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The skater champion wìll face her curse cleverly
Elena was a famous figure skater. She was from Romania and became a USA citizen when she first emigrated with her parents from Bucharest to Michigan.
She possessed another talent. She was a sewing designer. She created exceptional models. However she used such talent only to conceive her competition suits and wardrobe.
She was red haired with blue eyes. She was one meter and sixty five centimeters. She had a set weight, around fifty seven kilograms.
She was always at the first stage of the podium and earned many golden medals around the world.
She would have a competition in one month at Munich in Germany. She was twenty two and was considered old yet according to such category of sport. However she had successfully preserved her sportive shape. She followed strictly a certain diet with nutritionists and assessed constantly both her weight and health. She remained perfect for this sport because she still possessed a high flexibility in her movements and she was precise in her gestures.

Elena was twelve when she first discovered ice skating. When she was on the rink, it seemed to her that she was inside a queen iced castle. As she first tried to skate she felt down. A lovely girl of ten gifted in such sport, took her hand and helped her. She taught her how to skate and became her friend. Elena felt in love with figure skating and became a professional.

The 23rd of July 2009 was coming fast.Even though she had been doing trainings seriously and during three years, she felt fear today more than ever. She was constantly nervous. She seldom smiled. Her face was drawn by serious features. Her coach Valery asked her: "what's the mater with you?" "You are doing a great job". "But you seem anxious". "Is there any trouble Elena?"
Elena:" No, it is all right"." Nevertheless I feel both sadness and fear" . "Also sometimes in the night I wake up disturbed by nightmares".
Valery: "Look Elena, you should take a rest of ten days before the competition". "I advise you to travel". "Go somewhere far from such ambience". "I have a ticket to California for next Monday". "I offer it to you". "I want you to be perfect the day of the competition that I know you will win."
Elena: "I can never be enough thankful to you". "You have always been nice with me ." "You are my best friend too". "I will fly next Monday".

It was the 23rd July 2009. Both Elena and her coach were very satisfied of their chosen show. Indeed they both agreed that the presentation was both original and qualified . Indeed both thought that it was something special which would catch the attention of both the spectators and the jury members .
As usual she had conceived the suits for such competition. She had chosen light tangerine color. The bustier had been embroidered by hand with a silver thread. The tutu possessed black veil and contained some tangerine coral stones. A black veil hid the breast decollete . The black socks contained silver shining fibers. A silver crown added a charm to her. She seemed like a queen.
"What a pity?"; Elena said to her coach. "What's the matter ?", Valery said. Elena:"I have forgotten my silver skates". "Never mind you can use another pair of skates offered by Munich sport confederation here". Valery said.

The competition had started. Two skaters had participated yet. Both were from Russia. The first one was eighteen and the second one was twenty two. They had not made any mistakes but their both shows were simple with one simple jump and rotation. The artistic events lacked originality. Both had been rated by all the jury members three out of five according to the technics and two out of five for artistic events.

All the spectators applauded when Elena entered the rink. They had been waiting for the show with impatience.
She saluted the spectators with great both elegance and tact.
She first started with a triple jump. "Wow! perfect!": said the coach. Then she did a cross rotation which lasted for a while. She was completely engaged in such music with her harmonic corps movements. A great silence was settled within the tribune.
She did another quadruple jump paired with a fire show. All the spectators were mesmerized.She slipped graciously on such iced ground that she mastered at great ease. It was excellent. She continued her dance and did the reverse corps with a quick rotation.She finished her show with a simple jump.

Suddenly all the spectators got up.An enormous rumpus was heard.Indeed when Elena wanted to greet people again she felt down and her corps knew many rotative slides. She could not get control on such skates which were not hers. She clashed with a great inertia against the rink borders. She got a harsh hip fracture. She lost consciousness. She did a surgery where she got a femur brooch. Later she received a golden medal that she earned at ease and had been congratulated by Munich skating sport confederation and had received the title of the best world figure skater.
She lived an ambivalent moment. She was happy but in the same time she had to retire because she could not practice skating any more. Her blue eyes were like a clouded sky and acquired gray color. Her cheeks were burnt by inflamed tears.
Ice skating was all her life. What would she do in the future?

She had a concrete example of a disabled person in her family. Her father was an alcoholic and lost his two lower limbs in a car accident. In stead of being depressed, her father kept a great lesson . He started a new life without alcohol. He adhered to a disabled persons group. They learned how to use the other limbs and sense organs. He learned a lot. He founded a small company and started to produce some decorating objects. He was specialized in pictures frames. He decorated them manually . He became a happy man. "I am a new born since I have proceeded to alcohol weaning". As he constantly repeated to his daughter. As he helped persons who wanted to stop alcohol by different weaning technics.

She was sad and depressed. She went to her friend Brian. He was a computer engineer. He had conceived many electronic movies . "Elena you are a clever woman and you always do things in a great way." "You possess many talents my dear friend". "How about your sewing designer credentials ?" "You do many original suits". Brian said.
Then he showed her a surprise. He showed her a new movie about a skater champion. It was entitled Elena. She had tears in her eyes. "Ho! my dear friend I love you": she said.

When being at home she remembered Brian's speech which had allowed her to regain self confidence. So she had a cute idea. As she used to conceive her skate suits she started to make new suits for dolls too. She made exclusive suits embroidered manually and decorated with gem stones. The chosen colors added a certain beauty and originality to such pieces. She participated in many exhibitions around the world and earned many golden medals and merit badges.

The 26th May was her anniversary. Brian made her a surprise. He came with a magnificent flowers bouquet. She was very happy when she saw him. "Hello! my dear friend":Brian said. "Glad to see you Brian": she said.He brought her a work contract. He proposed her to be both partners for a cinema project. He wanted to use her dolls to produce many electronic movies where all her dolls would be lively actresses.Brian: "Please Elena accept this project" . "I know with your great adding it will be the most featured electronic cinema project". She agreed with pleasure. Indeed this project would allow both of them to prosper in their careers and to be wealthy.
They spent a marvelous evening. At the end of the anniversary Brian offered her a masculine doll. He had brightening eyes and trembling hands when he gave her a red box too which was attached to the doll. In it there was a diamond ring. Elena opened the box with a great excitement and wept because of the immense emotion. She was completely amazed and very happy. She said: "wow Brian! It is a wonderful gem my lovely friend!" Brian asked her to accept to marry him and she agreed.

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