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A character profile sheet to help create dynamic characters. Suitable for all Genres
Hi, I have been searching all over looking for a character profile sheet geared to specific genres. I could never find what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I believe it is suitable for all genres and give a clear picture of what makes this character "tic". If any question does not fit into what you are writing, simply skip it or mark it with a N/A. In the questions where there is a line marking a space; put in your character's name. I hope you like it. Don't hesitate to let me know If I should add/delete anything.


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Role in Story:
Full Name:
Ethnic Background:
Birth Date:
Birth Sign:
Phone Number (or mode of communication):


Location of story:
Nick name:
Marital Status:
Children (If so, how many, ages, gender)
Pets (If so, how many, what kind, purebred?):
Political Affiliation:
Type of residence:
Describe furnishings:
City/Country background:
Does he/she smoke or drink:
Personal possessions/Toys:


Eyes: (shape, color):
Does he/she wear glasses/contacts):
Complexion/skin tone/skin color:
Distinguishing marks/scars/tattoos:
How they walk:
Hair ( color, length, texture):
What is his/her style of clothing:
Do their clothes match:
Is their appearance distinctive:
Does he/she blend with other people:
Is he/she conventionally (following or agreeing with the established form) attractive or unattractive:
Physical Condition:
What makes him/her enigmatic:

Family History:

Siblings: (If so, how many and genders):
1. What values and beliefs did _______________ parents or guardians work to install in him/her?
2. How did ______________ upbring shape him/her for the better and/or the worse?

Significant Others:
Formative Relationships with Friends,Teachers,Co-workers,Siblings, and Parents etc.:
1. How did these relationships shape ______________ life at the time?
2. In what ways did these relationships have a lasting impact on ____________?
3. Does ____________ still maintain relationships with the people who had the most impact on him/her in his/her past? Why or why not?
4. Has _____________ aligned or separated himself/herself from the values and beliefs he/she was taught while growing up, as well as those of past friends, schoolmates, or co-workers?
5. What life choices has _______________ made that were impacted by past relationships (e.g. career, education, romances, vices, etc,)?

Speech Pattern:
External Expressions:
1. Language:
A. What dialect does ____________ speak?
B. What accent does he/she have?
C. Has his/her accent changed over time? If so, why?
2. Word Choice and Sentence Structure:
A. Is ______________ speech long-winded, clipped, awkward?
B. How varied is his/her vocabulary?
C. How does he/she change his/her words to please others or achieve a certain end?
3. Attitude and Tone of Voice:
A. What is the pitch of _____________ voice?
B. Does he/she often mumble or mutter?
C. Is his/her internal attitude reflected in the way he/she speaks?
4. Social Interaction:
A. Whom does _____________ enjoy speaking with?
B. What topics do they love to discuss?
C. What people and/or topics would they rather avoid at all costs?
5. Body Language:
A. What expressions and mannerisms does _____________ often employ?
B. Does he/she make eye contact?
C. How does his/her body language change in the presence of certain people?

A. How confident is ______________?
B. How does his/her confidence affect his/her external expression?
C. What causes _____________ confidence to rise or fall?
Negative Mindset:
A. Does ______________ cling to any false beliefs?
B. Does he/she hold grudges or is he/she prejudiced in any way?
C. What negative thoughts does he/she frequently think about themselves?
Mental Health:
A. Does ____________ struggle with their mental health?
B. How do doubts, fears, and/or mental illness hinder him/her in their daily life?
C. Emotional Stability:
D. Internal Conflicts:
E. External Conflicts:

Theme Statement:

Strong/Positive Traits:
Weak Traits/Flaws:
1. Who is ______________at the beginning of the story?
2. What are his/her flaws, and what holds them back from happiness or fulfillment?
3. How do the events of my story shape _____________ for the better or the worse?
4. Does he/she overcome his/her flaws and the obstacles that stand in his/her way? How so?
5. Who has _____________ become by the end of the story?
6. How is ______________ dissatisfied?
7. What does ______________ believe will bring him/her satisfaction?
8. What flaw(s) would most hinder ________________ in his/her journey to find happiness?
9. How did this flaw originate? Is it the result of past experiences or is it more inherent? (belonging to by nature or habit- being a part of the innermost nature of a person or thing)
10. How might this flaw(s) cause ________________ to hurt their-self and/or others?
11. Does _______________ need to overcome this flaw(s) to realize what will truely make him/her happy?
Career Aspirations:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Reading Material:
Favorite thing to do:
Comfort level with opposite sex:
Things he/she takes pride in:
Things that bother him/her:
Things that make him/her laugh:
Socioeconomic Background:
1. What are three of _________________ happiest memories?
2. What are three of __________________ most upsetting memories?
3. When did ________________ first experience grief?
4. What valuable lesson did ________________ learn from memorable past events?
5. In which way has each of the events I’ve outlined impact the person, ______________, is when my story begins?
1. Is _______________ optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic?
2. Is he/she cynical or trusting?
3. Does he/she run most frequently on emotion or logic?
1. Is _____________ extroverted, introverted, ambiverted? ( a person having characteristics of being both an extrovert and an introvert)
1. Define 3-5 of _____________ most prevalent positive traits (e.g. determination, compassion, creativity…)
1. Define 3-5 of ______________ most prevalent negative traits (e.g. anger, prejudice, envy…)
1. List ________________ most common emotions (e.g. happiness, sadness, joy, grief, etc…)
2. Define what situations and experiences would cause _____________ to feel each emotion.
1. Religion:
A. Is he/she still an active member?
2. What are his/her moral and ethical (conforming to a high standard of morality or virtue. Guided by or in accordance with one’s sense of right and wrong.)
3. Does ______________ rebel from common societal or religious norms in any way? Why?
4. What prejudices does _____________ consciously or unconsciously hold? Why?
5. What is _______________ ideal vision for his/her life? Why?
6. What would cause ________________ to view his/her life as a failure? Why?
7. What does _______________ consider a waste of time? Why?
8. Who or what is the most important thing in ______________ life? Why?
9. What are _______________ views on money, power, and fame? Why?
10. How does _______________ generally treat strangers, peers, friends,and family members? Why?

Want VS Need:

Sometimes what your character wants—what they believe will bring them satisfaction—isn’t actually what they need. Their journey then becomes one of transformation, in which they must mature if they are to find true satisfaction.
1. What are _____________ wants, needs, and desires? Why?

Core Disatisfaction and Desire:

1. In what way is _______________ Dissatisfied, or will become dissatisfied with their life?
2. What does __________________ believe will bring him/her satisfaction?
3. Does ___________________ have a certain goal he/she wants to achieve?
4. If _______________ achieves his/her goal, will it actually bring him/her satisfaction?
5. If not, what does he/she need to do to find true satisfaction?
What are the pivotal points in _______________ life?


What is his/her Modus Operandi” [MO] - (A method of procedure, a distinct pattern or method of operation that indicates or suggests the work of a single criminal in more than one crime)


Miscellaneous Additions:

1. Does this character have any special or superpowers:
2. What powers does he/she have:
3. Is he/she have complete control over he/she can use them or do they strike when she/he is experiencing a specific mood/emotion:
4. Does he/she ever lose their powers (If so, why):
5. How does he or she get their powers back:
6. Is he/she a soldier/warrior (If so, what rank):
7. What is his/her weapon of choice:
8. If the Central Character is an animal or object, do they have human characteristics (If so, what):
9. What world does this character come from:
10. How did they get here (earth)and why:
11. What is this character’s goal (mission) and why:

Prose synopsis of this character:

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