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Erotica - Fae/Human Encounter
Rescue & Reward – the Unexpected
(Copyright – February 2019 – lddecker)

I guess I got there just in time! Five men were trying to undress and rape a small bluish-purple creature! It looked like some kind of bestial gangbang, and I was going to pass by, but then the creature caught my eye – There was a definite sentience… and terror there. There was blood trickling down from beneath her silver-white hair and she was mumbling protests, unable to respond with full coherence. I pulled-up my caravan and set the brake, before stepping down. “Lads,” I interjected, “It looks to me like she does not want to play this game with you. Why not go find a willing subject for your… fun.”

“Piss off!” one of the men threatened viciously, as he tried to jamb his thick member between the poor creature’s legs. Just the bulbous head of his shaft was stretching her lips. The other four were also in various stages of undress; some of them already spraying her with their warm, sticky fluids. The creature’s meagre garments were hanging from her limbs in tatters, leaving her fully exposed. I ambled up with a look of idle curiosity. “What type of creature is she, anyway?” I asked, “Is she Fae?” “She’s a cave imp,” one of the men sighed as he emptied his load of semen across her breasts, “And we’ve brought her into the light of day, to enlighten her to the joys of carnal pleasure!” Then he grinned at his ‘clever’ pun. I clapped him on the shoulders while giving a hearty laugh. At the same time, I wrapped my other hand around the neck of the fellow trying to take her virginity – for I had no doubt she was sentient, and that she gave no consent for such brutish treatment. I wrenched him away from her, up into the air, and sent him flying into a nearby tree – where he struck his head on a thick branch and fell to the ground silent.

“I’m sure you must have your fun,” I stated with heavy sarcasm, “But, as I said, she does not seem willing. So, you shall release her; I will take her someplace safer than here, and tend to any wounds she has.” “Hey! You just want her for your own fun!” one of the men exclaimed turning his focus onto me and stepping forward with his fists clenched. “No,” I replied, while shoving my open palm into his chest with enough force to send him tumbling over a pile of large rocks nearby, “Of course, she is a fetching little sprite; however, what I want, is for her to be able to enjoy her life as she wishes, on her own terms. And it is obvious that she does not want your terms; so I suggest you all leave… Now!”

The entire time, I was summoning my gifts. I focused them through my voice and directed them at the level of the men’s heads. Without warning, their hands and arms went numb and their necks were whipped back. Their bodies were thrown away from the girl, who dropped to the ground and lay there – stunned from her previous head wound. Her attackers were unconscious; with one of them, the first rapist, probably dead. I leaned over her and lifted her in my arms. “Can you understand me?” I asked. Her face had a dazed expression, but she nodded in a slow – not fully cognizant – manner. “My name is Greyfriar. I am a Shaman & Master Bard. I am going to find a spot further up the road, where there is a natural spring-formed stream; it is hidden from the road, so nobody will bother us. When we get there, I want to examine you and treat your wounds,” I explained, “Would that be all right?” Again she gave a sleepy nod.

Though I cradled her gently I kept shifting her, so she would not fall asleep – perhaps later she could, but I wanted to check her wounds first. Her ordeal had exhausted her, but we managed some dialogue. Her name was Kita and she was a cave-sprite; which, I guess, explained her purple skin. Because she was Fae, rather than guess and possibly offend her, I simply asked Kita her age; and was informed that she was 237. I wasn’t actually surprised by this – despite her boy-ish, almost pre-adolescent form. I’d dealt with other Fae and was used to seeing them appear as far younger than they were. From former dealings with The Fae, I knew that 237 would translate closer to 33 in Human years, given the span of a Fae lifetime. I could tell Kita was, no doubt, a real powerhouse when she was feeling more able. Once her attackers were down for the count, I saw her weapon lying in the bushes – it looked like a short spear, but with a wide slightly curved sword-blade on one end… and a mace-like knob on the other end. I made sure we didn’t leave it behind.

I found the entrance to the hidden path – no surprise since I was the one who kept it hidden. I set the deadfall and branches aside, led my caravan in a way, then pulled the natural cover back in place. A couple of corners along the path and we arrived at the stream. The spot cut-in backwards off the old path, into a glade. A carpet of moss and clover-covered most of the glade, with sprigs of wild forget-me-nots, scattered randomly. There were two raised flat boulders, polished smooth by age and the elements – one jutted out into the stream, the other was at one end of the glade. This one showed markings of past campfires set in the center, with plenty of room to sit and eat off the flat lengths of river-shale that were also polished smooth. I lifted Kita off the wagon bench and sat her leaning against a log that sat along one end of the fire-rock. Next, one at a time, I took the eating platters and washed them in the stream, scrubbing them with a handful of moss. That done, I set the tinder to get a campfire started.

I explained that I needed to undress Kita in order to examine her fully for injuries. So I tried to remove her clothing intact; but, really, her attackers had left her clothing in tatters. “I’m not shy,” Kita murmured, “Just cut it away. I can make-do with a small blanket if I need anything.” I did as she asked. Kita’s wrists and ankles had been bound tightly, so they were chaffed raw… Her right buttock had been dragged across a small boulder, and was scraped raw… She had a small cut above her right eye that was bleeding quite profusely; I made a quick poultice of clay & moss, for that. I grabbed some roots and leaves from my caravan and steeped them in boiling water. It made a tasty tea, which I poured into two cups; then I continued to boil down the remaining until the roots & leaves were a warm paste. I mixed a couple more ingredients into it, then I smeared it gently around her wrists and ankles, and across her right bum cheek. Because the one attacker had almost entered her, I checked Kita’s vagina & labia. They were a little red and irritated, but otherwise undamaged. “Your hymen is intact,” I informed my patient, “But it was still a traumatic experience… If you need to talk to somebody about it, I have strong shoulders and a ready ear… with no judgment attached.” “Thank you Greyfriar,” Kita replied wearily, “If I can, I would love to sleep now.” I pulled some cushions and a large blanket out of the caravan… made certain my team of donkeys were hobbled enough to let them move about, but not wander off. Then I spooned Kita with my own body, covered us with the blanket; and we nestled our heads onto the pillows. As I closed my eyes, I could see my Totems move along the edge of the glade – Mother Owl, Father Raven, Mother Bear, & Brother Otter… If any attack did come, I knew that Sister Dolphin and Fieros the Phoenix would immediately join their ranks. We were well protected and could sleep in peace.

I think we awoke about the same time, but I was the first to be aware of my morning erection nestled in the crack of Kita’s bum. She tensed when she was first aware of it. I drew her into a warm, tender hug and whispered, “I have never raped any woman. You can relax. This is just my body’s way of saying it feels nice to be next to your body.” She snuggled back into me, relaxing and murmuring, “When it doesn’t feel threatening, it’s kind of nice.” I dozed off for a bit, wrapping her up in my big, hairy body.

When I woke the second time, Kita’s cute butt was wiggling around on my belly, and I could feel her mouth around my morning erection. I sat up against the log, so I could return the favour – burying my face between her legs. In this manner, Kita enjoyed two orgasms to my one… which I felt was only fair. Besides which, when she turned and rested her head on my chest with a satisfied smile, it gave me a body-rush as good as any orgasm; which only caused her to smile softly, and murmured sweetly, “Careful – or you may fall under the guise of an older woman.” “Hm-hmm,” I chuckled, “I have dealt with The Fae before, and I know you all age differently than we mere mortals. So, in fact, at 237, you’re barely old enough to claim status as a randy teenager!” “Well,” she replied, starting to kiss my chest, searching for the most sensitive spots, “Yes! I am a ‘randy teenager’! And, thanks to your intervention, I am still a virgin – which I am truly grateful… Virginity is not something you want torn from you, a proper lady wishes to give her virginity as a gift to one she loves.”

“Ah, yes!” I responded, “’ To one she loves’… You have only just met me! How can you know you love me?” “In this short time, I now know that you are a spiritual man, taking the name Greyfriar… you are a Shaman & Master Bard, which are magical callings… you have an impactful fighting style, so you are a warrior… you haven’t just ravaged me, so you are a kind, considerate, & thoughtful person… and you know enough about The Fae, that you’ve had to have had dealings with Us. So, yes! I think I can love you! … but,” she added, hesitantly & with a shy smile, “I wonder if you… could love me?” I could not remove the look of surprise from my face, as she hurriedly added, “I mean, you’re a big, hairy monster of a warrior-priest; and – sure I’m Fae – and I have purple skin and white hair, I’m almost flat-chested, I’m short & stocky – so I can see why I wouldn’t seem like much of a catch.” And her voice trailed off.

I pulled her up to my face and kissed her; I was pleased that she immediately returned the passion. When we came up for air, I murmured tenderly in her ear. “Kita, sweet warrior, never doubt that you have all the sensuous, sultry sexuality to attract and enthrall anyone with a heartbeat!” I avowed, “And I am absolutely attracted to… how you look, sound, act, talk, feel… everything! Everything about you helps me to grow more and more affectionate towards you. But I would never ravage you for your virginity – that’s not who or what I am. I will woo you… seduce you… help guide you to the point where you are begging me to enter you. Only then, would I lovingly take the gift you offer.” She sighed and murmured, “For a warrior-priest, you sure do talk sexy.” Then she kissed me.

[To be continued…]


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