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Possibly the most inspirational acceptance speech for a Razzie Award that never existed.
"Thank you.. uh.. Thank you for this award in... worst picture of the year.

Uhh, hehe. First of all, I just want to thank everyone who helped made this movie. I really do want to acknowledge all the hardworking people in the production departments from lighting to sound, from special effects to the grips, from the editors to the people in makeup and wardrobe. Because it is so easy to thank all "important" people like the actors, writers, directors and all of their friends and family. Nobody really ever thank the people who gets paid under a million dollars. So I just want to thank all the people who worked hard and making this movie for what it truly is. A stunning success. And yes, I know where I am and what this award is.

To most people, this award is symbol of failure. Not to me. I see it as symbol of success and no, not because its shiny, but to me this means my movie exists. People have talked about it to the point where it gets an award, and no the award itself is not success but the reason behind it. The reason being that we have created something that everyone can talk about and to share... Because I think of success as an acknowledgement for doing something, and true failure is a lack of it, because if someone writes a story and no one cares then all that time you spent on that story was for nothing. But if people care enough about the story to talk about it causally, then that person succeeded, because all that time was for something. As creators and presenters of fiction, we are always challenged to create worlds while trying to maintain the reality of our own, and often we can't balance both. Something gives up, and then we give up all together. It's a cruel business but to all of my fellow Razzie winners and any potential Razzie winner, always know that you and your works are not failures! Nothing is ever a failure until people stop caring, so for those who are feeling sad and thinks their writing is shit, be proud of your shit so that you are never a failure, as long as your work is seen and people know about it then you are always a success!"
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