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Rising Stars Fame
It's time. Jamie takes a deep breath then enters the stage. Lights are pointed on her in every direction, but she's focused on the 2,000 sets of eyes on her. She's practiced for this moment for almost a year now. The Junior Miss American Pageant is jam-packed with people from all over the world to watch her. Jamie paints on her largest smile that she can manage. It's not that she's unhappy or faking it, but the audience has her a nervous wreck. All the practice in the world couldn't prepare her for this moment.

She takes another motivating breath, then proceeds down the runway with a burst of confidence. One thing she is prepared for is her six-inch heels. She would be more likely to fall in sneakers after a year of living in heels. She wore them everywhere except the shower. With each step down the runway, her fear shrinks. Her moves turn from mechanical to bouncing freely along. Her mother would tell her to relax and notice her every movement, but she doesn't care. Today isn't about her mother.

Jamie stops in all the designated areas on the stage and twirls around with a smile. Her mother's instructions, "slow down" cross her mind, but float away with a slight giggle beneath her smile. Jamie exits the stage, feeling as if she just got a new puppy. The audience screams from behind her. Whistles and claps echo through the auditorium. Jamie rushes to her duffel bag to change her outfit for her talent performance. She will be singing a song that she wrote herself. She slips her gold dress over her head and steps into another set of heels.

"Next up is Miss Jamie Milligan performing 'A New Day'"

Jamie heads back on the stage with a microphone in her hand. A man begins playing the piano off to the side of the stage. Jamie's voice steals the auditorium, a beautiful pitch dancing into a melody of perfection. She crowd grows silent then people begin to stand and cheer her on as she sings. Her voice is like an angel, never missing a beat of harmony.

"Thank you, Miss Milligan! Now is the moment you've all been waiting for, the crowning of Junior Miss America!" The audience squeals and goes wild. Family members hold up signs cheering on their relatives, hoping their name will be announced. Jamie spots in mother standing among the crowd of people with her face lit up and a tear running down her cheek. She's clapping her hands above her head. "And the winner for 2019 Junior Miss America is..." The woman opens the envelope with an exaggerated effect, "Miss Jamie Milligan!"

Jamie gasps and rushes forward with her hand covering her gaping mouth. "Congratulations! We have an honorary guest here to crown you. Everyone, please welcome Mila Kunis to the stage." Mila sends the crowd into a deafening applause. The host passes Mila a gold crown with lined diamonds which sparkle noticeably from across the room. Jamie's eyes pop and glisten at the crown. Mila wraps her arms around Jamie and congratulates her away from the microphone's reach. Jamie moves to the center of the stage and bows as the curtains close around her.
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