Soul To Damien" -Winter Is Cold- Gemini Appraisel The End Of Life Is GraveStone Did I Try The Way Home I Lived A Life "So Flame On" Saw The End Of Light The End Of Ry If I Die I Break Bones Symphonize The Fray And Dont Even Try To Make Friends Endless Skies May The Inner I Blaze Fury Flame From Marys Games Teary Eyed Weary Guy Where He Cried Pain Daring Ry Sympathize Symphonize Buried By Faith Leers And Clearing SkyBreak Hearing Lies StereoType Where The Clearest Minds Race Eerie Signs "Lake" Were Inclined Barely My Mind Here We Find Greats "Great Mind Think Alike" Great Vine, Were We Fake? A Shrine Grey Kind "Anime" Raise Christ, Pharaohs Sacrifice

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