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This was a true story


Thief the name given the same as the charge

Long sought after and long time at large

Place to place through these woods he has roamed

Years with no contact, years all alone

Broken down door, window glass shattered about

Things taken, not his, of this there’s no doubt

They say twenty seven years, this man on the spree

From presence of people he surely would flee

A cabin for food another for warmth

These cold Maine woods so full of snow storms

Forty seven years survived in this world

Not a soul has he seen not a boy not a girl

Arrested just now this hermit they sought

Five thousand bail said they, when he was caught

Well, kind people came up, with this money for him

And to their great shock, authorities chimed right on in

This can’t be so, surely not, His safety we seek

Advantage be taken of this hermit so meek

Proposals of marriage a court would decide

A danger to him if these two worlds collide

So raise the price a good hefty sum

Two Fifty should do so he cannot run

A menace so rare in Kennebec resides

To stay in that jail, Hell maybe for life.

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