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War is the mother of all evils ...it should be shunned in all cases..it only causes damage
The explosions started to happen Buildings started collapsing There were alarms ringing around I heard my teacher saying.... 'Get out Get out' As I went out I saw the red painted sky.. The soldiers with their guns aimed high The frightened people running like bees I could not understand what was happening I was just a five year old kid holding a teddy bear I was in shock and a lot of fear.. I saw blood and dead bodies around . Not a single living soul was found. I was in tears i started to cry... I shouted 'Mom and Dad' but no reply I knew one more bullet and my soul would fly. I started to run towards safety. Found a hut and stayed their many days.. Many thoughts came to my head each night.. I spent everynight with gun sounds and shrieks All alone in that hut was
me. Not having food for months I started to grow weak My eyes were red. My hair was dusky and brown. My skin looked flappy. My bones were promenant. That day I knew I was near to death. I started to question... Why we nations lost our humanity? Its just insanity. Killing ones people would sure give you more land . It would sure give you the wealth in your hand. But what about those who lost their everything .. What about those who did not do anything but still shedded blood. What about those children who are now deprived of education. You are living in weath. But what about their happiness and health. Your tiny action Led to mass destruction.............. You see as humans we are now no longer men But mad dogs hungry after our brothers blood. We no longer bother for others.. We just care for ourselves. We taught ourselves self centered . We taught ouselves to accumulate wealth. Instead of health. We lost our humanity.....we lost our humanity........... These were the last lines in my head... When the soldiers entered my hut and shot me... SURELY WE HAVE LOST OUR HUMANITY.... LETS JOIN HANDS FOR PEACE .... LETS JOIN HANDS FOR BROTHERHOOD... LETS JOIN HANDS TO BE UNITED...
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