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A conversation and controversy over love and a drink loving music and breaking up.
And, my head is pounding, pounding,
going round, and round to the sound.
All it is, and I’m confused.To hang up the fire, and nothing to loose.
Of an electric guitar wire, and blues.
All colors without a sound, or name is, relevantly the same.
As you told me, and break it up!
Well, again I’m one beside you to shake it-
One in the dust ( stardust)up!

A song and a celebration, as I once walked...
I stay free and listening to your music-
I’m missing you, to play your music-
a color with a sound with stardust .
Out in the night breaking wild and free.
Up to you and you’re in my way.
One more drink fool, would drown you!
Out of the way and shake it up tonight.
All night laughing. You shut up!
Let’s break it up, all colors, and play with fire.
Confusion, or love is all I ever hear, without name, without sound.
A little reaction from you, baby!
Relax, She cried! or just shut up!
Do what you want to do.
Go where you’re going to.
Make your move. Get into
the groove.....prove your love to me
I am confused of love you fool.
Shaken up breaking up is
hard to do. I’m all shook up

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