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Harper accepts The Goddess' offer and begins her journey through the carnal realm.
“It is quite real Ms. Ferris. Extraordinary and preternatural perhaps, but real. There are more things in heaven and earth than you can imagine. Honestly, more than heaven and earth even. I can promise you adventure, intrigue, lust, and carnal satisfaction here. You may lose that which you think you are, but you will find and see things which you never knew your soul could yearn for.”

The Goddess’s words ignited the scratching of awareness in the back of Harper’s mind. It was as if she was dusting off a long forgotten memory. It was more than answering an unspoken question. It was an invitation to a clandestine portion of her soul. The simple authoritative words settled into silence. Harper blinked, head tilted to the floor as she tried to think. A visceral desire to follow the Goddess overtook her.

“I will come with you.” Harper felt the words pass her lips as a whisper but they sounded cocksure to her own ears. She looked up at the Goddess. “I don’t know why but I will follow you. It feels right.”

The Goddess smiled, a mystery sparkled in her eyes. “I knew you would. Who can say why though, perhaps at the end of your journey you can enlighten us both. Come Ms. Harper Ferris, let that journey begin.”

Harper stood up. A silvery wind swept across the center ring, fine sand carried along before swirling around her ankles. The chair behind her knees seemed to dissolve into a shadowy mist before the sparkling cyclone traveled up her body. Harper squeezed her eyes shut, preparing for the sting of the sand against her skin and her eyes. It was cool, smelled faintly of roses, and carried no sensation of grit despite the sand. A curious sensation and soft rustling puzzled Harper before a subtle weight descended on her.

“Open your eyes Harper. It is time to go.”

Harper reluctantly opened her eyes, unsure of what to expect. The Goddess gesture into the darkness beyond her. Harper took a step. She felt her clothing shift and heard a sharper click than her shoes usually made. A startled glance down revealed that her fine professional attire had been magically exchanged for more voluptuous attire. The softest silk of a near transparent cream color hung from her neck, draped across her breasts and down her back before being fanned out into a skirt; a braided gold cord secured the delicate fabric at her hips. Gilded strappy sandals with stiletto heels adorned her feet while thin gold chains formed a web across her torso, bridging her cleavage and peaking from between the folds of silk.

Harper stopped midstep. She marveled at the clothing. It was so light and astonishingly comfortable. She instinctively knew her feet would never ache from the heels and the clothing would never chafe. She ran her hands over the fabric and touched her hair. Her hair tumbled freely down her shoulders, sleek and clean as if no rain had touched it. Harper’s gaze snapped up at the Goddess. She tilted her head, a grin on her lips, encouraging Harper to continue.

Harper strode past the Goddess and into the darkness beyond the rings. Her hostess followed close behind. The air seemed to tingle with anticipation, the rhythmic click with each step a promise of wondrous things to come. That warm glow from heights faded out, leaving Harper and the Goddess in a comfortable darkness. Harper followed her gut, walking forward into the darkness, certain the Goddess would provide direction should she need it.

Minutes ticked by. Time seemed both infinite and inconsequential. The darkness gave way to the twinkle of distant stars. Harper admired the stars as she journeyed deeper into the Goddess’s realm. The stars shone brighter and loomed larger with each step until Harper came to realize they were not, in fact, stars.

The twinkling lights came from a profusion of glass rooms suspended from that impossibly high ceiling. Each room appeared to be a different geometric structure; some pyramids, some cubes, some spheres; all of them filled with a warm light. Figures moved inside the rooms, giving physical form to every carnal act imaginable. Harper found the rooms suspended lower and lower the further she trekked, the first illuminating her steps along the smooth dark expanse that began to reflect the light from its polished stone surface. Soon the rooms were low enough that she could easily peak in to watch the figures.

Beautiful sirens stripped and teased one another. One holdra stretched and twirled on her suspended ring, while another swung gracefully around a pole. An exotic woman with plush fox tales kissed and teased a handsome man in a lush bed. Impossibly nubile youths openly masterbated, legs spread to give Harper a clear view. Buff men exuding an intense masculinity provided oral stimulation to each other or equally fit woman; each recipient trapped in the throes of rapture. A sensual woman enthusiastically rode a hairy man with a huge cock, causing their glass room to sway in time with her thrusts. Otherworldly creatures of ambiguous gender gathered in small groups of three or four to fuck in a myraid of configurations regardless of genetalia. Another buff man beast with an enormous cock made his way through a group of various females, each beautiful and exotic; some clearly humans while some were otherworldly creatures. He left each in a heap on the floor, dripping with his cum and in an exhausted delirium.

Harper turned to gaze at the Goddess in awe. Her body throbbed with blatant lust, nipples erect and labia slick with arousal. Every room thrilled and titaliated her- better than porn. Beautiful, sexy creatures enacting every base desire just beyond a single pane of glass. She turned back to the closest room and rested her hand on the glass as she watched one of those impossibly handsome buff men wrap his strong arms around a gorgeous woman’s hips and bury his face in between her spread legs while holding her in place. She panted as the woman’s hands aimlessly grasped for anything to help her endure the onslaught of sensation to her clit. A moan and muted screams reverberated through the room, transferring through the glass as small vibrations under Harper’s fingers.

“Delightful, isn’t it?” The Goddess asked. “This is just the basics really. Sexuality can be infinitely creative and infinitely inspired you know.”
She pointed to the buff man in the nearest room. “Werewolves. Wonderfully primal and animalistic creatures.” A sly smile played on her lips as she flitted between the rooms, showcasing each for Harper.

“Kitsune. Masters of seduction.” The nine tailed woman winked over her shoulder at Harper before turning back to the moaning man under her.

“Elves. Solitary and long lived. Being happy alone is a valuable skill.” The Goddess gazed at the nubile youth, meeting his stare as he stroked his hard cock.

“Faun and nymph.” A shrug and wave at the room rocking from the woman riding her partner’s cock.

“Succubi or Incubi, depending on their desire.” The Goddess smiled and tapped on one of the glass rooms where an otherworld threesome was in full swing.

“And this handsome creature. A satyr. Enormous cock and endless sexual energy.” Her hand stroked the gilded frame of the room, before she turned to look at the man beckoning to her. He stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by sated women and with a rock hard erection easily a foot or more in length. “Later darling. I’ll send for you.” The Goddess blew the satyr a kiss before turning back to Harper.

“My personal favorite. A gift from my beloved to keep me entertained. Quite popular with a few of our female residents as you see.” She gestured to the slumbering forms on the glass floor.

The Goddess spread her hands, indicating all the shimmering rooms. “This is really but a fraction of the fun, but why don’t you explore a bit. You seem… flustered shall we say?” A knowing raised eyebrow and direct look at Harper’s rock hard nipples left no confusion.

A relieved sigh and giddy laughter bubbled out of Harper. The Goddess gave another of her sly smiles before she faded into darkness leaving Harper in the cavernous hall filled with shimmering rooms. A smorgasbord of carnal delights. Harper ran her hands over her thighs, gathering the flowing silk before flouncing through the hall, twirling and marveling at all her options.
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