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This is a true story about what a young player perceived as a bad call ending in death
A Game of Soccer

Ball and nets, fields open and green

Junior high school field, where to find this teen

What is it we created what is it we have taught

No more reason, no thinking , sportsmanship naught

Recreational this game, not professional at all

This game played so seriously about this ball

Kick downfield , penalty called

Ricardo Portillo about to fall

Like a sneak thief disguised by the night

Another young thug finds his target to start a fight

Sucker punch unseen and now to the head

Leaves this young father in his hospital bed

What are we coming to, this place seems so diseased

This punk escapes and much later to police, the father agrees

To bring him down to the station to face

These charges new and what a disgrace

A mere game, a distraction with not much at stake

This young man now dead, now dead in Salt Lake

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