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by Benny
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A girl tries to overcome depression while finding out that she is stuck in time forever.
Beautiful silence fills the air while beautiful pain will not go away sooner or later, not even in an instant will all troubles float away. The thought bangs on Kristal's head that we are all human and we are meant to dream. With her trembling hand, she places the coffee down on the table and leaves the cafe without a word. Walking from street to street she sees the morning rush of everyone going to work.

"Everyone is lost in a life full of mistakes," a voice came from Kristal's left ear.

"We do what feels right then fall with no grace" choked Kristal in answer. The day passes by slowly like it is never going to end and yet it does.

In an empty room, looking in the mirror the same voice comes from her right ear "What an ugly sight". Tears start to roll down Kristal's face,

"I'm worthless," she says out loud. Kristal pulls the bat from the doorway and takes a deep breath. She smashes the mirror into shatters, crying nonstop.

She falls to the floor, picking up pieces of glass. Staring at the glass shards for a long while. Kristal falls asleep on the floor with glass surrounding her body. Once her eyes closed, Kristal saw herself being chased by the sun, escaping flatlines.

Kristal wakes up sweating all over, "Dreams are a curse," Kristal said breathing heavily.

She was in her nice warm bed at home, "Wake up you're alive again," the voice said sarcastically.

It was early in the morning; Kristal went for a morning walk around the block to clear up her thoughts. While walking outside the world started to fade from view everything around her went crumbling into dust. Kristal opened her eyes and found herself lying on the floor in a cold sweat. She was in a room; the entire room was white as snow. There was no furniture in this room, in fact, nothing at all.

"I see you have woken up," said a manly voice from behind. Kristal turns around immediately. There was a grown man at least six feet tall looking down at Kristal with long bright orange hair with a curl at the end.

"I am Mr. McGloithstein, you have entered time in itself if you didn't realize miss..." said Mr. McGloithstein waiting for Kristal to answer.

In surprise Kristal did not know what to say and simply added "Krisal," Kristal said her name so fast that she forgot to say the 't' in Kristal.

"What a lovely name you have, Now. How did you get here?" asked Mr. McGloithstein politely.

Kristal was flustered she responded to him immediately "I was walking and suddenly everything just vanished before my eyes and then I was laying down and met you. What is this place? Why am I here?" saying these words rapidly like there was no tomorrow.

"Interesting," said Mr. McGloithstein while pondering the room left to right.

"You did not answer any of my questions," said Kristal eyeing him suspiciously.

Mr. McGloithstein turned around readily "You have been caught into a space void, this means you are stuck in time except you can breathe and move around the... what you call Earth. You will be able to do anything you want of course. You will just see heaps of lifeless bodies around you but that be managed. Now to your questions," Mr. McGloithstein said calmly.

Kristal could not believe what she was hearing, it was too much for her. "How can that be?" said Kristal.

"Well, the powerful wizard named Zion cast a spell to prevent the unicorns going suicide instead he accidentally made every living thing on earth still, lifeless forever," said Mr. McGloithstein.

"What?!" shouted Kristal. Out of nowhere a doorway opened showing how the earth looked. Kristal could not bear what she was seeing. She walked slowly towards the doorway and went through ignoring Mr. McGloithstein's yells and warnings to stop her.

Once through the doorway, Kristal was back home but it was not the home she used to know. Everyone was still, lifeless just as Mr. McGloithstein said. One man was in the middle eating a hotdog, another was sitting at his desk about to write something. Children were playing in the distance, but no one, not one living creature moved a muscle. At the corner of Kristal's eye, she saw a spoon balancing on top of a hood of a bright red car.

Kristal stretched her arm to reach it. "What good will that do you? You will always be a disappointment to everyone you love," the voice came from Kristal's right ear.

"Jokes on you. I have finally accepted who I'm supposed to be, I have accepted who I'm supposed to see," spoke Kristal with pride realizing how important she is. The spoon fell by one touch of her finger, the voice in her head screamed in pain while the sky went different shades of the rainbow and everyone started to move around again like nothing happened.

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