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There are seven original Deadly Sins.
I have experienced the eighth and most destructive of all. This sin leads to all of the rest as far as I am concerned.

Its’ name is Arrogance. None of the seven are his master. He rules as superstar in his realm. His is the realm of corruption and deceit.
Greed, Lust. Envy and Pride are children to him, understudies in a play of his demented creation.

Arrogance is the very being of wrath. The creator, the father, owner, prophet and director. Arrogance is the creator of murder and theft of unending misery.

He has the presumption of such piety and superior quality, such superior intellect. He reasons that rules do not apply to him. He is far too bright and aloof for commoners, the mob the hoi poloy.

Arrogance has so many secret faces, a master of disguise, a magician, a weaver of corrupt tales. He is a poet, a politician of those that need to believe in something, anything to get the day by.

I have known this crowned king a very long time. He comes in false forms. There are days he comes as a benefactor but once behind your back he will disparage
and belie truth.
He will never think a thought to any previous commitment nor honor his word. To him, that word is fluid and holds only the weight he gives it.

He is a magnificent deceiver, obfuscator, twister of truth. This madman speaks so
Reverently of benefits for you to come but speaks with forked tongue.

Your need is his home, his cave, his luxurious harmonious life.
He is the one in the parking lot. His Mercedes so close but the carriage he can’t return.
He is the one that makes a fuss so that he is to be taken care of first just to discharge him from sight, while others brought to his mercy again.

Arrogance is the one that rages in your face when his ignorance is his greatest deceit. He must have control and bend your will, not a thought to you or yours.
He calls and demands things so unreasonable but does not participate.
He is a createn, an empty vessel, the suit with nothing within, the brain that has its’ biggest fan inside. He is the one we turn away from on the street and pray he
does not see you.

Arrogance is all of the Seven Deadly Sins and more

Word count 410
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