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by Benny
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A girl gets lost in this fantasy theme park and tries to find her way home.
The leaves on the trees were bright green, swaying side to side and the wood had a brilliant sheen of golden colours. Flowers of many purples in majestic designs grew around the spring. The grass stood still; no wind blew. There was something strange about the spring, Rose had been told. Rose stood in front of the spring looking out upon the dusty blue sky while clouds moved gracefully above. Rose's lips were chapped and dry with thirst.
"It wouldn't hurt," thought Rose. She grabbed her hair out of the way and leant down to have a drink of water from the spring. At once her lips were moist, and with her sleeve, she wiped off the excess water from her lips. Rose lay down on the grass looking at the different cloud shapes she could find. In a few moments, the clouds were fuzzy, and blackness crept into view.
The ground Rose was on was hard as stone, but warm and the smell of fresh food and fresh air filled her lungs. Music played and noise was all around, she opened her eyes and saw a clear blue sky. Rose's head pounded like a bad headache, she placed her hand on her head and instantly the pain went away. Rose got up and saw many things such as rides, crowds of people, filling in a brightly coloured street. One thing looked most unusual to the eye and that was a mouse. The mouse was the same height as her and wore white gloves with vivid yellow trousers.
"Golly! Are you alright?" spoke the mouse.
"Yeah, I think so," said Rose, shocked that the mouse could talk.
"That was some push the old fountain gave you," said the mouse.
"The what?" answered Rose.
"The old fountain," said the mouse. Rose looked confused.
"You don't know about the old fountain?! Gosh, you must be confused!" the mouse paused. "The old fountain teleports people when they need it the most. Did you want to escape somewhere or really wanted to get somewhere but did not have the opportunity?" asked the mouse.
"No, I don't think so," said Rose.
"You will have to get across the Bridge of Doom, then down to the waters where Miss Valeena Featherstone will teleport you back home. She's the best witch in town! I'll come with you of course! I really don't have anything better to do...," said the mouse.
"Oh! Thank you very much! But I would like it if I knew your name first and for you to tell me where I am," said Rose.
"The name's Miko Mouse! And you are at Goodinton Park! Where everyone has fun!" said Miko Mouse excitedly.
"My name's Rose," said Rose politely while not sure of what to think.
Miko Mouse and Rose walked, she could not believe her eyes. Many weird looking houses and a few castles were here and there. There were lots of rides to go on, but Rose had to stop herself from getting on one. The rides looked magnificent and very enjoyable to go on. Everything looked fantastic like it had come out of a fairy-tale. The people there all looked different as well.
There were animals just like Miko Mouse roaming about and everyone wore odd clothing such as ballgowns. In some doors where no one would stand near were brightly coloured purple ovals sparkling delightfully. After walking for what seemed like forever came a very, very long bridge that was tattered and worn out from being used too much just like a toy. Wood was falling, and it was a long way down if you fell. You could not see how far down it was since it was so dark.
"D-do... do you want to go first?" Miko Mouse stumbled over his words frightened to death. The strong wind blew angrily.
"Not really, but I'll do it anyway," said Rose determined but also scared inside. Rose shut her eyes and took the first step clinging on tightly to the rail for dear life. To Rose's surprise, she did not fall, so she kept going along. Rose made it slowly to the middle of the bridge when the piece of wood holding her on the bridge shattered to pieces. Rose screamed trying to get a hold of the bridge but was not1o lucky enough.
"Rose!!" shouted Miko Mouse at the top of his lungs.
Rose held her hands up high for Miko Mouse to grab her, but he was not fast enough. Rose was falling and saw Miko Mouse fade from view, she shut her eyes tight. Rose was panicked and did not know how she was going to get home now. "Oh no. How am I supposed to help Rose from darkness," said Miko Mouse feeling helpless with no direction on what to do.

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