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Forever left with this disease I call depression.
So many thoughts left unspoken,
Seconds turn to minutes and minutes into hours, as time ticks by I’m left bleeding and broken.

Beat and tattered by the hands of my own,
I just want to escape.
Remove the Queen of my depression, take back my mind, her throne,

On which she sits.
High above me, in control.
Smoke this, pop that, and cut those slits.
Obey her demands as she damns my soul.

“Tiauna you’ll never escape this hold.
Just sit and watch as I shape you, as I make you cold.
Don’t fight me dear, don’t you run.
I promise if you stick around I’ll make it plenty of fun.
You like painting do you not?
I can make you bleed red and you can draw something that need not be bought.
Something yours completely leaving a pretty scar.
Reminding you always to never forget who you are.”

I won’t forget, I assure you this.
You’re forever in my mind,
Leaving your binding kiss.

I’m indebted to you,
I’m a slave to your commands.
I’ll do whatever you want,
Cause of your tightening bands,

They hold me tight, restraining any fight left in me.
I’m no longer myself, I wonder when the people I love will finally see.

So many thoughts, that will never be spoken.
Seconds turn to minutes and minutes into hours. Time ticks by, forever I’ll remain bleeding and broken.
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