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Rated: E · Poetry · Teen · #2193577
Dedicated to my mom, because sometimes I never felt like I had her love.
Hate in your voice,
I hear it when you talk to me.
Pain in my eyes,
But that’s the me you choose not to see.

You were the one that taught me lies and deceit.
So I lied to you when I said I loved you, and I made sure to keep my smile sweet.

And you’d believe me,
Because I learned from you.
You were always the best at faking,
But I later found out I was too.

I remember crying in my room and wishing you’d stay.
Cause even though you never meant it,
I always wanted to hear you say,

“I love you.”

As I got older I saw you get worse.
Called me bitch so many times,
It was then we began to disperse.

I stayed locked inside,
And you stayed out, neither one trying, we’ve always had too much pride.

Maybe we’re more alike than I thought.
Maybe I’m just like you.
But I’d never say it aloud, cause I can’t stand the thought of it being true.

No matter how many times I’ve tried,
I can’t hate you.
I’ve said it before, but I lied about that too.

I hate you, because I crave your love.
I hate feeling like I need you.
Because truth be told I’ve never wanted to.

I need myself,
but I’ve given up on me too.
I can’t love myself,
Because I’ve never learned how by you.

I’m not saying you’re to blame for my suicidal thoughts.
But as my vision blurs,
And I start to see black dots.

You should know all I needed to hear was you say “I love you.”
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