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Jesus Heals , Pharisees Hate

The blind inquisition

Pharisee Pharisee quite contrary. Do some people exist just to ruin others happy occasions. To steal their sunshine. Who, when seeing a blind man from birth healed would be questioning the man and his parents in the most contrite of ways. Pharisees. Hypocritical and self-righteous. Picking on the disabled, rather than picking up their torture stake. Exactly what the Pharisees did... falsely blamed the man for his being blind and then put him on mock trial. The blind man receives healing by Christ and then the pharisaical inquisition begins, directed first to the blind man. "How can a man that is a Sinner perform signs of that sort?" "What do you say about Jesus since it was YOUR eyes that he opened?" Displeased with the response from the beggar, the parents next get bombarded with ridiculous questions that no doubt conjure up their pain of having had a blind son and take away from the joy and moment of wanting to be able to rejoice with their son, that for the first time can now see them! "Is this your son who YOU SAY was born blind?", "How, then does he NOW see?"...back to the son, they go unsatisfied with the parents answers.. The last questions the Pharisees ask are "What did he do to you", "How did he open you eyes" and then here it comes the concluding insult frame worked in the form of a question, after the humble blind gentleman holds his own, "You were altogether born in sin, and yet are you teaching us?" Wow. Wow. I am glad that what doesn't set me off, so to speak, is seeing a miraculous healing of a well know Jewish man, a beggar, a human lacking sight, that happened to be at the right place at the right time benefiting from unforeseen occurrences in a most miraculous way. . All of this occurring when most likely the family wanted to rejoice with their healed loved one. As the final phase of questioning begins all I can think of as I've pondered this account (and thought what if this line of questioning were directed at me) is that the family I would like to have said to the Pharisees "who are you to question me" "Have you ever nursed a baby to satisfaction, only to have him not see who provided the meal?". To conclude all of this questioning was to discredit Jesus as God's son, to kick the family out of the synagogue, and to make a mockery of the healing to be done in paradise which includes the fulfillment of this verse Isaiah 35:5- at that time the eyes of the blind will be opened.

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