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When a picnic date goes a little haywire.
Who doesn't want to go on a picnic date?

It's romantic, right? Done properly.

Well, since when has life ever cared what I wanted?

Last week a took a tumble down the wet front stairs of my apartment building. Turned my ankle when i fell on it.

Luckily my neighbor saw it and alerted the professionals. And everyone else she could get a hold of to tell about my tragic plunge.

After I was seen to and told it would heal in time and I should just take it easy. I checked out of the world for a good week or two.

Just wallowing in my misery. Distancing myself from the outside world. As much I could anyway since I had to take some time off of work since the''incident'' occurred.

At some point my then roomate Michelle decided that getting a kitten would brighten up the place. And possibly me as well. So her idea was a stray kitten she found down by the gutter on her walk one day, would make a great addition to our home. ''Bebe'' was immediaetly taken to the vet and taken really good care of before she ever stepped foot in ''our'' home. I made sure of that. Well, Michelle stuck around a week or two after the fact before ditching us and heading out somewhere else. And then, it was just Bebe and I.

My boyfriend Richard had wanted to take me out on a date before all that went down. That wasn't going to happen any time soon. So we settled on an indoor picnic instead. With an actual picnic basket and everything. Except that by the time he showed up the lemonade was warm. And I was out of ice cubes because the fridge was on the fritz. So this basically started off on a great start. But we made the best of it. As he was leaving, he said the neighbor's kid got his kite stuck in a tree outside my apartment. I thought about calling my cousin to assist the poor kid. Then realized Richard would be leaving for his aunt's soon and decided to make the most of it instead. I asked if he wanted to stay a little longer. He did.
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